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Auster Overview

In DragonHeir Silent Gods every hero brings a unique set of skills and abilities to battle. Selecting the right hero for the right fight will be crucial for your success as you grow your team and progress your account. Auster is a Legendary hero, dealing damage as Ranged. We have just started on our journey in DragonHeir and we will be updating our hero guides as we play them in Battle.

Auster Ratings

Key Areas

Gear Dungeons

Once Upon a Tales

Leader Skill

Increases all allies’ Defense by 45% in City of Trials battles.

Passive Skill

When shooting arrows with basic attack and skills, the hero fires a tracking arrow at up to 2 enemies inflicted with Frost, dealing Cold Damage to them with a 100%% chance of inflicting Frost for 5.0s. Damage dealt by the tracking arrow also increases the hero’s Ultimate Energy by 2.5%.

Battle Skill

Fires 3 arrows at the enemy, each dealing Cold Damage, with a 50% chance of ignoring 100% of their Defense.

Ultimate Skill

Jumps into the air and shoots a powerful arrow, dealing Cold Damage to enemies within range, with a 100% chance of inflicting Frost for 10.0s. The tracking arrows attached to this skill will fire at all enemies within range and deal higher damage.