Published On: October 13, 2023

Dragonheir: Silent Gods – Hero Development Guide


In this article, we aim to teach you everything there is for you to know about developing your squad of heroes in Dragonheir: Silent Gods, to allow you to understand in and out what it is you need to be doing to push your team to the next level.

We did briefly touch on this subject in our Hero System Article, but it’s time to expand on that!

Hero Attributes

There are lots of different attributes that you can gain for your heroes through gearing, but knowing exactly what they are, what they do, and whether or not you should be aiming for them is very important knowledge.

We’re going to break down each of the available stats to help you understand this better:

HP – This stands for Hit Points, it is the total amount of health that your Hero will have, and thus, the amount of damage you can take before being defeated.

ATK – This stat dictates how much damage (most) heroes will deal, each skill will have a multiplier, which will allow you to deal more damage based on the amount of attack your hero has.

DEF – Defence reduces the amount of damage that incoming abilities will deal, simply increasing your defence, will reduce the damage that you are taking on your heroes.

ATK Interval – ATK Interval is effectively a cooldown from attacks, it decides how long each hero has to take between their attacks, the lower the number, the less waiting around your heroes will be doing!

Skill Haste – Skill haste allows your heroes to use their Battle Skills and their Ultimate Skills faster.

Crit Rate – Critical Rate decides how likely your Hero is to land a Critical Hit with their abilities, of course, critical hits deal significantly more damage and are amplified by your Critical Damage stat.

Crit Damage – As mentioned above, if you are able to land a critical hit, this multiplier will increase your damage substantially, especially if you are able to stack enough of it!

Enlightenment – This stat affects the Derivative Damage or contributes towards how strong certain skills are. Derivative damage is the effect that is generated by a specific skill, skills that mention derivative damage will gain a bonus from your Enlightenment stat but will be unable to critically hit.

Accuracy – Accuracy is the counter to the enemy’s resistance; it decides how likely you are to land debuffs and control effects on your enemies or remove their buffs. The higher your opponents Resistance, the higher you will need your accuracy to be.

Resistance: This works in the opposite way to Accuracy, the higher your resistance is, the more accuracy your enemies will need to land debuffs, or control effects on your heroes.

Hero Skills

Dragonheir: Silent Gods has multiple types of skills that you need to be aware of, there are four different types:

  • Passive Skills
  • Battle Skills
  • Ultimate Skills
  • Captain Auras

Passive Skills:

All Heroes will have a passive skill, these will trigger effects in certain situations, and these are often associated with the roles and positions of your heroes.

Battle Skills:

All heroes also have battle skills, which are used automatically based on the in-game recharging mechanic. Every time a hero uses their skill, they have to wait a while before they can use that same skill again, different skills will have different recharge times.

Every battle, the first recharge will be faster than the rest, and later in the game, you will be able to speed up your hero’s recharging.

Ultimate Skills:

Every hero in Dragonheir has an Ultimate skill, these are also affected by the recharging mechanic. The difference between Ultimate skills, and Battle skills, is that they are visibly recharged and manually used (or auto if selected) – and they are usually the hero’s most powerful ability.

Captain Aura:

Some Heroes have aura skills, which are named Captain Skills, they work on all allies in your team, however, you can only have one enabled at a time, you may select which Captain Skill you are using in the deployment screen.

Skill Upgrades:

Upgrading your skills requires scrolls, these can be used to upgrade the Battle and Ultimate skills of your Player Character and Rare or above heroes, each different rarity requiring a different type of scroll. Once a skill has been levelled up, it will have better effects, sometimes additional effects, which will greatly increase the hero’s effectiveness in battle.

Levelling Heroes:

When it comes to levelling your heroes, there are two ways to go about this.

Firstly, when you’re in combat, and win the encounter, you will gain “Deployed Hero EXP” which will give the Heroes that are involved in the fight some EXP towards levelling up, this is a passive thing that will happen over time but is not very impactful nor important compared to the second method.

