Warcraft Rumble's Leaders Ranked

Warcraft Rumble’s Leaders Ranked


Here are your Warcraft Rumble’s Leaders Ranked. Leaders are the staple of any deck and play-style in Warcraft Rumble. Each player will get their choice of 3 random ones to start their journey with, but eventually, players will acquire most of the Leaders if they’re playing actively.

We do have a ranking article on all the Leaders from strictly a beginner’s perspective if you’re interested in that and you can find that here, but this one will be from a more overall standpoint and as the game and meta has progressed we can see that there are certain Leaders that have taken the top spots. 

It is important to clarify that all Leaders in the game can be effective if played properly, with a deck of Minis that work well with them. So if there is a Leader that you really like, definitely enjoy playing with them and don’t let a tier list discourage you from playing with them. And with all leaders they are always counterable so play with what you feel is fun! Especially from the PvE standpoint because you need to adapt your decks to beat the Computer. Therefore picking your favourite leader is fun and can be a challenge! 

In this article, we will dive into both why they’re ranked where they are, and possible options to counter them if you’re going against them in PvP.

#1. Baron Rivendare (Undead)

Baron Rivendare

There isn’t going to be a whole lot of dispute about Baron being ranked at the top of most Leader ranking lists that you come across. His power is not necessarily because of him being a powerful unit on the battlefield, but the Leader Ability, which allows him to constantly flood the map with Skeletons or Skeleton Mages.

He is not weak as a unit though, with only a cost of 4, he will provide a melee presence that moves fast and does elemental damage. However, he is not as beefy as other tanks, so try to use him more as utility, instead of brute force melee tanking. He is good right at the start of the PvP to contest that early chest containing 2 gold! So use the fast mechanic and he will power through and compete with Quilboar to get that extra gold. Chosen has a good video of this leader in use here.

Countering Baron: When you start to rank up past the very early stages of PvP, you will play against Baron Rivendare way more often than any other Leader for all these reasons. Try to take big engagements against him straight on, or take down one of his towers, so that he spawns less passive flood that you have to deal with. These pesky skeletons are annoying especially as mages because they have frost so make sure you are ready for it, they also attack flying units so be prepared.


Grommash Hellscream is an absolute beast in melee brawling with a great blend of both Health and Damage, equipped with a talent option that allows him to spawn duplicates of himself to further increase damage output.

Grommash will also cast Bloodlust on himself and allies, on both deploy and periodically while on the map. Bloodlust provides a bonus of 33% movement and attack speed, making it an insanely strong buff to help you get efficient trades and win duels. Grommash Hellscream is hard to deal with in PvP especially when they have Harpies and Earth Elemental combo because once they are Bloodlusted they can cause havoc!

Countering Grommash: You do not want to take a straight-up melee brawl fight against this guy or he will trade effectively against you. Try to divert attention in multiple directions while prioritizing map control and farming gold veins. Have splash damage or something like Blizzard ready to drop on the front line if you do have to face him head-on. Also Flying units like Whelp Eggs do well against Grommash especially when they have 


#3. Tirion Fordring (Alliance)

Tirion Fordring

Tirion Fordring has a unique ability as he is able to heal himself and his allies from the front line while also tanking and dealing damage. Try to use him in a more beatdown style where you have plenty of allies around to heal up and out-sustain your opponent. With a Tanky frontline and a good Damage dealer behind him, he can truly become unstoppable.

Countering Tirion: He is only single-target and doesn’t deal a ton of damage, so you can swarm him pretty effectively if you have a way of distracting or eliminating his splash damage support that he will usually bring. Since he requires a bit more of a slow, big engagement, beatdown style, try to win with mobility and map control. A well-timed Blizzard may be the key to your victory to clear out the troops that stand before you.


#4. Hogger (Beast)

He can become a crazy menace on the battlefield after being played 3+ times because of his ability to scale raw stats. His Leader Ability will scale his movement speed and attack speed, while he also has a talent that will scale his health. Couple this with the fact that he deals AoE damage, and you will be in a really good spot if you’re able to get to the 2nd half of a match on even footing. You are in it for the long game so just need to make sure you can sustain the onslaught from your enemies in the early-mid game.

Countering Hogger: You will want to start fast, because the 2nd half of the match is where Hogger shines. Apply pressure on the chests and gold nodes to make sure you’re economically ahead by the midway point of the match. You cannot let him acquire resources from the map to cycle through the deck more times.


#5. Bloodmage Thalnos (Undead)

Bloodmage Thalnos

Bloodmage Thalnos also scales his stats like Hogger, but in a different way. You will want to pair him with cheap spells like Arcane Blast and Chain Lightning to scale up his level, then make sure to protect him with a capable tank line. he does some nice damage and the fact he can scale is great because you just make him stronger until you win the match.

Countering Thalnos: Save your hard clear like Blizzard or S.A.F.E. Pilot for when Thalnos enters the battlefield. You will want to deal with him before his level scales up to the point where he can carry the match. So make sure as soon as you see him wipe him from the board, this makes it much easier to play against as you are wiping the leader from the field at every opportunity.


#6. Old Murk-Eye (Beast)

Old Murk-Eye

Old Murk-Eye can create a very fun spam of Murlocs that can overwhelm the map with free damage that spawns in. Make sure to play him when you have 9.5 Gold, that way you can spam the most possible Gold immediately after dropping him and take advantage of his Leader Ability. 

