Dragonheir: Silent Gods - Combat System
Published On: November 8, 2023
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Dragonheir: Silent Gods – Combat System


In this article, we aim to break down the various types of Combat, and the entire Combat System that feature in Dragonheir, explaining how they actually work, and how best to approach different scenarios as you progress through the game.

The combat aspect of Dragonheir is undoubtedly the most important part of the game, and the amount of variation in lineups, tactics and strategies is immense, which brings a very fun experience for the player base.

Combat Settings:

The standard layout for combat in Dragonheir, is a 5×8 rectangular board, with allies beginning on the left-hand side, and enemies will be placed on the right-hand side of the board.

There are many different battle boards, but this is what you will see in most scenarios.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods - Combat System

Other board variants will include you being surrounded by enemies from all angles, and Hold the Line skirmishes, where you’ll have to eliminate multiple enemy waves to stop them reaching their destination.

Another type of combat you’ll encounter, revolves around you dealing with several waves of enemies back-to-back, such as in the Goblin Lair, where you will need to sustain your team over various different rounds rather than just one round.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods - Combat System

Battle Preparation

Preparing yourself ahead of the fight is of huge importance, and there are various things you need to consider when doing so.

First off, you’ll pick the 5 heroes that you’re opting you use for the encounter, while choosing these, be mindful in what roles you’ll need:

  • Do you need a Tank?
  • Do you need a Healer?
  • Do you need to manage debuffs?
  • Do you want AOE or Single-Target Damage?

Once you’ve picked out your team, you’ll have noticed when placing them on the board, that lines appear between your selected hero and each enemy, these are aggro lines and represent the prioritized target line of each unit once the battle commences.

Friendly heroes’ targets are connected by yellow lines, while enemy targets are indicated by a red line – If two units are targeting each other, the line joining them will be purple.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods - Combat System

Healing & Food Buffs

Another important thing to consider, before beginning the encounter – if your enemies are at low HP, they’ll have a plus icon above their head, this indicates that they can be healed using medicine potions, to access these, select the potion icon on the Right Hand side of your screen, select the Heal option, and then you are able to select your healing medicines to restore your Heroes to full health before the battle.

You can also opt to use Buff Food to increase your Heroes stats in the battle, this can grant you with bonus stats for your whole team, or increased damage of a specific type.

There are hundreds of recipes in the game for different types of food, so be sure to keep an eye out for different types of buffs that you can use to progress further in the game.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods - Combat System

Captaincy Auras

When deploying your heroes, you may have a Captain Aura or two to decide between, this is selected from the button just above the Challenge Button, click this to see the available Aura’s that you have for the battle, and select the one that is going to benefit your team most, whether you need additional Defensive Stats, or Offensive Stats, or even more ACC or Resistance.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods - Combat System

Enemy Information

When making all of the decisions above, it’s important to know exactly what you’re actually going to encounter during the fight, to best prepare for success, thankfully, all of this information is provided for you in-game!

To access the enemy’s information, click the Icon in the Top Left of the Screen, next to the Exit Arrow.

This will allow you to see all of the enemies you’ll face, as well as their skills, and how much Resistance they have, for you to counter with a suitable amount of Accuracy, in order to land your buffs and debuffs effectively.

Combat Control:

Once you begin a battle, your main point of control comes from choosing when to use your Ultimate Skills for each hero, as well as where they will be targeted.

During the battle, both your own heroes, and your enemy heroes Ultimate Energy is visible below their HP bars, however you can also see clearly in the bottom right-hand side of the screen how close to the Ultimate Skill your allies are.

In Non-PVP Battles, Enemies will instantly use their Ultimate Skills whenever they are available, where as you have complete control of when your allies use theirs, carefully picking the target depending on the current situation will gain you a significant advantage, whether that be carefully picking to control a dangerous enemy, or even their healer – preventing them from being able to save their team, or killing off a priority target quickly.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods - Combat System

There is the option to enable Auto Spellcasting mode for your team to use their Ultimate Skills automatically, once they’ve finished recharging, this is activated by pressing the Auto Icon above the x2 Speed button, which will of course, speed up your runs!

You can set up your heroes to use their skills at specific timings rather than automatically as soon as they’re available by creating a saved team, and adjusting their Skill Timings, this will require you to work out how long you want them to delay their Ultimate Skills, which can be tricky at first, but once you’ve had some practice it should make your auto runs much more efficient.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods - Combat System

The last way to control combat comes from your Mastery Skill, you can use this by clicking the Icon above your team display in the bottom right corner, however this will not be used automatically in any encounter and is only usable when it’s been recharged – this is achieved by killing lots of enemies – you should aim to savour this skill for progressing a difficult stage.

Currently the Mastery Skill deals damage to all enemies and provides your team with a 10% Max HP shield for 10 seconds.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods - Combat System

Special Enemies, Terrains and Items:

While exploring Adenthia, you will come across various types of unexpected environments during your journey, whether that be a unique Battle, or even being surprised by an enemy when opening a loot chest!

There are a few key types to pay attention to:

Spring Water/Banners:

Occasionally you’ll see a board that has spring water or banners on it, heroes that are near it will gain additional bonuses, which can be used to your advantage to make the battles easier.

Special Helpers:

Some encounters that you’ll face while exploring will see you aided in combat by a special NPC, who effectively serves as a 6th Hero in your fights. The first time that you’ll encounter this interaction is during the opening quests where you have to rescue Forbrit and recruit him to your team.

Special Items:

From time to time, you’ll run into encounters that feature special items, obstacles and traps – an example of some of these could be explosive barrels that when damaged will blow up dealing damage to all surrounding heroes, these serve as a great way for your to deal more damage to your enemies!

Roper enemies will also show up from time to time, they will instantly pull in any enemies in front of them, dealing damage and stunning them – while facing these you will want to ensure that none of your team are in direct line of this enemy to avoid the mechanic.

Other Enemies:

Excluding the instances outlined above, numerous other difficult enemies possess unique mechanics that prove to be both challenging and hazardous to face. Take, for instance, the Imitator, capable of assuming the form of your nearest friendly Hero at the commencement of battle. Consequently, it becomes important to adapt the formation and positioning strategically to reduce the Imitator’s potency.


The type of encounter you’re facing will always bare significant importance to the heroes you choose, and how you line up for the encounter, so always pay special attention to what you’re about to engage with, and appropriately come up with a strategy to beat it – It’s time to get creative!

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