Defining Your Stage of Progress in Raid: Shadow Legends

Published On: November 30, 2020

Defining Your Stage of Raid: Shadow Legends and Progress Priorities



A new starter is someone who has played the game for less than one week and is looking for basic knowledge. You will not have a level 60 champion, you will be in low-level arena (Bronze) and on early stages in Dungeons.

It is essential as a new player to Raid: Shadow Legends to start in the right way. Choosing your starter champion is a big decision and HellHades is here to help!

Kael is widely considered the best starter champion because he has the most useful set of skills throughout all content in the game and is the most viable right through to your endgame. Athel is considered the second-best followed by Galek and lastly Elhain.

Kael is capable of being your campaign farmer, your arena damage dealer, your Clan Boss poisoner as well as a strong champion in all Dungeons including Spider, Dragon, Ice Golem and Fire Knight.

As a new starter, it is essential to spend as much time as possible in the Campaign working your way through as many levels as possible, earning experience for your champions and levelling them up. If you find you reach a level you cannot progress through, go back to a level you can, earn more experience and level up your champions to overcome the more difficult stage. You will also want to invest some silver in your gear. The gear you get for daily logins in the first 4 days is EXCEPTIONALLY good! This should be the items you invest in and equip onto your main champion. You are aiming to reach Brutal Campaign Stage 6: Palace of Aravia and Stage 8: Valdemar Strait to continue to gain experience on Food Champions and look to find new gear for your teams.

Your biggest priority as a new starter is to grow experience into 2 champions and progress them to level 50. Usually, this would include your starter champion (Kael) and one other damage dealer that you will collect through some early shards pulls.

You should actively try to win your starter tournament as this will give you valuable resources as well as strong speed artefacts that you will use through to the mid-game.



As a beginner, you will now understand the basic mechanics of the game. Your absolute biggest priority as a Beginner in Raid: Shadow Legends is to level 1 Champion to level 60. You should focus your energy levelling champions you will not want to keep (common or uncommon champions) to use to rank up your first level 60 champion. As soon as you get your first level 60 champion you should invest gems to get their masteries straight away. This will progress your account extremely fast as Minotaur mastery grinding takes a long time early on and a lot of energy.

As a beginner in Raid: Shadow Legends you should join a Clan which will fight early level Clan Boss and fight it daily to earn some extra rewards. Do not be too concerned if your damage is still low.

Along the way you should be checking missions and challenges. Often the next mission or challenge is a good indicator of where you should be spending some time and it will reward you with some nice early items, gems and silver.

You should be doing daily:

  • Faction Wars in every faction you can. 1 level 40 even without levelled gear can beat the first few stages of Faction Wars.
  • Classic Arena working to beat easy fights and win arena medals to upgrade your Great Hall. The Great Hall stats count everywhere in the game!
  • Utilise all your energy levelling food to level up your starter champion. You should be farming Brutal Campaign Stage 6: Palace of Aravia and Stage 8: Valdemar Strait to continue to gain experience on Food Champions and look to find new gear for your teams.
  • Fight all your battles in 3v3 arena and collect gold bars from the bazaar to redeem for energy, shards or tomes.
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Missions and as many of the Advanced Missions as you can. These give valuable rewards and additional daily resources.
  • Login for 3 hrs to collect the additional energy, silver and arena refills.
  • As a beginner you can beat up to stage 10 in the dungeons but have no need to spend any significant time or energy in them unless there is a mission to do so.

As soon as you have a level 60 champion your next priority is your next level 60 champion! You wont move into Mid Game until you have at least 5 level 60 champions. Priorities on those champions are: Level 60 > Masteries > Gear



You will hit the mid-game in Raid: Shadow Legends when you have 5-10 level 60 champions, this can take 3 months to hit. At this stage, you will be utilising the different champions you have developed to tackle this content in the game in teams which have synergy. You will already understand game mechanics, how to build teams and will have advanced in the key Dungeons up to stage 15. You should be progressing towards stage 17 in Dragon and Spider.

You will be pushing different content to these levels:

  • Faction Wars beating the first boss in some factions, farming at least early stages in all factions. Every day you will be looking to see if you can gain a few more stars and earn more rewards.
  • Clan Boss you will have a team of 5 champions in life steal gear with high defence on gloves, chest and on artifacts. You will be fighting Brutal or Nightmare Clan Boss and achieving top chest daily.
  • You will be able to tackle Dragon at stage 15-17 and Spider at minimum stage 10 but ideally as high as 15. This is where most of your spare energy will be going.
  • Arena you should be pushing towards Gold Arena and using your tokens daily to grow your great hall as quickly as possible.
  • You should be using all your 3v3 Arena battles each day fighting in the bronze arena, saving the bazaar gold bars.
  • As a Mid game player, you will be looking to start to save valuable resources to be able to achieve legendary fusion and fragment event.
  • You should only pull shards on an x2 shard pull event or when it coincides with a fusion event.


As a Free to Play player in Raid Shadow Legends, it can take 6 months to hit the late game for someone who plays regularly. The late game will see you with a vast roster of level 50 and 60 champions able to help you create specific teams for different content. You will have Nightmare Clan Boss or / and Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss on farm taking the top rewards daily from each! This may consist of a standard Counter-attack team, an Unkillable team or a fast team known in the Raid community as a White Whale going two times for each time the Clan Boss goes. You will have all the dungeons on farm to level 20 and will be working to harmonise these teams.

You will have completed your missions to gain Arbiter and she will be a stable addition to your teams, especially in the arena.

You will be pushing content to these levels:

  • Faction Wars will still be tough, but you may have beaten some stages right through to stage 21 in your best teams or working towards 17+. You will earn a lot of rewards from Faction Wars and now see Glyphs as a real enhancement to your gear.
  • In Clan Boss you will be able to easily gain the maximum reward from Nightmare and most people in late game can also gain the maximum reward from Ultra Nightmare.
  • You will have all Dungeons on farm to level 20. Most of your time will be spent in Dragon looking for Speed, Stalwart, Accuracy and Life steal gear, Spider farming artifacts and Fire Knight looking for Savage, Shield and Immunity gear. Ice Golem will only be attacked when there is an event on, however, the resistance gear and defence gear is seen a lot in end game arena teams.
  • You will be in Gold IV arena with a team that can farm the teams with ease. You will be able to develop your Great Hall at pace and will be focused on moving the main areas beyond stages 7-10 to give valuable stats to your teams.
  • In 3v3 you will now have 3 well built teams and will be able to win most of your offence battles and move into silver – low gold rankings.

As a late-game player, you will be knowledgeable about champion building for specific content and will have go-to guides to assist in this.



In the End Game, you will be focused on optimisation and preparation for new content. You will want to become the showcase to your clan with an ability to speed farm the essential dungeons such as Dragon and Spider.

You will have competently fast teams in Fire Knight as well and champions built for those teams are unlikely to feature anywhere else for you except Faction Wars.

You will be pushing Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss with at least a 3 key for maximum rewards, lots will achieve a 1 or 2 key for the same content. You will be working towards or already have Lydia the Death Siren from Faction Wars and pushing hard through the Doom Tower.

You will be fighting to compete in Platinum Arena and have teams to enable this. You will also be fighting in Gold III or Gold IV in the 3v3 Arena.



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    Finally a very good work for this page, helps every player a lot, to progress in this game.
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