Raid: Shadow Legends Debuffs Index

Debuffs are powerful effects that can increase your ability to deal damage to enemies, control enemy turn meters or even crowd control them with effects such as Stun. Below you will find all the debuffs that you can find on champions. Click the debuff to view all the champions who can place the debuff on enemies.


Block Buffs

block buffs debuff

Any buff placed on the champion will be blocked and will have no effect.

This does not prohibit Instant effects such as Increase Turn Meter or Heals and this debuff can be removed (unless protected).

Block Active Skills

block cooldown debuff

Block Active Skills is one of the strongest debuffs in Raid Shadow Legends.

This will stop the enemies from using their Active abilities with cooldowns forcing them to default to using their A1 skills which are generally weaker.

Block Passive Skills

Block Passive Skills is incredibly strong in certain situations

Whilst Block Active Skills works on all active skills with a cooldown, this debuff will work on passive skills blocking the champion from utilising those abilities for the duration of the debuff.

Block Revive

block revive debuff

Block Revive skills will prevent enemies from being revived.

This is one of the very few debuffs in Raid Shadow Legends that does not require any accuracy to activate. It can be incredibly annoying to face.


bomb debuff

Bombs are a debuff that will deal damage upon the timer expiring.

They are purely based on your Champion’s attack, and cannot crit – but do ignore all defense – they unfortunately are not often used in content outside of Bommel and Arena.

Decrease Accuracy

strong decrease accuracy debuff

Decrease Accuracy reduces the accuracy of those affected by it.

There are two strengths to this debuff, a 25% and a 50% – these reduce the total amount of accuracy on the enemy affected.

Decrease Attack

strong decrease attack debuff

Decrease Attack will reduce the damage dealt by enemies, if it scales from attack.

This debuff comes in two strengths, 25% or 50%, and is essential for many areas of content including Clan Boss.

Decrease C.DMG

strong decrease critical damage debuff

There are two versions of this ability, one that reduces the critical damage by 15% and one by 25-30%.

This debuff is multiplicative so it multiplies the total critical damage by 25-30%).

Decrease C.RATE

strong decrease attack debuff

Decrease Critical Rate is one of the weaker debuffs in Raid Shadow Legends and although it will help your teams stay alive.

Most PVE Content only has 15% Critical Rate, so this will remove chance for them to land Critical hits.

Decrease Defence

strong decrease defence debuff

The Decrease Defence debuff is one of the most important debuffs in Raid.

Defence can mitigate up to 85% of all the damage you are attacking with, therefore decreasing 60% of that defence number gives you a far higher damage potential.

Decrease Resistance

Decrease Resistance debuff will reduce the enemy’s ability to resist your effects.

Higher end content generally tends towards ever scaling Resistance numbers, so this debuff is very effective.

Decrease Speed

strong decrease speed debuff

Decrease Speed debuff is an incredibly powerful debuff.

This debuff can help you gain a turn meter advantage against enemies, especially on certain boss encounters.


true fear debuff

Fear and True Fear debuffs can be particularly strong, especially in Arena.

When an enemy has a fear debuff they have a 50% chance of missing their turn, where as True Fear will also cause the skill to go on cooldown.


frost debuff

Freeze debuffs are very effective for controlling enemies.

Enemies who are frozen will only take 75% of your usual damage, but will be unable to take their turn.

Healing Reduction

strong decrease healing debuff

Healing Reduction is mostly used in Spirit Keep and Fire Knight.

This debuff comes in two forms, 100% reduction, and a 50% reduction, but is rarely found to be useful.



Hex grants champions enhanced abilities like Ruel’s double attacks on hexed targets.

Enemies under hex take splash damage: single target attacks deal 10% of HP removed, while area attacks deal 2%. Damage to Shields buffs isn’t spread unless the shield is broken.

HP Burn

hp burn

HP Burn is potent in Raid Shadow Legends, particularly against the Spider at high levels.

It deals damage based on % of enemy max HP each time a target moves. Note: damage against Clan Boss is capped at 50k (Rares) or 75k (Epics/Legendaries) per tick.


leech debuff

Leech in Raid Shadow Legends heals for 18% of damage dealt to affected targets.

It can be applied via Harvest Despair Mastery (60% chance with certain debuffs) and proves valuable against Clan Boss and Sorath spiderlings, allowing teams to forgo Lifesteal Gear.


Petrification Icon

When petrification is applied, all buffs are removed from the target and buffs can no longer be placed on the target and champions who are petrified will skip their turn unless cleansed.

Champions petrified take 60% less damage except for bombs that deal 300% more damage.


strong poison debuff

Poison Debuff is pivotal in Raid Shadow Legends, especially against Clan Boss and Dragon

Poisons deal % Max HP damage (2.5% or 5%). Extenders increase stacks; poison exploiters maximize enemy damage.

Poison Sensitivity

strong poison sensitivity debuff

Poison Sensitivity boosts poison debuff damage by 25%/50%.

No champions currently induce 50% Poison Sensitivity, but it might emerge later. Effective in Clan Boss or Dragon’s Lair due to limited champions.


provoke debuff

Provoke debuff controls enemies in Raid Shadow Legends, potent in Arena, Faction Wars, Doom Tower, and against Kudath.

Champions under provoke attack at 75% power, using only A1 against the provoker. Taunting gear allows a chance to provoke without accuracy, beneficial for AOE-based champions.


sleep debuff

Sleep debuff controls enemies in Raid Shadow Legends, making them miss turns unless hit again.

Weaker for control, but useful for Sand Devil’s Necropolis. ‘Daze Set’ offers a chance to apply sleep without accuracy.


stun debuff

Stun debuff is potent in Raid Shadow Legends, ensuring enemies miss turns and skills don’t cool down.

Stun sets offer chances per skill, ideal for AOE champs, bypassing accuracy requirements.


strong weaken debuff

Weaken debuff amplifies damage by 25% or 15% in Raid Shadow Legends.

Crucial against Clan Boss and major bosses. Doesn’t impact poison or HP Burn damage.