Dungeon Mode in Arclight Rumble


The dungeon mode in Arclight Rumble is unlocked during your progression in the early stages of the game. The dungeon mode is effectively a survival mode in the game where your army will have to complete 3 different maps one after another. As you progress these modes will get increasingly harder and allow for more rewards accordingly into your account.

Arclight Rumble Dungeons

The main resource that you will gain by completing the dungeon mode in Arclight rumble is Valor. Valor is a resource that players of the World of Warcraft series will be familiar with as it was once a resource that players would be able to use to increase to power of their character in the game.

In the dungeon mode in Arclight Rumble you will be awarded Valor for each map that you clear. This Valor can then be used to increase your army’s leader by increasing one of their base stats of your choice. These stats each require 3 upgrades to increase their level and will become increasingly harder to upgrade as you progress through the stages of the game.

Arclight Rumble Character

Valor upgrades to your leaders in Arclight Rumble will be very important for improving your overall power in the game. In PvP, in order to keep the game fairer and more accessible to lower progressed accounts all the units on the battlefield are to level 1. However, the leader stats of your army and the stats unlocked through Valor in the dungeon mode remain the same. This means that if you have upgraded your leader’s skill to level 4 or 5 in PvP encounters you will still carry the edge over lower progressed accounts that will be normalized to level 1.

In addition to Valor, dungeon maps will award you with relics. These relics can be used to buff certain units and are faction specific.

As we gather more information about the dungeon system in Arclight Rumble we will keep this page up to date, and also provide guides on each dungeon to help you progress in the game.


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