Published On: June 7, 2021
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Every High Elves Epic Reviewed: in two lines or fewer!

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Continuing on from the Banner Lords epic review in under 2 lines, Here’s the High Elves Epic list in under 2 lines!


Royal Guard – He is Mr Big Nuke for dungeon runs up! CRIT CRIT CRIT…

Tayrel – The OG epic who used to be the best but with new champs coming through he drops a little! Great for CB!

Thenasil – An OK champion, needs more to be relevant!

Luthiea – Can play anywhere but she’s not a priority pick!

Vergis – Good team protector and he is a tanky boy. He can do work but for an earlier account!

Marksman – Yikes… Next.

Jinglehunter – Good arena lead, he can lock out the opposite team if he is speedy enough.

Battlesage – Anti – Hegemon in arena!

Exemplar – You call that a buff Plarium? Come on!

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