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Grave of Curse – Dungeon Guide

Grave of Curse is the second Gear Dungeon you will encounter in Dragonheir: Silent Gods, and it is where you will spend your time picking up gear for your tanks and healers!

In this guide we will aim to tackle any questions you might have and help you to be able to clear this dungeon to the highest stage, of course, this will be impacted by your heroes levels, so ensure they are at the maximum level that you can currently reach for the best chances of success!

With each new Season of Dragonheir, the bosses receive some tweaks to how they work, the base of this guide will focus on Season 1 Grave of Curse to cover the basics, and we will then cover the Season 2 and Season 3 variants towards the end of the article.


As mentioned above, this dungeon is all about Tank and Healer gear, which is incredibly important to your progress in other areas of the game, and may be pivotal to your progress in Grave of Venom due to the high tank damage.

There are 4 rarity tiers of gear that drops in the Grave of Curse, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and finally – Mythical.

Rare Gear: Stages 1-6

The rare gear in Dragonheir is a 2-piece set bonus, that awards you with +15% HP, you can equip 4 of these items to get a total of 30% HP bonus.

Epic Gear: Stages 4-12

Epic gear you can start to pick up once you get past stage 4 and it comes in 2 variants, similarly to rare gear these are also 2-piece sets.

HP & DEF: Defense +15%, HP +15%

Enlightenment & HP: Enlightenment +30, HP +15%

The first set here is ideal for anybody you are trying to keep alive, such as your tanks, and any supports.

The set that provides you with Enlightenment is perfect for any of your healers who scale from Enlightenment, for example, Heksandra the free rare healer you get at the start of the game, this will improve her healing output as well as many other heroes in the game.

Legendary Gear: Stages 7-12

Legendary gear is where things begin to get interesting, they are no longer simply 2-piece sets, but instead have a third bonus at 3/3 pieces, which make our builds significantly stronger.

There are 2 different sets available, just like in the Epic Gear, which change up with every season.

Season 1:

Defense +15%, HP +15% (2pc)
The wearer takes 15% of the damage that otherwise would be taken by allies while gaining 15% Damage Reduction. Only on character may trigger the damage redirection effect for the same team. (3pc).

Enlightenment +30, HP +15% (2pc)
Heals the hero by [20% Max HP] after the wearer unleashes their ultimate skill. (3pc).

Season 2:

Resistance +60, HP +15% (2pc)
The wearer takes 15% of the damage that otherwise would be taken by allies while gaining 15% Damage Reduction. Only on character may trigger the damage redirection effect for the same team. (3pc).

Skill Haste +20, HP +15% (2pc)
When the wearer successfully inflicts a debuff, all allies gain 15% Attack for 10.0s. (3pc).

Season 3:

Resistance +60, HP +15% (2pc)
The wearer takes 15% of the damage that otherwise would be taken by allies while gaining 15% Damage Reduction. Only on character may trigger the damage redirection effect for the same team. (3pc).

Skill Haste +20, HP +15% (2pc)
Reduces the damage taken by the wearer by 25% when that damage does not crit. (3pc).

Mythical Gear: Stages 10-12

Mythical Gear was a new addition in Season 3, however was backdated to be available from Season 1 also, it consists of only Chest-slot items from the Grave of Curse, each with a very powerful 1-piece effect, making them the perfect partner to a Legendary 3pc set.

Supreme Blessing Armor:

When the wearer gains a buff, there is a 50% chance for the buff to be undispellable.

Moonlight Mantle:

There is a 50% chance for the wearer to grant 50% increased healing and shield effects.


Grave of Curse has 3 active skills for you to worry about, and one passive skill.

Control Immunity [Passive]
Immune to all control effects.

Rage of Blood [Battle Skill]
Gains 30% Attack Up and 30% Damage Up for 18.0s.

Punishment of Blood [Battle Skill]
Deals Necrotic Damage to the current enemy.

Vampiric Shield [Ultimate Skill]
Deals Necrotic Damage to all enemies and gains a shield equal to 240% of the damage dealt for 20.0s.

How to Beat Grave of Curse:

When it comes to tackling this boss, the most important thing we need to look at is how to reduce the damage coming from the Ultimate Skill, as not only does this hit incredibly hard, but it also provides the boss with a massive shield.

