Bommal The Dreadhorn Guide

Published On: September 8, 2021

Bommal, the Dreadhorn Guide

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Bommal the Dreadhorn appears in Rotation 3 in the Doom Tower. This is probably the hardest boss you will encounter in the Doom Tower due to his high base Accuracy and his affection for bombs in all shapes and sizes. Let’s break it down.


Ability Breakdown


Ruinous Crush
Attacks all enemies. Decreases [Bomb] debuff detonation countdowns by 1 turn. Also instantly activates any [HP Burn] debuffs on each target and decreases the duration of those debuffs by 1 turn.

Magma Flood – 3 Turn Cooldown
Attacks all enemies. Places a [HP Burn] debuff on each enemy for 3 turns.
[Passive Effect]
Enemies receive 100% more damage from [HP Burn] debuffs for each [Bomb] debuff they are under.

Rain of Bombs – 3 Turn Cooldown
Removes all buffs from all enemies, then attacks them. Places a [Bomb] debuff on each enemy that detonate after 2 turns. Places 1 additional [Bomb] debuff for each buff removed by this Skill. The [Bomb] debuffs cannot be blocked or removed.

Dread Minions – 5 Turn Cooldown
Places a 50% [Increase ATK] buff on Bommal the Dreadhorn for 5 turns, then summons two Dreadbombs and grants an Extra Turn.
The [Increase ATK] buff cannot be removed.
[Passive Effect]
Summons 1 Dreadbomb every time Bommal’s Turn Meter is decreased.

Pressure Wave [Passive]
Each time an enemy places any debuff (except [Bomb] debuffs) on Bommal, places a [Bomb] debuff on that enemy that detonates after 2 turns.
These [Bomb] debuffs cannot be blocked or removed.
Each time a [Bomb] debuff detonates on an enemy, has a 50% chance of placing a [Stun] debuff on all other enemies for 1 turn.
Bommal receives 200% more damage from [Bomb] debuffs.

Almighty Immunity [Passive]
Immune to [Stun], [Freeze], [Sleep], [Provoke], [Block Cooldown Skills], [Fear] and [True Fear] debuffs. Also immune to HP exchange effects, HP balancing effects and cooldown increasing effects.

Almighty Tolerance [Passive]
Decreases the damage taken from Poison debuffs by 90%.

Almighty Strength [Passive]
Damage from skills that scale based on enemy MAX HP cannot exceed 10% of the boss’ MAX HP when attacking the boss

Almighty Persistence [Passive]
All Turn Meter reduction effects are decreased by 50% when used against the Boss.


Detonation [Passive]
Explodes at the start of each turn and deals pure damage to each enemy equal to 40% of their MAX HP if the Dreadbomb is not under a [Freeze] debuff at the start of the turn.
Deals pure damage to each enemy equal to 20% of their MAX HP instead if the Dreadbomb is under a [Freeze] debuff at the start of the turn.
Damage inflicted will ignore [Shield] buffs.

Short Fuse [Passive]
The Dreadbomb is immune to all debuffs, effects, and sources of damage except its own skills and [Freeze] and [HP Burn] debuffs.
Fills the Dreadbomb’s Turn Meter by 20% every time it receives damage from a [HP Burn] debuff.”,


How to beat the boss!


Bommal is going to be really tricky for most players. There is no way you can mitigate bomb damage outside of adding more HP (check out our video guide on how Bombs work here). Additionally, when Bommal’s bomb’s explode, he will stun everyone else on your team with a 50% chance. Bommal’s Bombs cannot be blocked nor can they be removed however you can resist them. For most encounters this would mean getting your resistance up to a good number. For Bommal in Hard this is extremely difficult (almost impossible) to do without a Decrease Accuracy Debuff.

Bommal will place bombs equal to the number of buffs he removes so you should really consider if the buffs you bring are worth the trade in bombs placed. He’ll also place a Bomb debuff on any champion that places a debuff except Bombs on him. Revivers are going to be critical here as will plenty of healing.

Alongside Bommal, the Dreadbombs will add more challenges to your team. You cannot kill these minions, nor impact them with any debuff except freeze and hp burn. They will explode and will a fixed percentage of your champions Maximum HP. This can be reduced with Freeze Debuff but its still significant.

Bommal will summon 2 Dreadbombs every 5 turns (and will prioritise this ability). Additional dreadbombs are summoned if you reduce Bommal’s turn meter so you should avoid Turn Meter Reduction entirely (this includes removing Evil Eye Mastery). 1 un-frozen Dreadbomb will deal 40% of your champions Maximum HP which is halved if you have placed the Freeze Debuff. So at most you can have 2 unfrozen dreadbombs as a third will deal more than 100% of your champion’s HP. There is no way to reduce this damage as the explosion will ignore all Defense and Ignore any shield buffs you have.

