Published On: May 10, 2024
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Dragonheir: Silent Gods: Huge Patch – Season 1 Changes!

Dragonheir has today released a massive patch that features tons of Season 1 Changes which will give you a huge boost to your account.

Unfortunately, the huge rewards and a vast majority of the changes do not effect season 2 or 3 players, however, in an announcement several hours after the patch went live, Dragonheir confirmed that they will also be compensated in the future!

Developer Announcement:

Today, we have ushered in the first major content adjustment for the new version. This “S1 Special Optimization” mainly includes the following contents: the redesign of “Chaos Universum”, the reward distribution of the S1 main storyline, the level and difficulty adjustment of the Fey Meander and multiple Dungeons, the design of “Elemental Affinity” skill tree in “Psychicore”, and other experience improvements for new Travelers, etc. Before its official release to the public, we are nervous but also relatively confident in this adjustment, since these targeted adjustments are based on considerable feedback from numerous long-term supporters of “Dragonheir: Silent Gods”. Considering this “S1 Special Optimization” covers many gameplay reward increases, and separately compensates S1 Travelers, we fully understand the feelings and frustration of S2 and S3 players. We are here to clarify certain misunderstandings:
  1. Due to the complicated design of the game system and after careful consideration, we believe the series of adjustments starting from the S1 to be the most feasible way to implement changes. We will try our utmost to ensure that S2 and S3 players will not be interrupted by sudden extensive changes during the season, which would probably create a strong sense of fragmentation. As for the development of future versions, we will roll out improvements based on the feedback collected as of the current adjustment is applied to the S1 so that it can be better adapted and applied to other seasons.
  1. New Travelers are the guarantee of an inexhaustible source of vitality. However, veteran Travelers are the core driving force for our long-term development and operation. We learned that Travelers in S2 and subsequent seasons may be confused for not receiving equivalent compensation to that for Travelers in S1. Please do not worry, because we will synchronize the relevant updates to all S2 and S3 servers when we have received sufficient feedback from players in the S1. S2 and S3 Travelers will no doubt receive compensation soon.

As mentioned above, due to the complex game design, expanding adjustments to all seasons at once will greatly increase the pressure on subsequent adjustments and their verification process. Therefore, regarding the specific time when this “S1 Special Optimization” will be synchronized to other seasons, please wait patiently for our follow-up announcements. More feedback and data observations are required to support our expectation: “Good things are well worth the wait.” We sincerely expect your patience and understanding. The Dragonheir Team will spare no effort to ensure a better gaming experience for every Traveler. Thank you all for your encouragement, support, and understanding as always.

Season 1 Changes:

※ Note: Travelers affected by adjustments in this update will receive corresponding compensations. Please take the actual attachments to the mails received in-game as final.


Adjusted quests and rewards in the [Chaos Universum] region to promote the rookie experience.

Adjusted certain main quest rewards and local quest rewards, in an attempt to promote the adventure experience in the early stage of a season.

Adjusted the locations of [Forging Hammers] of different rarities to align equipment rarities with the main quest progress.

Adjusted the source of [Journey EXP]. After this update, Travelers will be able to clear [Dungeon] stages by consuming [Stamina] to obtain [Journey EXP].

Adjusted trial chapters and quests in [Journal] – [Adventure]. All the trial quests in the current chapter will be reset after the update but the progress of the trial chapter will be preserved. After the update, the trial will restart from the next chapter.


Added Augite of all elements as the [4-Star -> 5-Star] hero improvement material.

Added a new feature: [Hero Training]. After unlocking one or more slots, Travelers can dispatch their heroes into the available slots to automatically obtain Hero EXP over time.

Adjusted the Journey EXP required for [Journey Level] upgrades and the rewards after an upgrade. The Journey Level requirement for certain map scenes and Boss battles have also been adjusted correspondingly.

Adjusted the season details display in [Clepsydra Trail] – [World Calendar]. This feature will be renamed as [Season Journey]. Gameplay modes and event focuses in different stages of a season will be demonstrated more clearly and comprehensively to help Travelers better set up their goals across a season.

Adjusted the bonus effects in [Psychicore] – [Elemental Affinity]. Major changes after the adjustment are as follows:

  1. Activated [Elemental Affinity] bonuses before the update will be reset. All consumed [Affinity Solvent] will be returned.
  2. The adjusted [Elemental Affinity] effects will be more powerful and practical after the update. We believe this will help improve the richness of strategy.


