Otherworld Exploration
Published On: November 12, 2023

Otherworld Exploration: Dragonheir: Silent Gods


This week marks the start of the Otherworld Exploration portion of the season in Dragonheir: Silent Gods, and the beginning of the End Game, as players will embark on their final quest of the season to defeat the Resurgent Dragon as a server!

At this point of the season, rewards will ramp up, challenges will become harder, and most importantly, teamwork as an entire server will be vital!

What is Otherworld Exploration?

The Theme of this Otherworld Exploration is Lament in the Snowland, and it is divided into two stages: Snow Sacrifice and Resurgent Dragon.

In Snow Sacrifice, you can play in 3 different modes: Adventure Preparation, Elemental Domain, and Chaos Shadows; meanwhile, the server will record the total progress of these modes for all players server-wide, and after the progress of each mode is completed, extra buffs will be granted to players server-wide in Resurgent Dragon.

The next day when the progress in all 3 modes is completed, or when the specified number of days have passed, the Otherworld Exploration will proceed to Resurgent Dragon; during this stage, you can get generous rewards by challenging the Resurgent Dragon in Snowfield.

In Otherworld Exploration, completing Daily Exploration Quests, In-depth Exploration Quests and Alliance Exploration Quests as well as participating in various types of gameplay will increase your Exploration Progress: you will then receive the corresponding rewards whenever you get enough Exploration Progress.

Daily Exploration Quests, In-depth Exploration Quests and Alliance Exploration Quests are only available during Snow Sacrifice and will be disabled after you enter the Resurgent Dragon phase.

Otherworld Exploration

What are the Rewards?

During the Snow Sacrifice Period, as mentioned you can earn Exploration Progress to earn very nice rewards as you get further!

From this progress alone, the following rewards are available:

  • Echo of Clepsydra x 117,000
  • Gold x 3.5 million
  • Legendary Tempering Sands
  • Wyrmarrow x 300
  • Affinity Solvent x 180000
  • Stamina Bread
  • Large EXP Potions
  • Legendary Philosopher’s Stones
  • Essence of Creation x 12000
  • Heliolite Dice
Otherworld Exploration

Progression Buffs:

Overall progress from stage 1 of Otherworld Exploration will reward players with buffs before they face the Resurgent Dragon, they are based on server wide participation, as well as individual Alliance Contribution, in other words, the more active your alliance is – the better off you will be.

Once 100% is obtained in each of the three progression points of Snow Sacrifice, we will gain access to the Snowfeather Elf to help us during the Resurgent Dragon, which gains us three extra abilities:

  • Snow Feather’s Protection: Heals all allies by [+15% Target’s Max HP] and grants them a [+15% Target’s Max HP] shield.
  • Vulnerability Detection: Inflicts Weak on all enemies for 10.0s. (Damage taken will increase by 50%.)
  • Elf Hymn: Grants Fountain of Song to all allies. Damage dealt from allies under Fountain of Song increases by 30% for 10.0s.

The alliance-based buffs are awarded at Milestones for Total Alliance Exploration Progress, they are as follows:

125,000 – 15% HP

250,000 – 15% Attack

500,000 – 15% Defense

875,000 – 40 Accuracy

1,250,000 – 40 Resistance

1,750,000 – 15% Attack Speed

2,250,000 – 30 Enlightenment

2,750,000 – 20% Crit Damage

3,250,000 – 15 Skill Haste

3,750,000 – 10% Damage Dealt

Otherworld Exploration

Elemental Domains:

The Elemental Domains are three new Dungeons that will unlock, completing these will consume the new type of stamina, specifically for the Otherworld Exploration gameplay, they are three-wave instances that will see you face a final boss from the elected element in the final wave.

You may only use specific Elements during these encounters.

Necrosis Domain:

Otherworld Exploration

Ice Domain:

Otherworld Exploration

Fire Domain:

Otherworld Exploration

Chaos Shadows:

The Chaos Shadow Events are identical to the Continental Bosses that we’ve had active during the Utior Event, where you’ll face one Hero from each Element, each receiving extra damage from an allocated Element.

The only difference here is these are no longer weekly bosses, they are on a 1-hour timer when they spawn, when that timer ends, a new one will spawn on the map, each costing 10 Wyrmbud Tonic (New Stamina) and will grant rewards based on the damage dealt to them, up to a maximum of 22,000,000 damage.

Otherworld Exploration

Resurgent Dragon:

As we did not play the Beta at HH Gaming, we don’t have much information about the Resurgent Dragon available yet, other than you will be able to challenge it 6 times daily, thus requiring 6 different teams to battle this content.

And the boss is the infamous multi-Headed Dragon that is shown in many of Dragonheir’s Marketing images.

Otherworld Exploration

If you’re enjoying Dragonheir, Neva has begun creating YouTube content for the game – check out his channel. 

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