Published On: October 15, 2023
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Dragonheir: Silent Gods – Radiance Legendaries Reviewed


Today we’re going to be reviewing all of the Dragonheir Radiance Legendaries, the game has now been out for over 3 weeks and many players have been fortunate to pick up a legendary or two by this point.

By breaking down all of the Legendaries in the Radiance Element, we will be able to see who is the best to invest in if you’ve been lucky enough to pull one or two of them!

This article is special thanks to Skratch and Arselan, who have done an incredible video series breaking down their thoughts on every single Legendary in the game, sharing their knowledge from the Beta, and so far on live servers with the community – be sure to check them out and subscribe to their channels – the video attached at the bottom is their Radiance Legendary breakdown.



Gillian, The Luminary Cleric, she looks like your typical healer with her golden glow and massive staff capable of healing the many.

Her Passive grants recovery over time if she heals an ally with less than 50% HP, this is helpful as you can save your ally in their final moments. Her Battle skill heals an ally and grants Damage Reduction, if you are in PvP this is helpful for your tank, so they last longer as well as Dungeons like Grave of Venom where your tank is taking a large amount of damage.

Her Ultimate is a full team heal with a cleanse for 1 debuff and it places a Defence up 2 for 10 seconds. This skill is great as it just gives your allies everything that you need especially if you are close to death!


Philto, The Debonair Gunner, he wears his majestic suit of armour and carries a gun the same size as him so expect there to be damage!

His passive allows his basic attack to deal an arcane explosion. He can not gain attack speed as it converts into Attack making him an absolute cannon!

His Battle Skill fires 3 cannon shots and if it hits more than 2 targets then Philto gains Rally.

His Ultimate does large damage and if Philto is under rally he does double damage. So basically, you are doing a triple hit, and it does some serious damage over a large area, maybe one of the highest in the game!


Lorentheel, The Residual Light, what in the world is this champion design? Deer, Elf, and harp player?!

He has a Crit Damage aura in all battles which is helpful to boost your team’s damage.

His Passive grants rally to all allies when his Ultimate is fully charged. This makes him essential in a rally team!

His Battle Skill deals damage and whenever an ally consumes a rally rest the recharge of this skill, so you can pair him with a hero that consumes them frequently and Lorentheel will do good damage! His Ultimate unleashes a huge boost for your allies, While it doesn’t deal damage directly it significantly boosts your allies’ Ultimate Energy and provides 40% Attack Up to all Rally allies.


Huberg, The Icebreaker, this dwarven beast is a rally champ who is a very strong damage dealer. He has an Aura that increases attack in the city of Trials.

His passive allows him to gain rally whenever an ally consumes one, providing him with a high uptime of Rally.

His Battle Skill fires the Holy Light Orb which explodes and gives him a chance to get Rally.

His Ultimate summons Arcane Energy Orbs to strike from above and every time it is used, he gets another orb to bring havoc.


Acilia, The Sun Rose, she is a jack of all trades and is good at everything in the game.

She is used in all areas of the game in most people’s main teams! If you have her then build her out because she is amazing.

Her Aura is resistance in Arena, and it is powerful.

Her Passive stacks increase healing by 3% for each stack, up to 10 stacks. To gain a stack you need to dispel debuffs or resist them so build high resistance.

Her Battle skill is an AOE heal which is strong. Her Ultimate dispels all debuffs for all allies and grants debuff immunity, then on top of this she heals the team over time. She is the only champion in the game to do both in the same skill.


Alton, The Lute of Joy, plays his instrument to inflict joy upon the enemy.

He has a Crit Damage aura in all battles. His Passive gives rally heroes a damage bonus or a chance to gain rally.

His Battle skill is an RNG as it hits random enemies, but improves if he has rally on him to 5 orbs instead of 3.

His Ultimate is a domain that increases his passive to trigger 100% of the time and fires orbs every 2secs but if he has rally it is every 1sec.


Thelendor, Lord of the Cresent Moon, is lucky to be the Radiance Legendary who has their own exclusive Artifact. He has an attack aura in dungeon battles.

His Passive ignores 20% of the enemy’s defence when the hero unleashes a skill that consumes Rally.

His battle skill deals AOE damage and if he has rally then he deals additional moonbeam damage.

His Ultimate is RNG but does a lot of damage over time. With his artifact, he is one of the highest damage dealers, if not THE highest in the game.


Mithrasea, The Unblinded looks awesome!

Elegance is her style and support your teams she will! She is one of the hardest-carry heroes in the game.

Her Aura increases MAX HP in all battles. Her Passive grants immortality if an ally takes a fatal hit, plus a recovery over time to give them some health back. If the target is ranged, she gives Invisibility as well. This passive is kind of broken!

Her battle skill heals allies within a large range and recovery over time.

Her Ultimate grants resurrection at death and resurrects all dead allies at 75% of their MAX HP. There’s more… She then grants Debuff Immunity and invisibility to ranged units.

She is bonkers and if you have her on your account then you best thank the lucky stars!


Donella, The Glittering Puppeteer, she is a good Support unit with her grabbers.

She is the best heal reduction in the game due to her consistency with her Passive Skill.

She has an Accuracy aura in all Battles which significantly helps you build your heroes for content.

Battle Skill stuns enemies and does nice damage!

Then her Ultimate does an Accuracy and Attack Penalty 2 whilst dealing damage to all enemies!


Sagomir, Horse/Human? What’s going on here? He has an aura for Defence in the arena.

His Passive gives a carrot to the lowest HP ally granting Recovery over time and recharging Ultimate Energy.

His Battle Skill smacks into the highest Attack and taunts the enemy. He gains Debuff immunity and Defence up 2, this is a great skill!

His Ultimate ability deals good damage and inflicts Attack Penalty 2 and Accuracy Penalty 2, which makes him an incredibly valuable option for Rally Teams, especially in Vortex where you really need the Attack Penalty!

For as weird as his skin is, he is a good hero!


Be sure to check out the video below, where Arselan and Skratch talk about all of the Dragonheir Radiance Legendaries!

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