Published On: August 17, 2023
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Massive 10x Summon Event & UDK Birthday Events – Raid Shadow Legends


Plarium has just announced a massive 10x Summon Event that will take place this weekend, which will likely be involved in the UDK Birthday Events taking place this week, giving you the chance to earn up to 4* Souls for Ultimate DK, as well as a T3 Soulstone!

Events throughout the week will give you a chance to win Birthday Coins, which in turn, will unlock your rewards from the special “UDK’s Birthday Titan Event”.

There will not be a Champion Chase Tournament or Summon Rush alongside this weekend’s summons, instead, it will be a Hero’s Path event, which will also contain a Roxam as one of the rewards.

Plarium Announcement:

Hey, y’all!

This Friday, August 18th, we’re planning to launch an x10 event to summon the following Champions from Ancient, Sacred, and Void Shards.

Should you be pulling shards?

As always, whether you pull shards or not is a decision you need to make yourself, however, we can advise you with the following points:

  • There is NOT an active Fusion Event, however, there is the Birthday Titan Event for Ultimate Deathknight with some pretty cool rewards, which you may want to pick up!
  • The chances to get Legendaries are not increased, only the chance to get SPECIFIC ones, meaning unless you are close to the Pity System kicking in, your chances of getting a legendary is very small (0.5% for Ancients and Voids, 6% for Sacred Shards).
  • 10x Events are constantly getting worse with the influx of newly added Champions, due to the increase of Champions diluting the summon pool.

Will you be going for this massive 10x Summoning Event? Or the Ultimate Deathknight Events? Let us know!

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10 months ago

I’m going to avoid a bunch of pain and just get the 4 star soul. Last 2 fusions really burnt me out, so I really hope the next one is skippable, or maybe a just good progression champ that lategame players like me don’t need. The UDK event is a lot better than the last one tho, I really like the event style if done like this.