Published On: May 14, 2024
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Best Epic Artifacts in Dragonheir: Silent Gods


Epic Artifacts make up such an essential part of our builds in Dragonheir Silent Gods after reaching rank 3 on a hero, but without having prior experience, it’s a difficult task to know exactly which Epic artifacts are worth investing in, and what will benefit you the most.

In today’s article, our aim is to provide that experience and knowledge to you, to use as a reference point when making the decision of which artifact to use, and or buy for your heroes going forwards.

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

Epic Artifacts can be obtained through the Artifact store, with a currency that you obtain via collecting duplicate Epic heroes in Dragonheir.

These are the next big step in your hero development and will be much more attainable than Legendary Artifacts, so knowing the ones to look out for is really important.

Season 1 Artifacts:

Air Globe

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

First up we’ve got one of the Element specific artifacts, and unfortunately, we can round all of these into one category, and that’s not great! Whilst these can in theory work before you’re able to upgrade the skills of your heroes, they don’t pose a lasting value, outside of the stats they provide, which can be acquired from much more beneficial artifacts.

Flame Globe

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

Just like the other Elemental specific Epic Artifacts, this one sees very limited long-term use and would not be recommended in investing in.

Arinna’s Light

This artifact is another one of the Elemental Specifics, that unfortunately falls short for long-term use, just like the Air Globe.

Frost Globe

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

Just like the other Elemental specific Epic Artifacts, this one sees very limited long-term use and would not be recommended in investing in.

Illuya’s Fang

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

Just like the other Elemental Specific Epic Artifacts, this one sees very limited long-term use and would not be recommended in investing in.

The only caveat to make on this one, is if you are using a Poison Damage based team with Heroes like Lothair benefiting from a large number of poisons – this artifact can really shine on heroes like Twitch who do not have a 100% chance to land poisons on their ultimate skill, even after upgrading.

Orb of Oblivion

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

Just like the other Elemental Specific Epic Artifacts, this one sees very limited long-term use and would not be recommended in investing in.

Ancestor’s Candle

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

The Ancestors candle is a great artifact if you have a hero who you need to frequently cycle their Battle Skill, which can be particularly useful on heroes who place important debuffs or heal with their skill, whilst it is not quite as valuable as its Ultimate Counterpart, since that doesn’t reduce the cooldown, it just boosts your Ultimate Energy.

Antinaya’s Tiara

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

Antinaya’s Tiara is a top-tier artifact for heroes who cast shields based on their enlightenment, such as Adolphus who I use practically everywhere – this artifact compliments him perfectly, as well as many other support heroes.

There’s really no alternative to rare or epic artifacts for heroes like Adolphus, Nathaniel, Ihuicatl, and even legendaries like Felosia!

Arcane Music Box

Arcane Music Box is a great artifact for damage dealers providing they are in a team that fully utilizes shields, with a high uptime – as you will nearly always gain a 20% Damage Bonus once fully upgraded, I personally use this in Vortex on one of my two damage dealers, because Adolphus keeps nearly permanent uptime on the shield, and it’s always up in time for their Ultimate Skill.

Arcana Cube

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

The Arcana Cube can be somewhat useful for healers who will benefit from the HP% and Enlightenment but would be even stronger if it gave ATK% over HP% as then it would become a very viable option for derivative damage dealers.

Blood Prince’s Bracelet

Blood Prince’s Bracelet is unfortunately not great, I guess it could see some value for areas like Goblin or Fae Meander, where you’re killing enemies frequently, but outside of this for general content I just don’t see this artifact being used often.

Crown of the Unclean

The single, most important Epic Artifact you could ever buy – this is the FIRST that every player should pick up as soon as they get their first Epic Dupe, as Artifacts are the only way in the game to apply Defense Penalty.

This will significantly enhance your damage on bosses notably, and where possible should be used on a multi-hitting ultimate hero, but it does require accuracy so make sure you’ve got plenty!

This artifact has seen a huge rise in use again for players who have Witches remains (Legendary Artifact) since the addition of Mythical Gear, due to one of the Gloves providing 35% increased damage against targets under Defense Penalty, so using this artifact AND Witches Remains is incredibly valuable if you can rotate nearly 100% uptime!

Effigy of Divine Ear

This is another Artifact where the value is limited, because you’re going to need to kill enemies frequently to gain full benefit, it’s incredibly strong for places like Goblin, so you can rotate through your AOE ultimate abilities quickly and clear the waves.

Eyeball of the Giant

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

Eyeball of the Giant is easily a must-have artifact, granting a HUGE amount of Attack, and 20% extra damage from Ultimate Abilities, it’s one of, if not the best Epic Artifact for general Damage dealers, outside of the exceptions like Derivative Damage Dealers.

Harpy’s Nail

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

This artifact is a solid choice for heroes who deal a large amount of damage on their passive skill, since just like the Eyeball of the Giant it provides a great boost, as well as a huge amount of attack from its stats, keep an eye out for heroes with deal good damage from their passive, and consider this artifact for them!

Life Spindle

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

The Life Spindle artifact is incredibly strong for healers, with the chance to top up an additional ally’s health very frequently, especially if you’re healing multiple targets with the battle skill, the chance of triggering this extra heal will be very high.

Manticore Statue

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

This artifact is a solid choice for heroes who deal a large amount of damage on their battle skill, since just like the Eyeball of the Giant is provides a great boost, as well as a huge amount of attack from its stats, keep an eye out for heroes with strong battle skill multipliers and consider this artifact for them!