Main things to Avoid:

  1. Turn Meter Reduction – this will summon dreadbombs to an extent where you will not survive
  2. Many Buffs/Debuffs – each is a potential bomb that will increase incoming damage to your team
  3. Full Debuff Cleanse – this will not work however bringing someone to remove the stun that happens when a bomb explodes is helpful.
  4. Choosing Defence over HP – Dreadbombs and Bomb debuffs all ignore defence therefore you’re only able to mitigate the on hit damage from boss. This makes stacking more defence inefficient and you should favour HP after around 2500-3000 defence.

Beating Bommal can be done in a few ways and we have some examples of team compositions below! First let’s cover the minimum stats you should aim to hit.


Required Stat Breakpoints


For a full stat breakdown, use our handy Raid Stages Tool which displays enemy stats for every encounter in the game. If you are not already a member of the HellHades community, you can sign up for a Free Account to gain access to this tool. Below we will outline the minimum stats you should aim for:

The key stats you should consider are Resistance, Accuracy and Speed on your team alongside good HP to survive the damage.

Rotation 3 – Normal

You will face Bommal on Floor 10, 50 and 90 Normal and is Force Affinity. To be successful, aim for:

  • Speed: 170+ (Dreadbombs are 75 speed so you will be able to take a number of turns before you get further explosions)
  • Accuracy: 125+
  • Resistance: 397+

Depending on which strategy you choose, you should ensure you have enough HP to survive this encounter. Generally we advise at least 45k HP and 2500 Defence for Normal.

Rotation 3 – Hard

You will face Bommal on Floor 10, 50 and 90 Hard and is Force Affinity. To be successful, aim for:

  • Speed: 250+ (Dreadbombs are 75 speed so you will be able to take a number of turns before you get further explosions)
  • Accuracy: 355+
  • Resistance: 897+ (If you bring a Decrease Accuracy Debuff you can aim for 500+)

Depending on which strategy you choose, you should ensure you have enough HP to survive this encounter. Generally we advise at least 60k HP and 3000 Defence for Hard. We recommend at the highest level your reviver is built with significant resistance and HP and some form of self healing such as Immortal.


Team Compositions


Strategy 1: Resist your way to the top!

resistance bommel team

This strategy relies on you being able to reduce Bommal’s accuracy to a more manageable number allowing you to hit Resistance breakpoints. Building this team will be tough as champions will need Resistance, Speed, HP and in some places Accuracy to land debuffs. Kantra is unique here as her passive will reduce the Accuracy of enemies by 10 for every debuff they are under. We use Vogoth and Vizier to extend debuffs. This is not essential however it will help reduce the 3% chance that bombs place on your regardless significantly and also sustains Kantra’s Passive effect. Warmaster and Giant Slayer are essential here to keep your team healed up with Leech debuff. Everyone in the team should be above 450+ Resistance (550+ if you chose to use an alternative to Kantra).

MVP’s for this Strategy

Wurlim Frostking: Long meme’d for being one of the worst Void Legendaries, Wurlim recently had a buff to his A2. He no longer requires Accuracy to place his Decrease Accuracy and Decrease C.DMG debuffs making building him much easier. He also has a Single Target A1 heal which means if you run him at 251+ speed you will get 2 opportunities to freeze the Dreadbombs. The dreadbombs only have 230 Resistance meaning 250 Accuracy should be sufficient. You have the option of his A3 that brings Strengthen and Increase Def. He’s purpose built for this encounter.

Vogoth: Most of this encounter will be a test of you being able to keep your team alive. Vogoth is perfect for this. He will apply leech when the boss attacks, can help support extending debuffs and will also heal the team when he takes damage. He’s a giant healing meat shield for your team.

Champion Alternatives

Not every player will have this exact team, but there are very good options to some of these champions. Below we detail viable alternatives:
Wurlim Frostking: Anax, Dhukk the Pierced, Doomscreech, Gorlos Hellmaw, Lord Champfort, Peydma, Sachi, Yoshi the Drunkard
Martyr: Valkyrie, Altan, Iron Brago, Tuhanarak (Looking for a Decrease ATK Debuff and Increase DEF Buff champion)
Vizier Ovelis: Bulwark, Septimus, Aox The Rememberer, Warlord  (Extension is not mandatory – its just safer – you can bring further healing/revive support in this spot)
Kantra the Cyclone: Can be further healing support or backup reviver – there is no replacement for Kantra’s passive.
Vogoth: Ghrush the Mangler, Runekeeper Dazdurk, Sachi, Uugo


Strategy 2: Who Needs Friends?