Countering Murk-Eye: Your opponent will want to save up a full Gold bar, then spam all their Gold at once. So play your deck in a way that provides consistent pressure, and make sure to control the centre lane. He will struggle to win big straight-on engagements if the Murlocs are spamming in separate directions. Send your Kobold out for Gold right after you’ve dealt with his spam, and he’s saving up for the next big push. Baron is a good deck with his leader ability as it creates constant skeletons to deal with.


#7. Sylvanas Windrunner (Undead)

Sylvanas Windrunner

Sylvanas Windrunner has a huge boom or bust potential. Her cost of 6 is pretty risky if you don’t play her effectively and end up getting value out of the Banshee that she spawns on death. You want to save your gold as she does so nice damage so with a tanky unit in front of her then she can do some nice damage before turning into a Banshee.

Countering Sylvanas: Use your hard clear on her so that she can’t just stand back and use her good ranged damage. When she dies, be ready to drop Skeletons or something at the area so her Banshee can’t get good value by running up and stealing a tank from you or something.


#8. Sneed (Horde)


Sneed can snowball an advantage very effectively because of his superior Gold generation if he controls the map. Sneed also has a lot of variance, where you can completely roll opponents easily, or get demolished. Really prioritize controlling the chests on the map because these will be a huge factor in you winning or losing.

Countering Sneed: You can really predict what he has to do so take advantage of that. He’s not great as a front-line, so be ready to deal with what’s behind him and make sure you can control the centre of the map. It’s worth it for you to use unbound units on the chests even if you’re not turning a profit because you cannot let Sneed start snowballing his economy from chest acquisition, therefore it makes it worth using the unbound units as it gives you a  4 gold swing as you deny their potential.


#9. Rend Blackhand (Blackrock)

Rend Blackhand

Rend Blackhand Controls the skies by synergizing very well with other air units by lowering their cost to help trade efficiently. Prioritize being ready to deal with anything your opponent has that can clear air effectively, because if you control the skies you’re going to be in a really good spot. Bring Minis like Drake and Whelp Eggs to take advantage of his Leader Ability. Gargoyle is also a great pairing with Rend Blackhand as dropping him to a 3-cost flying tank is massive and he can definitely change the outcome of a match.

Countering Rend: His air allies are only cheaper to play while he is alive on the battlefield, so try to take him down and get him off the map as soon as you can to disrupt his economy scaling and flow.


#10. Cairne Bloodhoof (Horde)

Cairne Bloodhoof

Cairne Bloodhoof is a very consistent front-line all-around tank because of his ability to do AoE damage, stun enemies, and revive on death, while having a very solid health pool for a 5-cost tank. Make sure you bring someone to clean up the air units because that is his downfall, Harpies will demolish Cairne.

Countering Cairne: Bringing Flying Units like Harpies will demolish Cairne and try not to group your ground troops as he will take them out and stun them in one big hit. 


#11. Jaina Proudmoore (Alliance)

Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina Proudmoore is starting to rise up the board a bit as people begin to realize how powerful Blizzard is. Try to play her in a bit of a reactionary way after your opponent starts dumping their Gold, so that you can drop Jaina in the proper lane, then completely destroy them with something like Blizzard because of the bonus levels.

Countering Jaina: Be prepared for the Spells that she will want to hurt you with. Avoid setting up a big push of concentrated units until you have baited out her powerful spells ideally. Her spell buffs only apply while she’s alive on the battlefield, so have a clear prepared for when she drops.


#12. Maiev Shadowsong (Alliance)

Maiev Shadowsong

Maiev Shadowsong is possibly the highest skill-cap Leader, because you can make really cool, impactful plays, if your timing and positioning of deploy are effective. Build cheap decks that feature 2-3 Unbound units so you can cycle through enough times to get very high value from deploying Maiev to deal big damage. As the game and meta progresses players are starting to understand her and become better with her so be prepared to see more of her in your PvP battles.

Countering Maiev: You will know when Maiev is coming because it will be after they’ve played 2-4 Unbound Minis typically. Keep things spread out so Maiev can’t pop up in the middle of a bunch of things and shred them. Consider a multi-lane playstyle instead of clumping up in one lane.


#13. General Drakkisath (Blackrock)

General Drakkisath

General Drakkisath allows you to do more elemental damage so make sure to bring Elemental damage to deploy close to his location. Moves slowly and works best in a grouped-up beatdown style where you can stack Elemental bonuses near his location to get efficient trades with high damage output.

Countering Drakk: He will usually be forced to play a bit slower and clumped up, so have big clear like Blizzard ready for his big pushes, and try to control the map resources with superior mobility and cycling.


#14. Charlga Razorflank (Beast)

Charlga Razorflank

Charlga Razorflank can be very scary with a ton of burst potential dropping a ton of Gold value at once. Very hard to get the hang of playing well consistently, but not necessarily bad or anything, just an extremely different playstyle than all the other Leaders in the game. Her skill is good when dealing with tanks because you can just root then whilst doing good damage.

Countering Charlga: The game will be very boom or bust, so after you see a bunch of Gold be played, you will be able to take map control after that big engagement. Use that opportunity to take resources and try to scale your economy for the next big Gold dump.

Warcraft Rumble's Leaders Ranked
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