Warcraft Rumble Update 3.0.0.

Season 1 is Coming to an End in warcraft Rumble!


Season 1 is Coming to an End in Warcraft Rumble and it has been a blast this past season as we got to experience and play with new minis for the first time and we got to try all the different PvP scenarios and work out what units are good and which ones are bad!

But with Season 1 coming to an end you need to work on maxing out your War Chest in your guild as you will want to get the most rewards possible and hitting 30,000 points is no easy feat! To do so you need your guild to be active and for each player to play a variety of decks and beating the arclight surges which should be done anyway as it is great for a gold income!

On top of getting the free tomes, you get an epic Ugprade core which isn’t easy to come by. Especially if you are pushing the collection level up you’ll need the epic upgrade cores!

So you have 4 days to get your War Chest completed and push as hard as possible in PvP because they might reset our ranks but this isn’t confirmed yet. But most games similar with a ranking system will drop your rank a level or two so you start the PvP grind again. The season ends 12/10/2023 (10/12/2023 for American’s)

Warcraft Rumble Blizzcon

With that a new Mini is being released in 2 days! And if you have played WoW before you may recognise this twin-headed Dragon! Chimaera is coming soon! One head spits Poison and the other spits lightning! You would not want to cross paths with this dragon as you may end up a corrosive, fried mess!

Chimaera will be a 5 cost unit which is quite pricey but he has 2 different attack styles as it looks like the lightning head is an AoE chain effect so attacking the first enemy will bounce onto the next. Then the poison will apply damage over time with the Poison debuff. Chimaera is part of the beast Faction and will be flying.

3 new talents will be added with the release:

  • Leviathan – Gain 10% Additional Health per deploy
  • Frost Shock – Lightning nall applies Frost on hit
  • Corrosive Breath – Poison spit inflicts twice as much poison

So be ready for the 10th to get this new Dragon!

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