Important Season 2+ Note:

Since the introduction of Ice Blast in Season 2, this artifact remains as one of the strongest options for their damage dealers, as they are consistently spamming their Battle Skills.

Mask of the Lark

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

This Artifact in my opinion is not the most practical, as to get full use out of it, you will need to maintain 5 buffs on the user, which is not easily done at the best of times, so for that reason I am rating it quite lowly, but in the event you are able to maintain a large amount of buffs, a 15% constant damage reduction could see some great use for your tanks!

Mirror of the Living

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

Next we’ve got another incredibly good healing artifact, gaining 30% extra healing whilst healing your team who are low on health is always going to be valuable, as that’s when they need it the most! I use this on my healers all the time, as it also comes with great stats with both HP% and DEF.

Phoenix Feather

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

Another artifact that on paper, could be quite strong, but I personally don’t like the fact that you’ve got to be under 50% HP for it to trigger, whilst granted, 40% ATK is a large chunk to gain, I don’t like playing into the fact that you are hoping your damage dealers drop to low health, especially when the Artifact itself boosts your Defense, rather than ATK – which in a way is counterproductive towards being under 50% HP – I just don’t see this is a very valuable artifact.

Platinum Knight Shield

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

Platinum Knight Shield in my opinion is a top tier Tank Artifact, with solid base stats and a 20% Reduction to AOE Damage, which a large amount of incoming damage will be is solid, very much so worth picking up and investing in!

Scarab Amulet

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

Just like the Platinum Knight Shield, this artifact is great for tanks, giving them a huge amount of stats passively, and also the extra security of a massive shield when they drop low, it can really help as a safety blanket to buy you a bit of time for your healer to top them up when taking large amounts of damage.

Silverstar Horseshoe

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

This artifact is an incredibly strong option for Dauntless Damage Dealers because of the amount of Attack Speed you will gain, with an incredibly high uptime due to how frequently they do basic attacks (most of their battle and ultimate skills also count as basic attacks)

You will gain nearly 50% permanent attack speed which is huge, whilst also gaining attack AND Crit Damage.

Spiritual Incense Burner

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

Spiritual Incense Burner is a great option for debuffers, to reduce their Ultimate cooldown, especially if you’re struggling to get them under a required breakpoint for boss timings, I use this artifact a lot, as it helps to tune teams without the need for skill scrolls that are hard to come by!

Vile Ink

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

Vile ink is TOP TIER for any Derivative Damage Dealer, especially heroes like Flora, without having her Exclusive Artifact, this is the next best thing for Vortex, as the Legendary alternative scales from distance to the target, and in Vortex you can’t gain much benefit from that due to the limited tile spaces.

Not only does this make you deal 35% extra Derivative Damage, but you’re also gaining a huge boost to your attack stats with this artifact.

Wine of Dragon Blood

Epic Artifacts Tierlist

Lastly for the Season 1 Artifacts, the Wine of Dragonblood is another exceptional Dauntless Artifact, with a huge boost to Attack Speed, whilst also increasing your Critical Rate, allowing you to build with only 80%, with very high uptime of the Critical Rate buff, this will allow you to focus on other stats in your build and amplify your damage.

Season 2 Artifacts:

Cosimo’s Crucible

Cosimo’s Crucible was added to the game in Season 2, and at first, I was personally excited about it… that was before I noticed the 15-second duration on the Resistance buff!

While sadly it’s uses aren’t massive, because in PVE Content you are hard-pushed to find a time that 15 seconds of Resistance for your team will do anything impactful, it does have niche uses in Arena against heavy debuff teams, for example, to counter Sigrid by preventing her enabler placing debuffs on your team – but you will need more than just this in the way of resistance.

Hundred-eyed Robe

The final artifact added to the game in Season 2 was the Hundred-eyed Robe, and honestly, this one is less exciting than the other tank options, due to the fact that there are not many situations where you will be fighting enemies with a large buff count in the current content of the game, of course this may change in the future and this could become an incredibly strong option!

Season 3 Artifacts:

Rascal’s Slingshot

This artifact is incredible, and on paper it looks strong, but I bet you it’s stronger than you’d even imagine – there are many damage dealers in the game who rely on accuracy, whilst most of them are labelled as supports, they provide a large amount of damage but at the same time – they need accuracy, there are also damage dealers like Poison who need Accuracy in their builds to, and that’s where it gets strong.

Most end-game content in Dragonheir requires 270-350 accuracy, now, for these heroes that you are building for both damage AND Accuracy, if you hit the 270 Accuracy mark which is very obtainable, that’s an additional 2,160 attack, and there’s no limit, the more accuracy you get, the more attack you’re pushing!

This is by far my favourite Epic artifact added to the game so far, I hope they continue to be this strong whilst they are so accessible for Free to play and low spender accounts!

Craven’s Eyepatch

Craven’s Eyepatch is a very strong tank option, for when you are going to be taking large single-target damage, for example in Grave of Venom where your tanks survivability is pivotal to you pushing higher stages, providing a 40% damage reduction from a single target hit that exceeds 35% of your MAX HP will help you sustain your tanks for way longer.

It also shines in places like Vortex, where your highest HP target is hit by the Call of Lightning ability, which gradually ramps up and becomes a huge single target hit that can and will kill your tank, this artifact will prolong the fight significantly!

By far the BEST Non-Legendary Tank artifact in the game!

What are your favourite Epic Artifacts? Let us know in the comments!

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