Raid: Shadow Legends Dungeon Guides

In Raid: Shadow Legends, you will be faced with a range of challenges from highly complex clan boss fights to single boss encounters. Each dungeon will task you with building a team capable of taking down the boss. Success will rewards you vital resources from artifacts through to summoning shards which you will need to progress in the game. Check out each dungeon guide below for more details!


Dragon Boss Guide

Difficulty: Easy

Hunt the dragon in it’s lair to earn yourself powerful early and mid game sets plus one of the most valuable Artifact Sets in the game: Speed.

ice golem portrait for boss guide

Ice-Golem Boss Guide

Difficulty: Hard

The peak now contains some of the best artifact sets in the game but you will face some of the hardest challenges building a consistent team

spider portrait for boss guide

Spider Boss Guide

Difficulty: Easy

The only place where you can farm Accessories in Raid: Shadow Legends. It’s also vital for Clan vs Clan Tournaments!

fire knight portrait for boss guide

Fire-Knight Boss Guide

Difficulty: Very Hard

The place where you will spend time farming Savage Artifacts, arguably a top 3 artifact set in the whole game but beware his pesky Shield!

minotaur portrait for boss guide

Minotaur Boss Guide

Difficulty: Easy

Every champion you upgrade to Rank 6 will need masteries to truly maximise the value and the Minotaur holds the scrolls you need to unlock them!

Clan boss Portrait for boss guide

Demon Lord Clan Boss Guide

Difficulty: Moderate

The best place to earn shards and books to summon and upgrade champions – this will be a dungeon you must farm as early as possible!

Hydra Portrait for boss guide

Hydra Clan Boss Guide

Difficulty: Very Hard

Stoneskin, Soulstones and much more awaits in the lair of the hydra but the 4 headed monster is probably the toughest task you will face.

Doom Tower Guide

Difficulty: Moderate to Very Hard

Ascend over 200 floors and defeat a range of powerful bosses to earn unique Artifact Sets and bountiful rewards. This daily challenge is one of the best locations to earn rewards in Raid: Shadow Legends.

Iron twins portrait for boss guide

Iron Twins Boss Guide

Difficulty: Moderate to Hard

Awakening champions requires champion souls which you earn from Soul Coins farmed from the Iron Twins. A must end game activity!

sand devil boss guide portraits for dungeons guides

Sand Devil Boss Guide

Difficulty: Very Hard

Artifacts can unlocked powerful bonus stats using Ascension Oil only found in the Sand Devil’s Necropolis – be careful not to wake the sleeping Giant.

Phantom Shogun Boss Guide

Difficulty: Hard

Accessories have their own secret ointment required to unlock bonus stats and this is guarded by the powerful Phantom Shogun!