How do you pre register for Arclight Rumble?

Arclight Rumble is the latest installment in the Warcraft series brought to you by Blizzard Entertainment. The game is set to be an action strategy mobile game comparable to other mobile games such as Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.

From the initial previews of Arclight Rumble players will be able to embark on chaotic battles, both in PvE and PvP content. There will be a guild system in the game to allow you to team up with your friends to take on raids or take part in real-time PvP.

Arclight Rumble promises to bring the Warcraft Universe into a mobile age by bringing exciting combat and epic battles to your mobile device. Not only will this new mobile game in the Warcraft franchise provide action and strategy to existing lovers of the Warcraft world, but it is also set to introduce new players to the storyline and lore too.

How do you pre-register for Arclight Rumble?

If you are looking to get in early for the closed beta of Arclight Rumble then you need to pre-register for it. You can do this through your existing account on the official Warcraft Website for Arclight Rumble here. Or, you can pre-order the game through the Google Play or Apple App Store.

What will Arclight Rumble be like?

Arclight Rumble is a mobile game, so you can expect to be able to play it on all mobile and tablet devices on launch. The game will be completely free to play, however,  it will also include in-game microtransactions to fund its development and growth.

Microtransactions are a common feature in mobile games, however, Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that Arclight Rumble will not feature loot boxes in the game.

Will Arclight Rumble have loot boxes?

Loot boxes often come under fire in the mobile gaming world because of their addictive and gambling-like nature. Loot boxes in mobile games often also come under gambling laws in certain countries meaning that the games are not possible to play in these regions.

Blizzard has in the past gotten around these laws in games such as Overwatch that contained loot boxes that were possible to buy through the in-game store by limiting the countries that these were available.

Blizzard Entertainment has already stated that there would not be a gambling system in place for acquiring troops and units in Arclight Rumble, and instead would allow players to purchase their desired minis to play the game exactly how they want.

We feel that microtransactions in mobile games are commonplace and it often creates sub-communities within mobile games of hardcore free-to-play players looking to min-max every opportunity that they can to keep up with the players that pay.

Is Arclight Rumble Pay to Win?

We are a strong believer that if microtransactions do exist in a game that has a competitive playstyle then they should be used only for cosmetics and speeding up progress, not for win gating the competitive edge of the game.

Are you planning to try out Arclight Rumble when it releases? What mini would you most like to see added to the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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