Dragonheir: Letter from Developers
Published On: October 31, 2023

Dragonheir: Silent Gods – A Letter from the Developers


Dragonheir has just published a letter from the Dragonheir Developers focused on the ongoing success of the game and a look to the future.

The letter was published on their Facebook page, and touches on some of the things we’ve got to look forward to in upcoming seasons, including a new Hero Race in Season 2!

Let’s check out what the Dragonheir Developers have to say!


We are delighted to have over 5 million people joining us on this incredible journey in Adenthia.

Your participation in our game has proven invaluable, as you have helped us uncover elusive bugs that are not easily detected. Your acknowledgement and praise provide us with confidence, while your constructive criticism and suggestions prompt us to engage in profound contemplation and discussion.

Furthermore, your kindness towards fellow players has fostered a unique and affectionate community.

With Halloween on the horizon, we are excited to unveil our future plans for Dragonheir: Silent Gods and share them with you.

Season 2:

We are pleased to inform you that the development of Season 2 is reaching its conclusion, with our diligent team wrapping up the main content development, conducting thorough version testing, undertaking multi-language localization efforts, and finalizing the voice-over-related work.

Season 2 is projected to be unveiled and made available to you prior to the arrival of this Christmas.

  • Captivating new hero race to join the ranks.
  • Fresh sandbox chapters and maps, unveiling a whole new adventure experience.
  • All-new main quest storylines, revealing the secrets of new races and areas.
  • Groundbreaking card-building methodology, revolutionizing the building experience.
  • Fully upgraded equipment and boss skills, presenting new challenges and coveted Forge IV sets.

Our intention is for each season to provide you with a distinctive and captivating season-opening experience, coupled with an exceptional card-building journey.

Concurrently, we are also in the midst of crafting game content for Seasons 3 and 4, fueled by our unwavering commitment to delivering innovative designs and immersive experiences for each season.

Our vision for Dragonheir: Silent Gods is to become a game that boasts the most expansive and diverse collection of gaming content in the strategy-building genre.

We aim to solidify its status as a timeless title, capable of captivating players for over a decade through the dynamic and engaging seasonal mechanic.

About Feedback:

We greatly appreciate the invaluable feedback you have provided, regarding Alliance management, gift packs, defensive advantage in the arena, and the identification of numerous bugs.

Our dedicated team has meticulously reviewed and documented every piece of feedback and bug report received through our customer service, community channels, and shop. Each submission has undergone thorough evaluation during our internal discussions, with careful consideration given to their potential impact.

We are pleased to share that many of the suggested improvements have already been incorporated into our development schedule, while others are set to be addressed and fine-tuned during the upcoming season or season reset. It is our unwavering goal to create a game that is increasingly accessible and delivers an enriched experience for all our players.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods marks the debut game from SGRA Studio, venturing into the exciting realm of seasonal Team-RPG. As a pioneer in this new field, our team requires additional time to delve deeper, identify challenges, and refine the game to ensure an even more enjoyable experience. We extend our heartfelt appreciation for your continued support and patience, as well as for your unwavering companionship and trust throughout this journey.

Thank you!
Happy Halloween!


Let us know what you think of Dragonheir so far, and the letter from the Dragonheir Developers in the comments below!

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27 days ago

This letter says nothing.. means nothing..