Arclight Rumble

Finally some new on Arclight Rumble Beta

We have finally had some news on the upcoming beta for Arclight Rumble from Blizzard Entertainment! as you may have seen we have been excited to get our hands on this game since it was announced in May 2022. Shortly after this announcement, players in Australia were accepted into a wave for beta testing the progression of the game, however, since then it has been radio silence.

Well, that all changed today. We have just had a tweet on Blizzard’s official Twitter account for Arclight Rumble announcing details on the competition that they are running to allow more people into the beta test.

Now, on the face value of this tweet, it seems like just another competition to get involved, however, looking carefully at their form they are also asking what type of device you are looking to play on. Up until this point players of the Arclight Rumble Beta have only been able to get involved on Android devices, however, this form specifically states iOS will be involved in this round of beta.

If you are interested in finding out more about Arclight Rumble be sure to check back on our page soon for updates as they come in!

How to get involved in the Beta for Arclight Rumble:

The beta in Arclight Rumble is currently invited only, meaning, unless you have an invite, you are not getting in. But, you can get involved by joining this giveaway to give yourself the best chance of getting access to the beta tests early!

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