Dragonheir: Silent Gods
Published On: September 26, 2023
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Dragonheir: Silent Gods – Game Review


We are now one week into the release of Dragonheir: Silent Gods, and I (Neva) have been playing extensively since release, and so have some of the others here at HH Gaming.

After the week I’ve spent playing, exploring and most of all, understanding this game, I decided a full review of how I feel about the game after the first week would be valuable to others who are considering getting involved with an incredibly exciting new game that has burst onto the scene.


First Thoughts:

Leading up to the release of Dragonheir I was incredibly excited to get started, having heard about it from other Content Creators, namely ColdBrew, IvyLeeGaming and Skratch and having seen how excited they were for the release of the game.

Opening night came around, and as much as I said I wasn’t going to stay up till 1 a.m. here in the UK to play the release… I did anyway, despite having to be up early in the morning, and it kept me up till stupidly late.

The artwork caught my eye as soon as I opened the game, having come from playing RAID: Shadow Legends as my primary game over the last few years, it’s very hard to find a game within the genre that can compete with the artwork that RAID brings, suffice to say, this blew all my expectations out of the water, from the opening cutscene, to the incredible boss fight you face at the end of the opening tutorial, The Child of Chaos.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Combat

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Campaign:

The campaign in Dragonheir is a nice twist compared to most games in this genre, where you’ll deal with set Chapters, each containing multiple different stages, usually ending with a boss or a tougher challenge to get through.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods however, has a completely open-world MMO feeling Campaign, which is incredibly good so far, the only downside I would mention, and this is purely from a personal perspective of actually wanting to play the game more, is the level-gating – I don’t like that each day I am only able to play through a certain amount of quests before I am gated by needing to reach a higher level, I personally prefer the idea of reaching a roadblock due to difficulty, and having to try and overcome it, rather than waiting for the next day where I can reach a higher level – Now, that’s not me saying it’s a bad thing, because it keeps the server all very equal in terms of levels, and that’s an amazing thing – It’s just because I want to play more!

The amount of side quests and stories that are in this game are amazing, the fact that you can trigger these by simply stealing from random NPCs that are loitering around, they may have an item that enables you to complete another quest elsewhere – I love this, because even when you do run out of things to do, there’s plenty of exploration to do to see if you can find more quests!

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Campaign

Dungeons in Dragonheir:

The Dungeons so far that we’ve got access to are incredibly fun, and challenging which is great, because for players like myself who haven’t come from playing in Season 0 in the testing phases of the game, we have a limited roster, and that makes it essential to get the best out of the heroes you have, whether that be Legendaries, Epics or even Rare Champions – which we will cover later on, but the fact that they are so valuable and viable is amazing to see.

I’ve personally begun farming Epic gear from the Dungeons (stage 5) which feels like a huge milestone in the game, and that rewarding feeling is great, and one I am excited to replicate when I can move up to earning Legendary equipment in the future.

Each dungeon so far has felt very unique and completely different to the last, having to find a perfect strategy to overcome each of them has been great fun, whether that be bouncing ideas off of friends playing the game, tweaking my Heroes, their gear, or even their positioning within the fight to secure the win!

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Dungeons

Player vs Player:

Now personally I’m not a huge fan of Player vs. Player in general, because unfortunately that’s an area of all games like this where your ability to spend will always affect your ability to compete at the very top level, and whilst I’m a very competitive person – sometimes you have to take the L, and that is why I stay away from a competitive mindset in Player vs Player.

That being said, of course, I don’t completely avoid it, as it’s an essential part of account development, and we need those rewards!

I love the way that all of your heroes are scaled to that of your highest level Hero on your account, allowing you to interchange and tweak teams with Heroes that you’ve otherwise not invested in for PVE content in the game – this is something that I think more games should do, as not all players, especially new players are able to invest in X amount of heroes for all the different PVE content whilst also building out a perfect team for Player vs Player.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Arena

Heroes in Dragonheir:

When the game was released, there were just shy of 200 Heroes in Dragonheir, split across 6 different Elements, each with unique skills and most of all, unique art!

Every single Champion within the game looks incredible and it’s clear that the art department of this game is top-notch, which I feel is so important for a game to compete within this space, due to the competition around.

The fact that as I mentioned above, Rare Champions can be game-changing for your progression is amazing to me, it’s not a case of just “Slam 5 Legendaries together and win” – you truly have to pick and choose your teams carefully and sometimes, Rare Champions will provide you with the edge that other heroes in the game simply won’t.

And it doesn’t stop there, it’s not just Rares – I was lacking healing for an encounter during the first week and I had very few options, with friends using crazy Legendaries around me I had to get creative, so I tried out the COMMON Hero, Meredith – and she should not be common, she out healed my Heksandra, who by the way, as a rare healer – is viable throughout the end-game, and an incredibly strong healer.

The levelling system in Dragonheir: Silent Gods also feels smooth, and very well done, with lots of XP available within the Goblin Dungeons (1 and 2) that I have accessible currently, and plenty more to come when we gain access to Goblin’s Lair 3 – Keeping at least 5 Heroes up to scratch on the level cap so far has been very doable, which is currently level 90 – considering the maximum level full-stop is 100, It really doesn’t feel like a huge grind, and developing your roster further as the game progresses should only get better as you’re able to farm more efficiently.

During the first week, we had access to the ability to reset the Heroes we had invested in, completely restoring all resources (other than Skill Scrolls), allowing us to mix up our teams for different content, I personally would have loved to see this extended for another week or so, to take full advantage of it and get to try out even more heroes that I’d picked up.

Free to Play Accessibility:

Now this is a topic that I know people love to ask about, and I’ll do my best to give my honest opinion here – I think the game is very Free to Play friendly.

But, I know for a fact that a Free to Play account cannot keep up with the big spenders – you will not have as much access to summons, skill scrolls, or even heroes – but that doesn’t mean that you cannot complete all of the available content.

Player vs. Player at the top end undoubtedly will be full of players with stacked accounts that most of us can only dream of having, but that is only the top x% that you don’t need to worry yourself with unless you are part of that crowd!

I would be lying if I said I hadn’t spent in Dragonheir: Silent Gods, I’ll be transparent and say that I wanted some new, cool heroes to play with, and bought a pack on the opening day, to give myself a kick start and truly throw myself into the game.

The Battle Pass feels like it’s very good value, with a load of precious resources for both the Free and the Paid versions, and even cosmetics involved in the Paid version (which I think is great!)

Battle Passes are always a popular buy in games, and many refer to them as the same as paying a subscription for a game like World of Warcraft, and I share that opinion, I am not against small monthly purchases like this that go a long way, but it’s not for everybody and that’s completely fine.

As a Free to Play player of Dragonheir: Silent Gods I truly believe that you can enjoy this game to its fullest, and at times, maybe more as content will undoubtedly be more challenging and require you to really use the absolute most of your heroes available to you and try lots of new things to beat some of the game’s roadblocks.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Battle Pass

Overall Feeling:

To close this off, I’ll say that so far, I am very excited by this game, and I cannot wait to see how it progresses and where it goes, I feel it has a mass of potential, more so than we’ve seen in a lot of up-and-coming games over the years.

If my enjoyment continues at this level, I can see myself playing Dragonheir: Silent Gods for a very long time, and I’m sure others feel the same too – remember, the gating is only for the start of the season and will not last forever, so if like me, you dislike it because you want to be playing more, it doesn’t last forever!

I’d like to think that this article will help others who are considering trying out Dragonheir: Silent Gods to decide whether they want to or not, as I feel like games of this standard are very few and far between.


Let us know your feelings about Dragonheir: Silent Gods in the comments below! 

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