There are a few key ways to do this:

  • Ensuring ATK Penalty is on the boss at the time of cast.
  • Removing the Damage Increase and ATK Increase buffs on the boss.
  • Mitigating the Damage with Reduction or Shield buffs.

All of these will significantly reduce the damage that the boss is able to do to you, subsequently resulting in him gaining a much smaller shield than standard, allowing you to continue to deal damage to the boss!


Positioning is not a key factor in this fight, he has 2 attacks, one of which will focus on his primary target (your tank), and the other will hit everybody – the only important thing here is ensuring that you are within range of your healers with your whole team and making sure that the boss is going to correctly target your tank.

This can be seen in Neva’s Season 1 guide for Grave of Curse, utilizing lots of obtainable heroes to defeat the boss at the highest level (This was previously stage 9 before the changes to Season 1 introducing stages 10-12).

Recommended Heroes:

There are many Heroes in the game who can help you defeat this boss, but the core of your team will consist of 3 primary roles, we will cover some great Epic and Rare options for you to use.


Horrus is acquired for free on Day 3 of playing Dragonheir: Silent Gods and is a great tank for all dungeons.

Isolde ticks multiple boxes as the Tank in this fight, bringing a shield and ATK Penalty to help mitigate the damage.

Clovis brings ATK Penalty, and also knocks back the boss’ Ultimate Meter, making it easier to reach the 18-second rotation.

Frurbath not only brings ATK Penalty, but also a large amount of healing for allies stacked around him.

When equipped with the Gatekeeper’s Staff, Garius’ shields will carry you through this fight.

Livia as a rare can tank the boss and bring you the necessary buff control to deal with the mechanics.

Volthug brings great buff control on his ultimate skill, which also has a chance to apply ATK Penalty.

The worst of the bunch, Loris just provides the team with ATK Penalty on his ultimate and is a strong tank for a rare.

Buff Control:

Voresh removes multiple buffs on his battle skill, but also brings Buff Prohibition on his Ultimate Skill, great option!

Grover steals 2 buffs on his Ultimate Skill, allowing him to remove all of the bosses buffs! Great Rare!

Gerana dispels 1 buff every 3rd basic attack, but not only that, she also brings shields for your team to help with the damage.

Just like Voresh, Fihrah brings buff removal AND Buff Prohibition, making him a great choice for this fight.


Strongest non-legendary shield hero in the entire game, of course he fits here!

Much like Adolphus, Nathaniel is a great shield-based support hero.

Ihuicatl is great for this, providing shields and a battle skill that removes buffs and shields!

Gerana like Ihuicatl not only ticks one box, but two, buff control and shields!


  • Due to the boss’s 18-second skill rotation, you should aim to acquire around 60 Skill Haste on your priority heroes mentioned above, 40 of which can be obtained by wearing skill haste sets, leaving 20 to find on your runes.
  • If you are unable to provide enough support to run 2 damage dealers, drop down to one single damage dealer capable of dealing single-target damage to the boss, your runs will not be fast, but it will help you to get through the boss.

Season 2 Changes:

There are 2 major changes to how this boss works in Season 2, firstly on the single target attack, which now dispels any shield buffs from the target before attacking.

The next change for this boss is on the ultimate skill, Vampiric Shield; with the skill now ignoring any Immortality or Invincibility buffs if the boss has a buff when the skill is cast.

Tip for tackling these skill changes:

These changes aren’t too drastic, and really made very little difference to many players when transitioning into Season 2, largely because the amount of Heroes who can provide you with Immortality or Invincibility is limited so it was a very niche tactic.

The removal of Shields from the boss’s primary target isn’t too much of an issue either, due to the fact that 6 seconds after that skill is cast is when you are worried about applying your shields to prevent the ultimate damage, so delaying your skills till after this is cast is the only thing we need to do (which we already did anyway to allow for larger, healthier shields for the ultimate hit).

Season 3 Changes:

Season 3 brought an incredibly annoying change, with the boss now dispelling all debuffs from himself on his first skill (the skill that provides him with the damage buffs) which now means that we can not use Buff Prohibition to counter Grave of Curse, instead, we must revert to only using buff removal heroes!

This is annoying for anybody who was utilizing somebody like Voresh as their primary control of the boss’s buffs, however, whilst Voresh can still work due to the battle skill of having a chance to remove buffs, it is much less reliable without being able to block them.

Good luck in the Grave of Curse!

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