The Best Mini’s for PvP have changed!


The Best Mini’s for PvP have changed and we should fear for what is coming. It has been a whole week since the game was released and we were just starting to get the hang of things but now Blizzard has thrown a spanner in the works with their new patch. Patch 2.10.0 has been released and there isn’t too much chat about what it brings us but we do know there are some important bug fixes that have happened to make our QoL much better and make the game smoother and more enjoyable as a whole.

The Patch 2.10.0 notes are:

  • Several issues that are causing crashes.
  • An issue causing the game to be stuck at 50% loading when logging into the game.
  • An issue causing the Continue Button to become unresponsive after completing a match.
  • An issue that causes the “Unable to Claim Dungeon Rewards” error during dungeon runs.

Now we have all had these bugs in the past week where you had to force close your game but they have fixed them and you are good to go again with the game without closing the game. Fingers Crossed!

The Big change is in PvP though as they have changed the Towers to Dragon Towers.

Warcraft Rumble Dragon Tower

With this new Tower, the area of attack is a cone-shaped fire. that spreads in the direction of the attack. Unlike before where it was single target so with that there will be a shift in Meta and we are about to see how we think are the top picks for PvP right now! There will be a change at the top and we expect to see some priority in leaders change and one of the most feared mini’s just got even scarier.


Huntress has had a massive boost in her PvP capabilities as she can now just solo the map. if you see a Huntress don’t ever leave her be as she will just carry the game and win you the match. With the new towers in PvP she barely takes any damage and will solo the tower before she is killed unless you provoke her. If she is paired with a healer then good luck as she will just stomp the game and it will become unplayable! If you want easy honour then spam her before she gets nerfed. She also has the Resistance trait which takes 50% less Elemental Damage. BUSTED!!

Tirion Fordring

Pairing Tirion with Huntress just became OP! His Talent By the Light also got more popular as you will want to heal Huntress as much as possible to get her to her full capability. Nonetheless, Tirion is a strong leader even without Huntress as he can heal everyone and you will be able to out-sustain the damage from your opponents before winning.

S.A.F.E. Pilot

S.A.F.E. Pilot just got a massive buff with these towers in play because before she could only get a couple of shots off if that but now she can get 4-6 off depending on what talent you are running. So before you weren’t worried by a rouge S.A.F.E. Pilot but now you need to deal with her or you will sacrifice a lot of your tower and is that really worth it? Especially when all you need to do is S.A.F.E. Pilot or Whelp Eggs on top of her and you’ll kill her. But she is a good unit and she will be in every deck!

Similar to Tirion the healing that Frostwolf Shaman provides is going to really help your Huntress carry the game. You don’t want Earth Shield as her talent though because the towers do elemental damage and it will cause more harm than good. But other than that she is very strong and with her range she can reach the tower nicely whilst taking the lowest form of damage from the tower.

Holy Nova

I know what you’re about to say more healing? That can’t be the meta surely?! Well, keeping Huntress and S.A.F.E. Pilot alive is the key to pushing honour and getting higher in PvP. So use all the healing you can and keep them alive! Having Renew as a talent will also boost the chances of you winning the game as it adds a heal over time.


Quilboar has the Resistance trait and is Unbound so using him as a tank for the turret is great because it will take a while for Quilboar to die as he’ll take 50% less damage. Having this unbound unit will skyrocket your value and he is cheap at 2 cost so make use of the Quilboar and he’ll repay you in easy Honour.

These are our main finds so far in the new PvP meta but is there anyone else that you can think of that has had a massive swing in usefulness in PvP? Let us know in the comments!

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