Arclight Rumble Horde Mini’s

Horde Leaders like Grommash Hellscream, Sneed, and Cairne Bloodhoof encourage building momentum through earning additional gold, fast attacking Troops, and enemy control with area of effect stuns.

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Horde Mini Leaders in Arclight Rumble:


Skill: For The Horde – All nearby friendly units gain bloodlust
Melee, One-Target, Tank, Bloodlust
Cost: 4 Gold

Skill: Sneed Before Greed – Gain 2 Gold anytime a Siege Damage unit destroys a tower or opens a chest
Melee, AOE, Tank, Armored, Siege Damage
Cost: 6 Gold

Skill: Shockwave – Area damage attack that stuns enemies
Melee, AOE, Tank, Attack Stun
Cost: 5 Gold

Horde Mini Units in Arclight Rumble: