How to level up in Warcraft Rumble


Warcraft Rumble is a free-to-play action strategy game from the Warcraft Team at Blizzard Entertainment.

Warcraft Rumble is designed to have a modern feel of action-style games such as Clash Royale. In Warcraft Rumble you will pit your teams up against PvE and PvP Challenges to create a chaotic tower-offense style battle, and hopefully, come out the victor.

As you start your journey in Warcraft Rumble you will need to level up your account and troops to help you take on more difficult challenges in the game, but how do you level up in Warcraft Rumble?

Levelling Systems in Warcraft Rumble

This information was obtained during the Alpha Stages of Warcraft Rumble and is subject to change.

There are currently two different levelling systems that players will have to utilize in Warcraft Rumble. Each unit in the game can gain XP and level up, and your overall account also gains XP and levels up.

Each time that you complete a map in Warcraft Rumble you will gain XP to a single unit, however, there are also daily quests that can be completed and on completion, you will be able to pick a unit to gift XP making quests very efficient for building up your army.

Likewise, as you complete quests and complete maps you will also level up your main account and unlock new challenges, and store items that again will allow you to progress further in the game.

Arclight Rumble Character

Warcraft Rumble has several ways for you to increase the amount of XP that you are able to gain through the game. The main mechanic that increases the experience of your account is the XP tomes. XP tomes can be purchased in the in-game store in exchange for gold or real money. XP tomes are also bonus rewards as you complete PvE tasks in Warcraft Rumble, so you won’t only get time through the store.

The most efficient way to level up your account and troops in Warcraft Rumble is by simply playing the game and over time you will be able to progress your troops and account to higher levels.

Max level for units:

Base level: 25
+3 from talents
+3 from valor
Total Max Level: 31

As we get into the beta stages of Warcraft Rumble we will be able to see if there are more efficient methods to gain levels as there is often mechanics like this in this type of game.

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