Dragonheir Fire Legendaries
Published On: October 5, 2023
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Dragonheir: Silent Gods – Fire Legendaries Reviewed


Today we’re going to be reviewing all of the Dragonheir Fire Legendaries, the game has now been out for over 2 weeks and we’ve just received a copy of Errich for free, but when building your teams, you’ll want to start considering the 5-Element Bonus, as many players will be nearing the point of enabling this.

By breaking down all of the Legendaries in the Fire Element, we will be able to see who is the best to invest in if you’ve been lucky enough to pull one or two of them!

This article is special thanks to Skratch and Arselan, who have done an incredible video series breaking down their thoughts on every single Legendary in the game, sharing their knowledge from the Beta, and so far on live servers with the community – be sure to check them out and subscribe to their channels – the video attached at the bottom is their Fire Legendary breakdown.



Garrika was buffed from beta and now she is a viable legendary, but she still has a way to go to make her one of the strongest in the Fire Element.

Her Passive skill is good as she gains 10% Ultimate Energy whenever an enemy gains a buff. She is good in PvP because of this Passive as it allows her to get going quicker. She is great in the early game because of her Ultimate alongside her Passive because she cycles through her abilities quickly.

Her Buff Prohibition debuff is good for stopping enemies from gaining buffs for 10 seconds. This skill is also very valuable in Grave of Curse. She has one of the lowest initial recharge skills so make use of it!


Everyone gets a free Errich and honestly, he is a good Damage Dealer, in the right circumstances, providing you can ramp up his Attack.

He is a Wild Hero so his Passive increases the hero’s Wild success rate by 5% every time an ally performs a successful Wild check. Plus every time he performs a successful Wild check he will gain +70% Attack Fire Damage.

While he is a good Damage dealer, he excels in a Flora team because his Ultimate hits 5 times at random so when he’s fighting a one-off boss all attacks will hit the boss, and trigger Flora’s Passive skill.


She owns a dragon! What more do we need to say?

Flora forms the key part of any successful Wild Team, realistically, they revolve around her. Her Aura is beastly with an Increase in All Allies attack by 30% in all battles, this is good for everywhere!

Her Passive is what makes her shine with Wild champions because every time an ally launches a successful Wild, the familiar will auto unleash a Fireball at the ally’s current target dealing 120% Attack as Fire Damage. If you can partner this with Errich’s Meteorite strike then there are 5x chances for this to proc and deal massive damage. Not only this but her Ultimate deals massive fire damage and creates a whirlpool around the target for 10 seconds.

She is one of the most wanted champs and you can see why!


Look at this champion! He looks so good and if it were based on aesthetics then Khrysos wins!

Not only does he win on the looks department he is amazing in PvP and can tank teams solo! He constantly provides shields and healing and it is a shame the Fire Element sucks at PvP because he would go straight into a team and cause havoc!

He has Attack Penalty 2 which is nice and a massive shield for your allies, on top of this however he dispels enemy buffs, and more specifically – Enemy shields which makes him a very valuable asset to have in dungeons such as Ice Domain and Grave of Curse!


Would it even be a Gacha game if there wasn’t a Hero who loves a candle? Well, Felicity has got Dragonheir covered in that department…

She has a nice Critical Damage aura for all battles, which increases the whole team’s Crit DMG by 30%, but the rest of her kit is unfortunately a bit sub-par and she doesn’t quite sit near the top of the legendary list!

Her Passive is similar to Garrika as it increases the Hero’s Ultimate Energy by 5% whenever a basic skill or attack crits. But for a Wild team, you need the multi-hitting champions to make full use of Flora. She is not amazing but she is ok. Don’t expect her to do crazy amounts without any supporting hero’s


This Dwarven gunner looks sweet and his beard is majestic!

Huldork is a good support that does work in your teams. His Passive increases damage to enemies closer to him, so be sure to position him towards the front of your lineup so that he is at least within 3 tile spaces of your enemies.

His battle skill places a blind which is great for control and an Attack Penalty 2 which is one of the most valuable debuffs in the game. His debuffs are great for all dungeons! Alongside this, his ultimate is where he shines as it has an Accuracy penalty 2 and a Stun debuff which prevents the targets from launching basic attacks or casting skills.


He carries the Hog’s head mask as a trophy and warns you not to face him! His skin is really good and one of the best in the Fire Elements.

He is a decent damage dealer but unfortunately, he is a bit underwhelming in a Flora comp, which is very sad because all you want to do is show off this awesome-looking champion.

His Passive is pretty strong for PvE and fighting bosses, except for Flora comps. It seems he was designed to play more solo than in a Flora Wild Comp and we love his initiative.

His Ultimate is decent and deals large damage and if Rhash has Heartfire, which he gains from other Wild allies successfully passing a Wild check, then the damage is increased by 30%!


He looks like a mad scientist who let his experiments get control over him as he has Fire Gems for hair! And because he is infused with fire gems his Passive allows him to take 30% less fire damage and, when he does take fire damage he has a chance to increase his Ultimate Energy of surrounding allies. Plus Journ places a Defence Up 2 for surrounding allies as well! His Battle skill is also decent as it places Attack Penalty 2 and he burns enemies!

Alongside these skills, Journ reduces his enemy’s Ultimate Energy by 25% with his Ultimate, and dispels ALL of their buffs, which is an incredibly valuable asset to have on your damage dealers in nearly all content!


Caspar is from the Middle Ages and is a jester but what jokes is he playing? He has a good aura which increases allies’ Attack in all battles by 30%. He is the second-highest Wild Damage dealer without Flora so if you have him make sure to use him!

He can place an Absurd Charade that cannot be dispelled and caps at 13 stacks, this means he deals more damage by 13% x the number of stacks. His battle skill is a 5x multihit. The only downside to Caspar is his Ultimate takes ages to cast but it deals a load of damage!


Be sure to check out the video below, where Arselan and Skratch talk about all of the Dragonheir Fire Legendaries!

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