Dragonheir: Silent Gods
Published On: September 8, 2023
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Dragonheir: Silent Gods Global Launch Information


We’re pleased to announce that we’re set to begin covering Dragonheir: Silent Gods as it nears its Global Launch in the coming weeks, and what a game it is we have the opportunity to play here.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is a new open world, high fantasy RPG (Role-playing game), with a Western fantasy theme, that incorporates many tabletop game RPG mechanisms represented by DND, such as Dice Rolling, Character Creation and thrilling Dungeon duels, and to top it off, it looks incredible, the visuals are top-notch, with some incredibly high-quality marketing trailers released so far, we can’t wait to dive right in!

Dragonheir: Silent Gods hosts a world with diverse exploration possibilities that include massive character customization options and near-endless branching storylines!

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is the second blockbuster product that will be released by Nuverse, who is the distributor of Marvel Snap. It was revealed at Apple’s WWDC this year and has since been adapted to Apple’s newest Technology.


What Features are there in Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Upon its Global Launch, Dragonheir will host a wide range of features and content areas for players to tackle, which include, but not limited to:

  • A rich, story-based campaign mode that will keep you entertained for hours as you progress through.
  • Many different Dungeons, featuring exclusive rewards.
  • Near endless Hero Build possibilities.
  • Player vs Play modes.
  • A Guild System
  • In-depth gearing system, with a wide array of stats and customization.
  • A Seasonal progression system which will last 12-14 weeks at a time.

When will Dragonheir: Silent Gods be released?

Dragonheir: Silent Gods has a Global Launch date set in stone, and it’s very soon!

The game will go live for everybody on the 19th of September 2023 with the official Global Launch.

There is the ability to pre-register for the Global Launch, which will feature a mass of rewards for specific registration milestones.

Click here to Pre-Register for Dragonheir: Silent Gods

How many Champions are there in Dragonheir: Silent Gods?

On Global Launch, Dragonheir will feature nearly 200 different heroes, with near endless ways to build them.

These heroes are sorted into different race and class categories, for example you may come across Iskallan Dwarves, Death Knights, Orcs, Plain Humans, Dark Elves, Sorcerers, Knights, Undead and of course, many more options!

As with most games of this style, heroes will range from Common, up to the top rank, Legendary!

All heroes can be customized with equipment, runes and divine artifacts and may be upgraded with ascension materials which are obtained by defeating Dragons.

Will Dragonheir: Silent Gods be on Mobile, PC or MAC?

The simple answer is YES to all of it!

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is NOT merely a mobile game, and will be available for download for Mobile, PC and MAC users alike.

How do you download Dragonheir: Silent Gods?

You can find Dragonheir in the App Store, Google Play, Mac App Store and Windows and Epic Games currently; however, you will not be able to download the full game until the launch is a little closer (to be confirmed when this will be possible).

The intention is for Steam to be included in a future release also!

But you can pre-register as we’ve mentioned above and begin taking part in the pre-launch event which we will explain below!

How do I sign up for Dragonheir: Silent Gods?

To sign up for Dragonheir: Silent Gods it’s very simple, you need to go to this link, and pre-register your account, this will gain you exclusive rewards based on how many others pre-register when the game comes out!

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Pre-Launch Event Information

Dragonheir is running a special pre-release event from August 30th till September 17th (2 days before Global Launch) where players can get up to 97 free summons.

Download the Pre-gift APP in your respective store or open the page to blow the Otherworld Horn in the game, and recruit heroes for your team in advance, if you happen to be lucky enough – you may even be able to start the game with a Legendary Champion!

Once downloaded, there are a few steps to follow to complete this event:

  1. Click Start to enter the Prestart Summons Screen (You may log in as a guest, but you will need to bind your account to receive the reward before the event ends and the game goes live.
  2. Click on the Otherworld Horn in the centre of the screen to activate the Desires Interface.
  3. Select 1-3 preferred Ally Labels and click Summon to start summoning.
  4. The result of the Dice Check decides the quality of the hero summoned (with a chance for a Legendary Hero!)
  5. When a connection is successfully established with the Otherworld, the summoned hero will be added to the ‘Summoned List’.
  6. Details of the Summoned heroes can be viewed in the Summoned List. Where you may select ONE hero as your final reward.

You may change your selection before the end of the event, so don’t be afraid to select one now, and replace it with a better one later on.

Players who participate in this event, and log into their participating account will receive the reward upon reaching level 5 on their Journey Level when the game is live.

You may gain more attempts at the horn by inviting friends, on the right hand side of the Prestart Event screen.

  1. Select the Invite Friends button to view your Exclusive Invitation Code.
  2. Share the event on Social Media, the invitation will be considered successful once the invitee logs into the event and fills in your invitation code.

To register somebody else’s Registration Code, Click ‘Invitation Code Registration’ on the right side of your screen, and enter the invitation code in the pop-up window, confirm to obtain Magic Oil x1.

Good luck, and happy summoning!

Will you be giving Dragonheir: Silent Gods a try at Global Release? Let us know in the comments!

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Julie Page
Julie Page
8 months ago

I pre registered. Received a Rare champion. Also shared the invite a friend code on my WoW guild discord, which led to a comedy of errors, as they thought I had been hacked. I got a 24 hour ban, which was revoked when a live call proved who I was lol. I said it was legit, since I got it from Hell Hades. Who is Hell Hades they ask, I say, anybody who plays Raid Shadow Lands know who HH is. I will give the game a try, it may fill a small gap until next WoW patch.

Adrian Heywood
Adrian Heywood
8 months ago

I pre registered about a month ago and just downloaded the pre gift app. I have 4 rares so far. Hoping I get a Lego before the even is over.

8 months ago

The game itself is made with Unity and it’s mobile oriented game like most of the game today. I’m gonna give a shot .. on pc we see… i think the grafic is gonna be not the best for pc

8 months ago
Reply to  Torhild

Forgot to mention that is coded in C# not in C++ so we must expect low hardware performances and space consuming installer based on .Net Framework that could be a compatibility issue

Kara Antonsen
Kara Antonsen
8 months ago

Hahaha Hades must have invested in yet another Gatcha to plug.. deletes posts laughing at something that will fail within 3 months as all the little CC cry they are leaving raid for the big killer only to crawl back in tail between their legs like little stewie and the rest of the rats :’) playing since Beta and before most CC i have watched countless times as these fails happen.. i made soooo much money spam farming ACE after hades plugged it so hard due to being an investor.. thanks for the 9k in 3 months Bahahahaha

David M Murray
David M Murray
8 months ago

I was very fortunate to summon a leggo but I have no idea how to transfer that to the account now. It was definitely selected but I can’t find any way of moving it to the game. I have it linked too

8 months ago
Reply to  David M Murray

Having the same problem (tho not a leggo lol). Def selected, linked to same account, and journey level 5 met

Herklaas Coetzee
Herklaas Coetzee
5 months ago

I cant find the infite friends button