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One of the major contested factors in mobile gaming is the pay-to-win aspect of the game and the amount of money that these transactions can cost. Like many mobile games on the market, Warcraft Arclight Rumble offers players microtransactions to boost their progress in the game.

With Arclight Rumble now being live in Australia for beta we have been able to see some prices of the packs that are available in the game and to be honest, we are pleasantly surprised.

Arclight Rumble and Blizzard Entertainment have already made it clear that they will not include loot boxes in the game, however, that being said they are slightly sidestepping this issue by making the paid market itself into a loot box rather than including them in the game.

The basic store will consist of a 3×3 grid that will randomly generate items that players can purchase that will be refreshed each day. While this method does increase the RNG factors in the game there are also some benefits to this.

The main benefit that we see from this is that players know what they are spending money on. There is no mystery as to if you will pick up the troop that you are looking for, although, you may have to wait for it to appear in the shop.

All purchases in Arclight Rumble are made with gold, while you can purchase packs with gold in them, gold is also farmable over time through in-game activities. So, with Arclight Rumble it is safe to say that paying to play is not really pay to win, it is more pay to progress faster. While this may be more obvious in the early launch of the game I am confident that dedicated free-to-play players will still be able to catch up and enjoy the game.

That being said, there is one exception that we have seen in the shop…

And that is in the form of the “Arclight Booster”. The Arclight Booster pack appears to be a one-off permanent increase to the resources that you can generate on your account. This pack will provide you with 20% extra experience 50% extra gold gained through in-game activities, along with an extra 1000gold to get you started.

This pack is listed on the AU store at $30.99 making it around $19.99 USD. This is incredible value for money for anyone that plans on spending in Arclight Rumble and while it may seem like a lot of money to some, the benefits that this will bring in the long run make it extremely beneficial to pick this pack up as early as possible.

Arclight Store
Arclight Booster Pack

It is always your choice to spend on a mobile game or not, however, it seems that Blizzard Entertainment is being fairly reasonable with the pricing of their troops in the paid store with 500gold costing around $5.00 AU so in direct translation they are valuing talent upgrades from the in-game store (the most important upgrade to your troops) at $5 each, and actually, in terms of other games of this kind, that is cheap!

Mobile games can get very expensive if you go too deep down that rabbit hole, so be sure to always spend within your means and don’t impulse buy a mobile game. Set a budget, look for the biggest upgrade to your account long-term and stick to that rule!

We will be creating a section on this site to help you understand if offers and deals in the game are “good value” compared to usual spending so once we get our hands on Arclight Rumble we will keep that as up-to-date as possible!

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