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Attack Range


Berengar Overview

In DragonHeir Silent Gods every hero brings a unique set of skills and abilities to battle. Selecting the right hero for the right fight will be crucial for your success as you grow your team and progress your account. Berengar is a Legendary hero, dealing damage as Melee. We have just started on our journey in DragonHeir and we will be updating our hero guides as we play them in Battle.

Berengar Ratings

Key Areas

Gear Dungeons

Once Upon a Tales

Leader Skill

Increases all allies’ HP by 45% in City of Trials battles.

Passive Skill

Creates an Evil Aura around the hero, healing the hero every 0.3s and reducing damage dealt by enemies within range by 0.3%, up to 25%. When being healed, the hero gains extra Max HP equal to 100% of the healing, up to 50%.

Battle Skill

Casts Staggering Smite on the target, dealing Necrotic Damage to enemies within range, with a 100% chance of inflicting Fear for 3.0s. Then dispels all debuffs from the hero.

Ultimate Skill

Channels and launches hellfire balls, dealing Necrotic Damage to enemies within range, with a 75% chance to inflict Recharging Speed Penalty for 10.0s, and a 75% chance to inflict Healing Reversal for 10.0s.