This strategy revolves around 2 champions: Burangiri or Samar Gemcursed. Due to their unique passives, they’re able to withstand the dreadbomb damage allowing them to stay healthy and eventually beat down the boss. You’ll rely heavily on Regeneration and Immortal gear alongside good stats. Generally Samar Gemcursed is probably the better option and Burangiri may struggle on DT 90 Hard but he should be perfectly fine for all stages of Normal and up to 50 Hard depending your gear.

As with every solo strategy – make sure you check your mastery setup to take advantage of the speed and other benefits from dead allies.

Credit to StewGaming for discovering Samar Gemcursed as an option and to Skratch AK47 for his work with Burangiri. You can find both their video guides here:
Burangiri Guide – Skratch 
Samar Gemcursed Guide – StewGaming

MVP’s for this Strategy

Samar Gemcursed: His passive eliminates incoming damage if it would cause him to drop below 30% HP. As the bombs explode almost at the same time – that would mean that this would trigger avoiding death. Regen and Immortal bring his HP back up to full and you will need speed as this passive does have a 4 turn cooldown.

Burangiri: Another passive that works great here! Whenever an Ally or Enemy dies Burangiri gains 50% of his MAX HP back. This means he’ll gain 10% more than he loses everytime the dreadbomb explodes as the game considers this a death. He will need a strong build to be able to sustain all the bombs which may prove tricky but certainly works for most of the floors.

Champion Alternatives

Unfortunately these are the only options we’ve discovered so far that can solo the boss. We’ll update this guide if this changes in the future.


Strategy 3: Just keep….Reviving!

ultimate revive strategy

This throws resistance and strategy to the wind somewhat and relies on the power of revive champions. You’ll want to ensure your revivers are well built, High HP and ideally if you can have them in high resistance it would be ideal. They concept is that they will continuously revive when bombs go off and eventually you will beat down the boss. This may prove very RNG dependent but if you have suitable revivers you’ll be able to squeeze a successful run to beat the stage.

MVP’s for this Strategy

Duchess Lilitu: The queen of most revive and arena defense teams, Duchess is extremely powerful being able to reviver regularly with a veil and a continuous heal.

Siphi The Lost Bride: One of the best champions in the game she will be able to bring back a single target with a full turn meter guaranteeing them a turn.

Champion Alternatives

Not every player will have this exact team, but there are very good options to some of these champions. Below we detail viable alternatives:
Revivers: Arbiter, Cardinal, Melga Steelgirdle, Rector Drath
Damage Dealers:
Enemy Max HP champions will benefit this team and Ninja is also an excellent choice due to his A2 proccing HP Burns.

Strategy 4: Butcherrrrr and Heal!

master butcher bommel team

The champion of the uncommon champ, Cold Brew Gaming, has come up with a team that utilises Master Butcher. His Heat Exchange passive heals all allies equal to the amount of damage taken. This means the Dreadbombs damage are instantly healed back up. There is a 1 turn cooldown but this should be more than doable considering the Dreadbombs are very slow.

The rest of the team is focussed on healing and cleansing any stuns eventually wearing the boss down. This strategy will probably fail on floor 90 Hard but it will service you for every other Bommal Encounter.

Check out Cold Brew’s guide here.

MVP’s for this Strategy

Master Butcher His passive is irreplaceable and leaves your focus on dealing with the bomb debuffs.

Doompriest: She will cleanse all the stuns that might happen as a result of the bomb debuffs going off.

Champion Alternatives

Not every player will have this exact team, but there are very good options to some of these champions. Below we detail viable alternatives:
Vogoth/Vrask:Ghrush the Mangler, Runekeeper Dazdurk, Sethalia

Doompriest: Tuhanark is a direct improvement (if you only want healing you can focus on any champ that can provide additional healing).

Peydma: Altan, Dhukk the Pierced, Lightsworn, Lord Champfort, Rector Drath

Strategy 5: Chilly Healers!

freeze bommal comp

This strategy focuses on trying to mitigate incoming damage as much as possible and keeping yourself healed up as much as possible. Firstly, you should disable any skills that causes your champions to have buffs unless they are essential. In this example Doompriest A2 has been disabled in the AI Tool. You will want to prioritise the Regeneration and Immortal artifact sets on your champions and ideally placing Vrask in Retaliation or Relentless. Luria is your freeze champion to reduce the damage that dreadbombs will do.

MVP’s for this Strategy

Luria: Her AoE freeze is reasonably reliable and you should expect at least 1 dreadbomb to be frozen (although there is no guarantee!)

Vrask: Every attack that Vrask critical hits will result in him healing your entire team based on his MAX HP. So build him for 100% Critical Rate then as much HP as you can.