EXP Potions – These can be obtained by completing quests, or battling in the Goblin Lair Dungeon, of which there are multiple stages, each earning you more and more EXP per run. EXP Potions can also be purchased from the shop in-game.

The EXP Potions are the primary way of levelling your heroes in the late game, as the amount of EXP required from each level grows drastically.

When farming Goblins Lair for EXP potions, you will be rewarded with more potions based on how fast you can complete the stage you are on, of course, this does cost energy too, at 10 per run.

Upgrading your Rank:

When heroes reach certain level caps, they need to be ranked up to the next star rating, this requires materials that can be obtained from the Domain Dungeons, with the higher star rating requiring materials from the later stages, and the earliest levels only requiring materials that are available from the very first stages.

During the tutorial of Dragonheir, you will encounter all three of the Elemental Domain dungeons.

Increasing your Star Rating will subsequently allow you to progress to a higher level on that Hero, with the maximum level being Level 100, which is Rank 5.

At Lv.30, a Hero can be Improved to 2-star and have their Captain Skill (or enhanced specific skill) unlocked.

At Lv.50, a Hero can be Improved to 3-star and have their Artifact slot unlocked.

At Lv.70, a Hero can be Improved to 4-star and have their Positive Rune slot unlocked.

At Lv.90, a Hero can be Improved to 5-star and have their Negative Rune slot unlocked.

Hero Equipment

There are 7 equipment slots for each Hero in Dragonheir: Silent Gods, 4 Basic, 2 Rune slots and 1 Artifact Slot, which as you can see, are unlocked later on as you enhance your hero’s ranks.

Each of these is earned through separate areas of the game, which will require you to strategize and form teams to deal with the encounters.

Basic Equipment:

Your Basic Hero equipment comprises of a Helmet, Weapon, Clothes and Gloves – and can come in different rarities, from Common, Rare, Epic, and eventually – Legendary equipment!

On these types of equipment, there are set bonuses that you can acquire by wearing 2 items from the same set, this applies to all rarities except for the common gear that you’ll be using in the very early game.

The sets are categorized into 3 sub-sets:

  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Status Control

By exploring the world of Dragonheir, completing quests, and completing the Equipment Dungeons, such as Grave of Venom, you’ll earn these equipment pieces, and you will also be earning Tempering Sand that will allow you to forge even more pieces when you visit the Forging Bench at your Camp.


Artifacts unlock when you raise a Champions rank to 3-star, and during the campaign storyline, you will be awarded with your very first Artifact too.

Further Artifacts can be obtained from the Artifact Shop in-game, the currency to purchase these comes from duplicate Champions, you’ll notice that every time you acquire a Champion that you already have, you’ll receive a currency relative to their rarity, which over time will allow you to purchase Artifacts.

There are Rare, Epic and Legendary Artifacts as well as some Exclusive Artifacts that only benefit very specific Heroes – of course the higher the difficulty, the harder these are to obtain, but they will provide significant combat boosts to your heroes.


Runes are unlocked at 4- and 5-star ranks, with 4-star unlocking your Positive Rune, and 5-star unlocking your negative rune slot.

Runes are earned in a similar fashion to basic equipment – they have their own dungeons (2 in total) which will drop Runes for specific Elements, for example, a Lightning Element hero must use a Lightning Element Rune.

Upgrading your Equipment:

Each different slot of equipment can be upgraded, or “refined” in Dragonheir, mostly revolving around Gold for the Upgrades, with the exception of Artifacts – Artifacts are upgraded in a similar fashion to how they’re earned, a currency that is acquired by obtaining Champions called Essence of Creation.

As you upgrade your equipment, it will get stronger by earning additional stats, which in turn will greatly benefit the combat potential of each of your heroes.


This guide contains everything you may need to know to enhance your Heroes to face the toughest challenges in Dragonheir: Silent Gods and we hope it has helped you on your journey!

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