Published On: October 18, 2023
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Dragonheir: Silent Gods – Lightning Legendaries Reviewed


Today we’re going to be reviewing all of the Dragonheir Lightning Legendaries, the game has now been out for over 3 weeks and many players have been fortunate to pick up a legendary or two by this point.

By breaking down all of the Legendaries in the Lightning Element, we will be able to see who is the best to invest in if you’ve been lucky enough to pull one or two of them!

This article is special thanks to Skratch and Arselan, who have done an incredible video series breaking down their thoughts on every single Legendary in the game, sharing their knowledge from the Beta, and so far on live servers with the community – be sure to check them out and subscribe to their channels – the video attached at the bottom is their Lightning Legendary breakdown.


Ivellios, The Ancient Wood, there’s a joke in there somewhere!

He is a Dauntless bowman that gives allies a chance to attack twice with their basic attack dealing lightning damage, any dauntless hero gets double chance. This is a good passive in a Dauntless team as you can keep striking your opponents and dealing a lot of damage over the duration of the battle.

His battle Skill grants Attack Speed up 2 to all dauntless allies so make sure you are pairing him with dauntless in your team! Then his Ultimate skill deals a large amount of damage, but he pierces 100% Defence of the enemy, therefore he does good damage, but he is known for his passive skill!


Grishnaar, The Grand Chief, has the axe of a grand chief and is to be feared amongst the land.

His Aura increases your teams Defence in the arena.

His Passive gains damage reduction and has a chance to deal damage back to the attacker when he is attacked so it is a nice way to get some damage back to the enemies.

His Battle skill grants Ally Protection to the ally with the highest attack so he is there to protect your damage dealer, allowing you to worry about defensive stats in their build. He then grants a shield for himself and the ally and also a Defence up 2, this skill will always be used at the start of the battle.

His Ultimate inflicts an attack penalty 2 on all enemies within his range and it does a chunk of damage whilst reducing 30% of their Ultimate Energy.


Garett, The Faceless, where is his face?

This spear-wielding dauntless looks incredible. He has a Crit Damage aura in all battles, which is helpful.

His Passive increases his attack when he takes damage, this can stack to 200% which is huge!

His Battle Skill stabs the enemy 3 times and consumes 2.5% of the hero’s current HP. His Ultimate consumes 7% of the current HP and dashes to the target enemy and stabs them 5 times, and with each stab he deals good damage, and it is considered a basic attack.

He pairs well with Ivellios as a Dauntless hero and can deal a large amount of damage for your team.


Nastjenka, The Blackbeak, she looks fierce and scary. She gives off Witch Doctor vibes!

She has an Increase allies attack aura in all battles which is always incredibly valuable.

Her Passive stacks and converts Attack Speed into Crit rate. Her Battle Skill counts as a basic attack, so it works well with Dauntless champions! It teleports to the enemy with the lowest HP and deals damage, which is great in PvP because of the chance of executing one of your enemies!

Finally, her Ultimate Skill deals huge damage to enemies within her range, and joins her allies attacks to deal even more damage over 10 seconds!


Tamar, The Safe Haven, wielding her staff of Lightning brings an accuracy aura in arena, this is nice and helpful to have to ensure you can land your control and debuffs on your enemies.

Her Passive deals damage whenever an enemy gains a buff and has a chance to dispel a buff from them.

Her Battle Skill can dispel a buff and can inflict Attack Penalty 2, whilst doing a nice amount of damage.

Her Ultimate skill unleashes powerful Lightning to every enemy and places Buff Prohibition and can stun the enemies.

Overall, she has a good kit for a support champion and is used in PvP a lot.


Tharivol, The Silver Moon Sentinel, he uses the power of his Lightning bow to charge enemies!

His Passive grants himself Attack Speed Up when he attacks the same enemy multiple times.

His Battle Skill ignores Immortality and shoots a powerful arrow! His Ultimate is a multi-shot that deals some good damage even with low multipliers.

He is one of the fastest hitting Heroes in the entire game, and massively compliments Ivellios.


Sutha, The Storm General, much like Grishnaar is a Chief, Sutha is a General! He looks the part and I would follow him into battle!

His Aura increases Attack Speed in Dungeons for your team.

His Passive creates a phantom that follows up your attack when you crit, so make sure you build up your crit rate! These count as Basic attacks meaning he works well in a Dauntless comp.

His Battle Skill double-hits an enemy and increases his chance for a crit by 30%.

His Ultimate skill swings his axe 5 times and enemies hit by this skill cannot be resurrected.

You only need to build him with 70% Crit rate because of his skills, allowing you to push even more Attack and Crit Damage!


Bionphray, The Tyrannical Horn. Look at this design, maybe one of the best in the game!

From his axe charged with lightning to his horns! Incredible design.

It’s a shame his kit ruins his design as it is a bit confusing because he does a bit of everything!

His Passive taunts enemies and grants himself a shield. His Battle Skill grants Control Immunity and charges his axes to deal some damage and can stun enemies hit by it. There is a charge-up process so make sure he doesn’t die whilst doing it!

His Ultimate skill grants Defence up 2 to himself and electrifies himself meaning he does damage to a random enemy every 1.25secs. It also has a chance to stun.

He, unfortunately, falls short in PVE Content as a Tank, due to his lack of important debuffs, however in PVP he can be a real menace with the amount of control he brings.


Zeffi, The Granny Prophet rat, Don’t let her age fool you!

Her aura is a defence in dungeon battles which is great, especially in the early stages of progression where you’re struggling to keep your teams alive.

Her Passive skill grants a shield to an ally with the lowest HP.

Her Battle skill dispels debuffs from enemies and deals some damage which is incredibly useful for many bosses in Dragonheir.

Her Ultimate is where she shines, It grants Defence up 2 to all allies and grants invincibility to allies with low HP for the duration of the Ultimate. It is great to annoy opposition or keep your team alive in PVE Content! Pair her with a healer then it is broken combo when you time it correctly!


Be sure to check out the video below, where Arselan and Skratch talk about all of the Dragonheir Lightning Legendaries!

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