dragonheir: silent gods season 2
Published On: December 2, 2023
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Dragonheir: Silent Gods – Season 2 Overview


Dragonheir has released a ton of information regarding Dragonheir: Silent Gods Season 2, and what is going to be changing ahead of the brand-new season, including a host of new heroes, new damage types, new areas and reworked bosses.

Let’s check out what information we’ve got so far!

dragonheir: silent gods season 2

Season 2 Server Opening Preview:

Greetings, Travelers:

We are grateful for your continuous support of Dragonheir: Silent Gods, and we are excited to announce that the highly-anticipated Season Two (S2) is coming soon!

In the new season, we plan to merge servers and transfer player data on 12/15/2023 UTC. Server allocation will be based on each server’s player activity and strength as follows. Travellers in the same group will be transferred to a new server to embark on a new journey.

Server Merge List:

  • Chaos Clepsydra I & Fountain Interplanar V will be moved to Increscent I
  • Chaos Clepsydra II & Chaos Clepsydra VII will be moved to Increscent II
  • Chaos Clepsydra IX & Fountain Interplanar I will be moved to Increscent III
  • Chaos Clepsydra V & Fountain Interplanar II will be moved to Increscent IV
  • Chaos Clepsydra VIII & Fountain Interplanar VII will be moved to Increscent V
  • Chaos Clepsydra VI, Fountain Interplanar III & Fountain Interplanar VI will be moved to Increscent VI
  • Chaos Clepsydra III, Chaos Clepsydra IV & Fountain Interplanar IV will be moved to Increscent VII


After the server merge, the active players on each server will be significantly increased, while social connections and the experience of core gameplays such as Alliance will thus be improved.

The coverage and contents of ranking rewards will be substantially improved after the server merge. Mounts will be included in the rewards for No. 151-300. We will do our utmost to relieve the anxiety brought by the potential intensified competition among players by all means.

Server allocation is based on each server’s player activity and strength. Additionally, we will soon roll out the Server Transfer function, allowing players to transfer to other groups’ servers that are merged on the same day. Limited by development progress, the launch date of Server Transfer is to be determined, Please stay tuned until further in-game updates.

Season Settlement Time: 15/12/2023 01:00-07:00 UTC 
Note that the exact time for the server merge will be released later. Stay Tuned!

New Season/Server opening time: 
Once the season settlement is completed, the new season and servers will open.

Brand New Region

Aethercairn – The waters situated in Southeastern Adenthia are known as the Misty Sea, where sheen elves, wood elves, and merfolk reside. Travellers may cruise across the Misty Sea, tour Aethercairn to admire its landscapes and explore the merfolk habitat in the ocean depths by a certain means.

dragonheir: silent gods season 2

Brand New Story

Fall of Increscent:
The Silvery Tower and the Dusky Tower stand erect on the land of Aethercairn, constructed by sheen elf ancestors. As of late, however, destruction befalls the Dusky Tower for a reason unknown. The anomaly induces an imbalance between the Two Towers, inducing the invasion of inquietum into Aethercairn. For the sake of maintaining order from being overthrown, you, the mighty traveller, will embark on a thrilling adventure in Aethercairn.

dragonheir: silent gods season 2

Brand New Heroes

Over 30 new heroes will be added in Dragonheir: Silent Gods Season 2, among which are 17 Legendary Heroes.

Three Schools of Damage Dealing will be added; they are Burn, Thunderbolt, and Ice Blast.


A Fire School of Damage Dealing that specializes in dealing AOE Damage. Heroes of this School inflict enemies with [Burn], making them deal periodical damage to surrounding units.


A Lightning School of Damage Dealing that specializes in dealing AOE Damage. Heroes of this School inflict enemies with [Electrocuted], periodically dealing damage to affected units by generating lightning chains.

Ice Blast:

An Ice School of Damage Dealing that specializes in Single Target Attack. Heroes of this School possess a special skill resource [Ice Crystal]. When they cast battle skills, one stack of Ice Crystal will be consumed to refresh the cooldown of their battle skills.

dragonheir: silent gods season 2

Brand New Gear Sets and Artifacts

Inventors Inspiration:

Each time a battle skill or an ultimate skill is cast, the wearer obtains one stack of Damage Bonus. There is an upper limit to the duration and the stack number.

Abyssal Curse:

The indirect damage dealt by the wearer ignores a certain percentage of Defense.

Emperor’s Might:

The wearer deals increased damage based on the difference value between the wearer’s attack and the target’s attack. the maximum damage bonus is 50%.

Cyril’s Whisper:

When the wearer successfully inflicts a debuff on an enemy, all allies gain extra but unstackable attack that lasts for a certain period.

Monelisse’s Blessing:

After casting an ultimate skill, the wearer heals the ally with the lowest percentage of HP.


There will be 14 new Artifacts, including 3 new Exclusive Artifacts, 9 Legendary, and 2 Epics.

dragonheir: silent gods season 2

New Bosses

Mushroom Broodmother:

A new Fae Meander Boss whose skills inflict stackable, and undispellable Spider Spawn, that decreases the healing amount at a certain probability.


A new Otherworld Exploration Boss, a giant robot whose skills grant itself stackable, and undispellable Overheated, that periodically deals damage to all enemies.

Dungeon Bosses:

All 8 Dungeon Bosses will be upgraded with brand new skills and mechanics!

dragonheir: silent gods season 2

New Elemental Pairings

It’s time for a switch-up! the teams of this season are no more, as there’s a new Elemental Pairing in town, which are as follows:

  • Ice & Radiance
  • Fire & Necrosis
  • Lightning & Poison
dragonheir: silent gods season 2

New Summoning Events:

Forthfaring Summons:

A season settlement exclusive summons pool, divided into three categories based on the settlement rankings of Travelers. Only Season Summon Tickets at the corresponding level can be used. The summonses required to trigger the guarantee are relatively lower in this event, the probability of obtaining a new Season 2 Hero is much higher.

Odyssey Featured Summons: 

An exclusive new hero summons pool, time0-limited to the first 10 days of S2. Only heroes newly added to S2 are available in this event.

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