Last Updated: April 9, 2022

Champion Overall Rating: 1

Key Areas

Arena Def: 2
Arena Atk: 2
Clan Boss: 1
Hydra: 2
Doom Tower: 2


Spider: 1
Fire Knight: 2
Dragon: 2
Ice Golem: 2
Iron Twins: 1

Faction Wars

    Doom Tower

    Magma Dragon: 1
    Frost Spider: 1
    Nether Spider: 1
    Scarab King: 1
    Eternal Dragon: 1
    Celestial Griffin: 1
    Dreadhorn: 1
    Dark Fae: 1

    Champion Type







    Satyr is an Uncommon from the Skinwalker faction and is HP based. He has a decrease speed debuff on his a1 and a 4 hit at random a2 so he won’t be awful to break the fire knight shield if you can keep the turn meter dropped.

    Deep Cut

    Attacks 1 enemy. Has a 25% chance of placing a 15% Decrease SPD debuff for 2 turns.

    Damage Rating

    Multiplier: 3.6ATK
    Overall Grading*: -

    Catch! - 4 Turn Cooldown

    Attacks 4 times at random. Decreases the Turn Meter by 15% if this attack is critical.

    Damage Rating

    Multiplier: 1.3ATK
    Overall Grading*: -

    *Grading is calculated using Realistic Battle Scenarios - Read More Here

    PVE Masteries

    PVP Masteries

    This champion is not recommended for use in PvP

    Gear Recommendations

    Recommended PVE Stats

    Accuracy, Speed.

    Recommended PVE Artifact Sets

    Accuracy, Speed.

    Recommended PVP Stats

    Recommended PVP Artifact Sets

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