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Published On: March 30, 2024
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Dragonheir: Silent Gods – Developer Update

Dear Travelers!

Hundreds of thousands of players have downloaded and played our game since Dragonheir went live. Thank you for all your love and support. We believe that our players have noticed that SGRA Studio, the developer of Dragonheir, had some drastic changes in its structure. Such changes indeed proved to be a problem over the last season. but our team remains strong and united. so long as one player is still enjoying Dragonheir, we’ll commit ourselves to bringing a better gaming experience—that is our promise. We believe the worst is behind us.

We are happy to share with you today that the Dragonheir team will be merged with one of the global leading game companies. With the support of this global team, we’ll have better resources to keep the game running and going strong. This will surely make the gaming better and better. We promise you we’ll continue polishing this game. Our dedication has never changed, and we intend to keep our promise! the merge is being finalized. and we’ll update you on the latest progress through our community! As season 3 goes live. heroes. builds, bosses, gear, and other exciting content will also be released, breathing new life
into Adenthia. Meanwhile. we can’t wait to share with you the new content, items, and various improvements we have planned for the future.

Semi-Anniversary Celebration

Dragonheir: Silent Gods will welcome its semi-anniversary celebration soon. You are going to the largest-scale giveaway contest you’ve ever seen since Beta!

[Login For 5x Draw]

Nothing is more simple and exciting than 5 draws in a row! During the event, you can claim 5 Heliolite Dice just by logging into the game.

Are You The Lucky Winner In Our Giveaway Contest?

This important occasion calls for a celebration. May Lady Luck be with you always.

During our semi-anniversary celebration. you’ll earn draws as well as Lucky Points from various daily game modes for you to unlock milestone rewards, including the limited emoji YEAH!, avatar frames, and other rare items.

If you get a special discount, that means you’ll get to enjoy a discount over your 5x draw purchases (the time-limited prize pool only costs 4 Dice). Additionally, we designed a feature that can replenish your Lucky Points. This is to ensure that Travelers who log in every day can get all the point rewards.

Daily Event Buffs

People across Adenthia are celebrating. Travelers can obtain additional bonuses by playing Dungeon Challenges and the Arena! These buffs will rotate over the 20-day celebration. Every day, before you reach the limit:
• When a dungeon game is settled. you get one more reward (this can stack with your Multiplier Challenge Tkket) so you will have an easier time developing your heroes.
• When playing the Grand Gladiator Arena. you don’t lose points upon losing a game (and you don’t lose an attempt upon winning a game). Do you dare take on the challenge there?

An Unvaulted  Gift Pack

The highly sought-after $O.99 Epic Hero Selection Treasure Chest is back for a limited time to help you with that final missing piece to complete your lineup!

A More Friendly Grinding Experience

We heard you loud and clear, and the developers have noticed quite some issues they previously neglected. Regarding hero development, it does cost too much EXP, so much so that Travelers have to spend most of their time grinding Goblin Lairs. What makes things worse is that after the reset of each season, Travelers will have to start over and develop their heroes again. This issue has become more obvious now that we’ve rotated through multiple seasons, so we are focusing on it. We’ll start to introduce a series of measures to create a more friendly grinding experience with every patch we release from now, including:

  • Add an AFK hero game mode: We are adding a Hero Training Ground to your Camp so heroes of your choice can EXP while going AFK.
  • There will also be more sources for you to obtain Multiplier Challenge Tickets so you don’t have to grind the Goblin Lairs as much.
  • Additionally, we plan to streamline the combat processes of the regular Fey Meander sessions, changing it to something more similar to the Pillar of
    Trial, which is an interface-based combat system. Only the Labyrinth of Curiosities will get to keep its map exploration feature, and we’ll dial up
    the overall rewards of this game mode. Meanwhile. Travellers can continue to claim daily rewards based on their stage progress.

More similar content is in the making. We welcome all opinions and feedback, and we’ll make sure to read through all of them and incorporate your ideas into future game patches.

Seasonal Experience Improvement

We have already begun designing improvements for the seasonal experience. In season 3, we Mythic Gear drops in an attempt to create more various lineups and make the seasonal combat experience more exciting. In the future, we’ll continue improving the game, prioritizing issues such as repetitive seasonal gameplay, the lack of challenging seasonal content, the late game being boring, and the problem that everyone chases the same thing in a season. This will lead to a more replayable seasonal experience.

Changes to the Arena

Since the game went live, many PVP enthusiasts have poured their heart and soul into developing heroes and coming up with brilliant strategies.
We also hope to bring you the best PVP experience that has a little something for everyone to enjoy.

The PVP system is about to receive an overhaul. which will make the PVP content more fun and challenging. far, we have planned these features:

  • Players will get to retain a ranking after each seasonal reset. Also, there will be milestone rewards that reward players when they achieve a
    new rank for the first time.
  • We’ll make the grinding experience more friendly by allowing you to auto-battle against opponents whose rankings are below yours.
  • After each battle, no matter whether you win or lose, you’ll receive a settlement reward (rewards vary as the season progresses), and such rewards are about to get an upgrade.
  • Ranking settlement rewards will be distributed at a fixed time every day.
  • We’ll adjust the map mechanics and effects in various ways for the PVP game modes while also designing a new PVP Skill System. This way, we can address some of the existing issues that certain combat mechanics are difficult to encounter.

The Plan we Have

Other than the improvements mentioned above, we are also hard at work preparing the new patch, Below is a sneak peek at the latest content that is coming your way:

  • The next area for you to explore is a volcano, which is a brand-new sandbox map that comes with challenging terrain and more exciting, thrilling challenges. What stores will you write as you experience the new chapter themed around this volcano?
  • A new round of Dungeons & Dragons collaboration events will become available mid-season (in May) when we’ll release new collaboration heroes, so stay tuned.
  • An appearance system will go live, and we’ll continue to release new content for you to enjoy. As always, our team is dedicated to creating the most friendly strategy card game. We have been very careful with our monetization business model. Our promise is to you that none of the new skins we introduce in the future are pay-to-win content!
  • Honor Appearance Shop: You can earn  Honor from various seasonal game modes, which can be exchanged for avatar frames, hero skins, and other appearances. Play more to earn more!

Thank you once again for your love and support. As always, we’ll keep a close eye on your suggestions and feedback as we improve the gaming experience for all types of players and introduce more fun and exciting gameplay content. The Dragonheir: Silent Gods team is just as passionate and enthusiastic about this game as our players!

Let us know what you think of this Developer Update in the comments!

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