D&D Legends in Dragonheir
Published On: November 19, 2023
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D&D Legends in Dragonheir: Silent Gods – Drizzt Do’Urden


This week in Dragonheir: Silent Gods we’ve had the beginning of the Dungeons & Dragons collaboration event go live, which will see iconic D&D Hero, Drizzt Do’Urden enter the game as a playable hero, as well as Errtu entering the game as a challenging boss!

Dragonheir developers have announced that over the next two years, we will see more iconic D&D Characters enter the game in seasonal content, so it will be exciting to see who we get next time around!

As you know, this is a very fitting partnership due to the fact that Dragonheir features many Dungeons and Dragons-related themes in the game, such as Dice roll checks, and tactical grid-based battlefields.

Before we dive into the event, we just want to take a moment to thank the developers of Dragonheir, for their engagement in the community, as they have been incredibly fast to fix issues that have arisen so far this season.

Initially, earlier this week an update was announced that saw the cap of Inspiration for Legendary heroes being completely removed, causing an infinite power creep for Legendary heroes, but amid the feedback from the player base, this change was quickly reverted – this is a great step in the right direction as many games will not address fixes such as this, especially in such a fast timeframe.

On top of this, after Drizzt was released, the Content Creators flagged a major issue with Guenhwyvar dying and not being able to be summoned back, so they almost instantly addressed this issue and reduced the damage that Guenhwyvar takes from AOE Damage, causing Drizzt’s trusty sidekick to stay alive!

It shows that the developers of Dragonheir truly do care about their community and their creator’s opinions.

If you’re interested in getting involved with creating content for Dragonheir, they have a very generous content creation scheme featuring a host of rewards, of which you can find more information in their Discord Server.

Message from Developers:

Through a collaboration with Wizards of the Coast, a division of Hasbro, Inc, Dragonheir: Silent Gods will introduce iconic Dungeons & Dragons characters Drizzt Do’Urden & Errtu, to the game in Nov. 17th, as well as offering other iconic Dungeons & Dragons characters through seasonal content releases in 2 years.

During this collaboration, Drizzt and his black panther Guenhwyvar will have an independent and complete storyline.

Players and Drizzt will face a new emerging force in Adenthia – Order of Inferno, and explore the reasons for the theft of treasures and the arrival of demons together.

Players and Drizzt will search for the demon stronghold hidden in Adenthia – the temple, and work together to defeat Drizzt’s archenemy – Errtu.


Promocodes and Twitch Drops:

Throughout the D&D/Drizzt Events, there will be various promo codes released in-game, as well as Twitch Drops available for players to pick up, to keep up to date with this, head over to our Dragonheir Promo codes page, where we will do our best to update promo codes as soon as they are released – bare in mind however, these are usually limited to a certain amount of uses, so we cannot guarantee that they will still be active, although we will remove them from active codes when we are alerted to the fact that they’ve expired.

Twinkle and Inferno Events

This collaboration event will feature 3 key content areas, Demon Hunt, Adventure/Errtu Boss Fight, and the Planeswalker Summoning Event.

Each features a host of rewards, including the Legendary Hero, Drizzt, available from the Planeswalker Summoning Event.

Planeswalker Summoning Event

The Planeswalker Summoning Event is the primary way to earn yourself the brand new Legendary Hero, Drizzt – by summoning your Heliodite Dice and acquiring the hero himself, or Hunters Blades, which can be exchanged for Drizzt – these can also be obtained throughout the various events active in the game.

The chances of getting a Legendary hero from this event are lower than other Heliodite Summons, at 0.5% – however, at a 28.5% chance you will be earning Hunter’s Blades, which as mentioned above can be converted into Drizzt Do’Urden too.

Every 5x Summons will award you with 30x Hunter’s Blades, so realistically, around 35 Heliolite Dice will secure you a copy of Drizzt without accounting for any Hunter’s Blades earned from other events, making it the same as the mercy system on other summoning events.

Alongside Drizzt, you can also obtain various Epic heroes from this summoning event, at a 14% chance – they are as follows:

Demon Hunt

Each day a new challenge is unlocked in the Demon Hunt, each rewarding 5 Hunters Blades, 50 Wyrmarrow, and an extra reward, upon completing all of the events here, we will get a free gift, of a new D20 Appearance, ‘Argent Emeraldice’ – Which is a nice touch, giving us a new cosmetic for every time we have to roll a dice within Dragonheir.

Make sure you keep up with these daily challenges for free rewards whilst the event is active!

Adventure/Errtu Boss Fight

As part of this event, there will be a visitor in your camp, who has a message from Drizzt Do’Urden, following this questline will take you on an adventure through all of the areas of Dragonheir, culminating in a final boss battle against Drizzt’s Archnemesis – Errtu.

Once you’ve defeated Errtu, you will unlock the ability to fight him every single day, which will reward you based on the damage you’ve dealt to him.

The best bit about this event is ALL of your heroes are scaled to level 100, and are given pre-set gear, giving you the opportunity to test out new heroes that you would not normally be able to due to lack of investment in them – this also makes this event accessible for all players!

Let us know what you think of these Dungeons and Dragons events in the comments below!

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