When Will Warcraft Rumble Be Released?

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With the recent announcement of Blizzard Entertainments’ new Action Strategy Mobile game gaining a lot of interest, players around the globe are asking the question “when will we be able to get our hands on Warcarft Rumble?”.

What is Warcraft Rumble?

Warcraft Rumble is a brand new action strategy mobile game from Blizzard Entertainment which is most well known for its Warcraft series. Warcraft rumble will take place within the Warcraft world, utilizing its lore, champions, and other features to create epic and chaotic battles in a mobile setting.

Warcraft Rumble on the surface will be comparable to games such as Clash Royale, however, in true Blizzard style, there will be a Warcraft twist to this addition to the franchise.

Warcraft Rumble describes itself as a Tower Offence Game rather than the traditional Tower Defense genre. The game will include mini heroes from the Warcraft lore that will allow you to adapt the way that you play Warcraft Rumble to suit your own style, giving you vast customization and dynamics to the traditional cookie-cutter builds that are often found in this style of game.

When will Warcraft Rumble Release?

Warcraft Rumble release date was the 3rd of November 2023 and it was released at BlizzCon 2023. Players are able to download the game as of right now in the App store or Google Play store for free.

The game was officially announced in May 2022 during a Blizzard live stream and although the in-game previews and demonstrations that we saw during that event looked fairly polished.

Blizzard Entertainment has also released social media posts saying that they are recruiting designers and developers to continue the progress of Warcarft Rumble, meaning that they are either ramping up recruitment to finish the project or are bringing in more manpower to support future updates.


Will Warcraft Rumble be affected by Diablo Immortal?

It is fairly safe to say that, although there is a crossover between Diablo and Warcraft, these games are aimed at a different audience of players. Diablo Immortal is the other main title that Blizzard Entertainment is bringing to mobile devices in the coming months and although they are catered to different audiences, it is very unlikely that the two games will launch at the same time.

The game’s launch were different so Diablo Immortal players got to play their game first for a good year before the Warcraft Rumble was released.

So when can we play Warcraft Rumble?

You can play Warcraft Rumble right now on the App store or on Google Play! From the 3rd of November 2023 the game was released globally and you can get into the awesome game right now!

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