Champion Alternatives

Not every player will have this exact team, but there are very good options to some of these champions. Below we detail viable alternatives:
Vogoth/Vrask/Bergoth: Runekeeper Dazdurk, Sethalia, Klodd Beastfeeder, Lugan the Steadfast, Master Butcher, Siphi the Lost Bride

Doompriest: Tuhanark is a direct improvement (if you only want healing you can focus on any champ that can provide additional healing).

Luria: Exemplar, Gory, Gurgoh the Augur, Marquess, Shirimani, Sir Nicholas, Wurlim Frostking


Best team to farm for Forge Materials


Farming Bommal Rewards forge materials to make the Fortitude set. You can read about all the artifact sets you can earn from Doom Tower in our Doom Tower Artifacts Guide.

If you want to Farm Bommal, we recommend Strategy 2. It may not be the fastest but it is likely the most auto friendly and most accessible. Strategy 3 may also be viable.

If we find a better method of farming – this guide will be updated.



  1. ChugesMclovin September 8, 2021 at 7:14 pm

    Ive been stuck on Lvl 10 Dreadhorn till I read this article and understood better of how to beat this boss, so thank you for the article. I can now move on in Doom Tower.

    • westernwar September 9, 2021 at 10:24 pm

      I am all for challenging the endgamers but put this guy as the first boss on normal is the dumbest idea ever! I am 50 days in and just don’t have the champs to clear this so I am now doomed to go without the potion for completing the advanced dailies for a month? maybe I do need to find a different game.

      • Iscran September 15, 2021 at 5:31 pm

        day 50 is too early to get involved in the Doom Tower. took me almost a year to finish hard and then realised that not focuing on FW first is a mistake. i know hard pass this rotation to finish faction wars then work on champions to beat one end game boss

  2. Rullr September 8, 2021 at 11:57 pm

    Wondering why there aren’t a freeze comp strat.
    Glad to have shirimani, since she’s seems to be really OP for the fight with freezes and big heals.

    • HellHades September 9, 2021 at 12:00 pm

      adding 1 today

      • MrSrgsnowman September 13, 2021 at 12:36 am

        Any update on that?

        • Saphyrra September 13, 2021 at 2:49 pm

          Hey we just added a 5th strategy focussed around freeze

  3. Rullr September 9, 2021 at 12:09 am

    Shirimani, vogoth, doompriest, paydma, goddseeker aniri.
    It seems like a decent comp for this boss.

    • Rullr September 9, 2021 at 12:12 am

      I know it’s a champions specific team but tbh, 1 Lego and 4 epics, 2 are voids is a somewhat balanced in terms of rng pulls…
      And tbh, this boss is a champions specific boss.

  4. shot040 September 9, 2021 at 2:32 pm

    What does freeze do? Bombs explode anyway.

    • lenk September 14, 2021 at 8:52 pm

      You get only 20% damage instead of 40%

  5. OprimusAlf September 9, 2021 at 5:50 pm

    I used brute force, only attacks without placing debufs, and used The Tower to block damage from bombs, u need a bit of luck an lots of heals

  6. Tuvulu September 10, 2021 at 5:55 am

    “You will face Bommel on Floor 10, 50 and 90 Normal” —–> Bommal, not Bommel (There’s 5 instances of Bommal spelled with an ‘e’)

    “You will face Borgoth on Floor 10, 50 and 90 Hard” —-> Bommal, not Borgoth

  7. coloradoscott September 10, 2021 at 10:31 pm

    I hope that stopping my spending on this game is what they had in mind with this boss. This boss has me shut out of Doom Tower for the month.

  8. Ikonostasii September 11, 2021 at 12:31 pm

    Brogni/lead/, Iron brago, Mother Cybele, Aniri, Vrask.

  9. jensen76 September 11, 2021 at 2:17 pm

    vergis in regen and immortal gear can solo it on normal 10 and 50.. dont know about 90 yet.i will see tomorrow :-) im building another vergis maby that will work if one isent enough..

  10. BigBadGrin September 12, 2021 at 9:28 am

    I’ve soloed Normal 10 with Torturehelm.

  11. Graylinsghost September 12, 2021 at 2:16 pm

    Found this article inciteful, so tried a strategy based off what you suggested in part and basically ran three hard hitting champions in lifesteal that place almost no buffs or debuffs. Actually ran just Brakkus and Septimus on a run alone at normal 50 and they cleared the boss in under 30 turns with almost no bombs since Septimus neither buffs nor debuffs and Brakkus went often enough at good speed he kept auto reviving. Not sure it would work at higher levels, but a no buff/debuff strat worked for me

  12. jensen76 September 12, 2021 at 7:37 pm

    soloed floor 90 on normal whit my vergis.had to regear him a bit and more speed.. it was a close call and i had 330 resist + rectors 55 from lead. vergis almost vent down but he managed to kill him :-) im defently building my second vergis full to 60 now for the scarab so i dont have to swap gear around..

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