Arclight Rumble Post-beta Reset


Many players who are gaining access to Blizzard Entertainments’ new beta for their upcoming project Arclight Rumble are questioning what will happen to their accounts once the beta is over as the Warcraft team has already openly said that there will be a hard wipe before launch.

Will there be a reset at launch?

Well, the team at Blizzard Entertainment made a post today in their official discord that addressed this matter. In the terms and conditions of the Warcraft Arclight Rumble beta, there is a line that states that after the beta is overall the progress from your account will be wiped, however, any in-game purchases that you make during the beta will be applied to your account through in-game currency or with equivalent packs once the game goes live.


I feel that this is a fair decision for the Warcraft Arclight Rumble team to make as it would be unfair for a global launch to include the data from the beta as it could be months until the game is ready for a global release. One of the biggest things in a game like Arclight Rumble is wanting to stay competitive and with the beta being rolled out gradually, region by region, it is safe to say that many players will be behind when they eventually get their hands on the game.

Is it worth spending in beta?

For players that are spending money in Arclight Rumble you can rest easy knowing that although there will be a clean slate in the Warcraft world when the game is launched, the money that they spend during the beta will not be just disappearing into the nether.

One thing that players should be wary of is how the value of the packs that they purchase in the beta of Warcraft Arclight Rumble may change between now and the go-live date, and how that will impact the refunded packs that they are provided. There is a chance that this could either be beneficial to those players who spend now, or it could backfire.

It is safe to say that nobody should be spending money that they can not afford on mobile games, so just make sure that you are comfortable losing the value of anything that you decide to put into the game.

We are still gathering information on pack value in Warcraft Arclight Rumble and it will be some time until we see what packs are really worthwhile in the game. The main thing is to test out as much content as you can during the beta and help the team at Blizzard Entertainment prepare the game for a global launch.

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