Published On: January 4, 2023
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Drop Frenzy Events – THIS WEEK!


We are pleased to announce that there will be a Drop Frenzy Event taking place this week.

This is a great opportunity to use your saved energy and farm for gear, particularly accessories. If you decide to participate, you can expect to spend a lot of time in Spider’s Den and Dragon’s Lair

It is always a good idea to improve your accessory collection, as well as your Speed Gear.

Make sure to check out the event details below to see what will be happening on each day:


The Announcement:

I have some news about the upcoming events this week:

  • On Thursday, January 5th, we’re planning to launch x2 event for dropping Sylvan Watchers Accessories at Spider’s Den.
  • On Monday, January 9th, we’re planning to launch x2 event for dropping Speed set artifacts at Dragon’s Lair.

So look for the Drop Fever label in-game to know the event is live.


What is the best stage to farm?

When farming for gear, there are certain stages that are better for obtaining high-quality items. It is recommended to aim for the highest of these stages that you are able to reach. Here are the key stages to consider:

  • Stage 13: This is the first stage where you have access to 6* gear, which has the potential to be very powerful.
  • Stage 16: At this stage, Dungeons will stop dropping Mystery Shards and Brews, allowing you to get more gear per energy.
  • Stage 20: At this stage, you will no longer receive unneeded 4* gear.
  • Stage 24: This is the stage where you will get the greatest amount of good gear per energy.
  • Stage 25: This is the stage with the best chances of obtaining 6* Legendary gear.

When deciding between Stage 24 and Stage 25, consider whether you want more high-quality gear or a higher chance of getting 6* Legendary drops, but slightly less gear overall.


Events like this are incredibly important to take advantage of, especially when in need of specific faction accessories like Sylvan Watchers with them being a recent addition, but also Speed Gear from Dragon is incredibly vital to any account.

We’d always recommend taking part in such events, and as such if you need to refer to our guides on these dungeons you can find them below.

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1 year ago

Can’t believe they dropped the x3 already, tightwads.