Arclight Rumble

Team Builder Tool for Warcraft Rumble


As many of you may have seen we are paying close attention to the development of Warcraft Rumble. We are also staying extremely active within its active community too in the build-up to the launch.

Many mobile games truly thrive through the community tools and interaction that people develop to help the community make the most out of the time that they spend playing these games.

Early on in the development of our website we came into contact with the team working on the Warcraft Rumble player tool over at Arclight Base. Their team has developed a new tool that will allow players to link builds and share them with others in the community.

Here is an example of a build with their tool:

Arclight Rumble Team Tool

We will be continuing to work with the team over at Arclight Base as Warcraft Rumble progresses through the beta, and by using their tools we will be able to enhance to quality of the builds and guides that we produce for the game.

The team at Arclight Base are extremely dedicated to developing a tool that truly helps out the community and allows players to share their builds with guild members and other players in the Warcraft Rumble space.

As a way of supporting the growth of community tools in Warcraft Rumble, I encourage everyone to share these sites with the community, as together we will build a passionate and strong community around the game.

I will be doing a video to go over this tool in the coming days so keep your eyes peeled and subscribe to the YouTube channel for more information about Warcraft Rumble over the coming weeks and months.

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