Published On: August 31, 2021
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Patch Highlights 4.60

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Plarium has released the patch notes this evening for the upcoming patch 4.60

The key features of this patch are:

  • Doom Tower Rotation 3
  • New Doom Tower Bosses + Artifact Sets
  • Clan Changes
  • New Fusion
  • Community Champion Concept Competition

Doom Tower 3 + New Bosses:

As we’ve covered previously, the new Doom Tower Cycle will be released very soon. Including the two new bosses Bommal and Astranyx.

Lethal Artifacts – 4-piece – ignore 25% of the target’s DEF + 10% C.Rate

Fortitude Artifacts – 2-piece – Resistance +40 Defence +10%

Clan Changes:

As per the community uproar surrounding clan quests, Plarium have budged and changed a few things:

As always, we’ve monitored player feedback closely after Update 4.50 went live. Our original goal was to provide a new activity that would inspire Clan members to cooperate and develop their Clan together, but we have underestimated a few pitfalls. With your feedback in mind, we are taking steps to rectify these issues and get the new Clan activities back on track with our original vision.


First of all, we never intended for Clanmates to fight one another for Clan Quests and will take steps to ensure that is no longer required:


All 90 Clan Quests will be available to all Clans, no prerequisites

Elite Clan Quests are available to all Clans starting from Level 1

You still need to cooperate to get the best results, of course, and it’s up to Clan leadership to establish the rules surrounding teamwork. Furthermore, we will increase the rewards for Clan Quest completion:


Basic Clan Quests will grant 100 Clan Gold (up from 50)

Expert Clan Quests will grant 200 Clan Gold (up from 150)

Elite Clan Quests will grant 350 Clan Gold (up from 300)

So while some Clan Quests will indeed be simpler to complete than others, higher-tier challenges will offer more significant rewards.


Finally, slots #3 and 5 in the Clan Shop will no longer feature Affinity Potions. We’ve added chests with Revenge Accessories (5% chance to Counterattack when hit) instead.


We hope that these steps will help resolve some of the issues that have arisen with the new Clan activities! But we’ll keep a close eye on it still and you can expect further tweaks in the future – be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!



Community Champion Concept Competition:

Those of you who were around for the Community Champion Concept Contest may recognize Kalvalax as the Duke of Doom – the winning artwork by the talented David Fitzsimmons! As promised, our artists adjusted the concept a little, and now Kalvalax is ready to pledge his blade to your service in the world of Raid: Shadow Legends.


David will naturally receive this Champion for free as part of his reward for winning the contest, but Kalvalax will soon be added to the Summoning pool.

Plarium will be releasing a “Making of” video in the coming weeks.

New Fusion: Roric Wyrmbane

Starting on the 6th of September – There will be a new fusion starting for Barbarian Spirit Attack Based Legendary, Roric Wyrmbane – Head over to our Fusion announcement article for more information, as always we will be running daily updates during the fusion to help you get your hands on Roric Wyrmbane.

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2 years ago

Does this company test anything before they release it? I know they did not even research the definition of “Tag Team” prior to copy pasting classic arena 3 times in a new location. They stressed that this was a location where it was good to have duplicate champions built. The releases of Doom Tower have been good, although I am mad I built my 3rd and 4th Coldheart for the Nether Spider to have Plarium NUKE max HP champions. I am also still waiting for my book/chicken/potion refund from the Rotos nerf. I have no idea how they though that giving everyone the capability to do 3 quests and only offer 30 quests in clans of 30 people as a good idea.

2 years ago

I think its pretty obvious the people making most the content have little to no concept on how its played i would bet they either get maxed accounts or just don’t even really play at all from what it seems from the new content that they pump out with out fixing all the things they they messed up to begin with its always onto the next thing that allows them to have people spend money.. As soon as all schools go back to full swing and people in general get tired i bet a dupe system comes out but will most likely be half assed just my opinion