Adjusted the stage and reward requirements in [Dungeon]. Major changes after the adjustment are as follows:

  1. The location of [Goblin Lair] is reduced to 1 while the [Total Stage] is extended to 12. Travelers can challenge all Goblin Lair stages in [Nytheria].
  2. The [Total Stage] of [Frost Domain], [Tempest Domain], and [Flame Domain] is extended to 12.
  3. The [Total Stage] of [Grave of Venom], [Grave of Curse] and other Dungeons yielding equipment and runes is extended to 12.
  4. Different opening periods for different [Dungones] have been applied. Please check the details in the game.
  5. The highest completed [Difficulty] of each Dungeon before this update is preserved. Whether the Dungeon is available for challenging is subject to the actual situation in the game.
  6. The [Dungeon Racing] leaderborad will be reset after the update. We will issue a compensation to all affected players.

Adjusted the stage and reward requirements in [Fey Meander]. Major changes after the adjustment are as follows:

  1. The opening time of [Fey Meander] will be shifted to Day 1 of the current season.
  2. The maximum stage of [Fey Meander] will be extended to 200. Stages will be unlocked on a basis of week. Contents including [Labyrinth of Curiosities] will be significantly improved.
  3. No matter which stage of [Fey Meander] a Traveler is previously in, this Traveler will be teleported back to the World Map, but the stage progress remains unchanged.
  4. The [Challenge Rankings] data previous to the update will be reset. Travelers can challenge [Fey Meander] after the update to refresh the ranking data.
  5. After the update, Travelers can claim a [Challenge Reward] each day based on the number of completed stages, valid for 24 hours.

We have also prepared a compensation for each Traveler based on the original [Fey Meander] challenge progress.

Adjusted the opening time of [Temporal Vortex] to Day 2 of the current season.


Added 2 [Departure Supply] Packs for servers in S1 only, limited to 1 purchase each. Travelers can purchase them in [Store].

Added [Honor Shop], which can be used to redeem valuable items. Travelers can obtain [Honor Medals] from certain types of [Ranking Rewards].

Adjusted the rewards in the [Gift of New Life] event. The Epic Hero reward for fulfilling the event requirement will be switched from [Armed Handmaid – Martina] to [The Ever Cherished – Vicuc].

Adjusted the design of the rookie event [Getting to know Adenthia] to become a consecutive 7-Day event throughout a whole season. The richness of its quests and rewards will also be enhanced.

Adjusted the point acquisition rules and rewards of [Hard Training] and events alike.

Universal Changes:


Added an event for returnees: [Return to the Plane]. Participants are required to be inactive for at least 14 consecutive days. Eligible returnees can complete quests in [7-Day Login] and [Homeward Adventure] to obtain rewards.


Greatly improved the gameplay of [Grand Gladiator Arena]. Major changes after the adjustment are as follows:

Adopted a brand-new matchup mechanism to improve the waiting and matchup experiences.

Cancelled the original ranking point design. A server-wide ranking table is adopted. The ranking promotion after a victory will be more direct and sensible.

Added a ranking promotion reward. Travelers can obtain a certain quantity of [Wyrmarrows] every time they rewrite their best record.

Cancelled the original weekly [Ranking Rewards]. Traveler can claim a [Ranking Reward] each day based on their ranking on the previous day after the update.

Added [Fast-Forward] feature. The waiting time for matchup will be significantly reduced and thus improve Travelers’ gaming experience (This optimization also applies to [Team Arena]).


Epic Hero [The Remnant Sun – Catherine]: Adjusted the healing effect of Catherine’s ultimate skill [Unending Show]. The healing multiplier has been adjusted from 10% to 15%.

Epic Hero [Fanatic – Isitarian]: Adjusted Isitarian’s battle skill and ultimate skill. His original ultimate skill has become his battle skill after the adjustment. The effect of his new ultimate skill has become stronger than the previous. Details can be checked in the Gallery.

Epic Hero [Spectralight – Estella]: Adjusted Estella’s passive skill and ultimate skill. Their effects after the adjustment are as follows:

  1. Passive Skill [Flickering Candlelight]: Marks the ally with the [highest HP] at the start of a battle. Previously: [lowest HP].
  2. Ultimate Skill [Defense Domain]: Heals the [two allies with the lowest percentage of HP] while casting the spell. Previously: [Estella herself and the ally with the lowest HP].


Optimized the display and classification of gameplay modes on the World Map. Different gameplay modes are classified more clearly to help Travelers teleport to their destinations more swiftly.

Adjusted the redemption requirements of certain items in the [Arena Shop]. There will be no rank restrictions after the update.

Fixed the issue where [Fast-Forward] might fail in battle replays where [Fast-Forward] is available.

Fixed certain text localization issues.

Optimized the UI interaction and display of certain pages.

Other accessibility adjustments and optimizations.”

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