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Attack Range


Jathalea Overview

In DragonHeir Silent Gods every hero brings a unique set of skills and abilities to battle. Selecting the right hero for the right fight will be crucial for your success as you grow your team and progress your account. Jathalea is a Legendary hero, dealing damage as Ranged. We have just started on our journey in DragonHeir and we will be updating our hero guides as we play them in Battle.

Jathalea Ratings

Key Areas

Gear Dungeons

Once Upon a Tales

Passive Skill

Skil damage dealt to the enemy will increase by 25% with less than 35% HP.

Battle Skill

Attacks an enemy 3 times, dealing Poison Damage each time with a 75% chance of inflicting 1 stack of Poisoned for 15.0s. Then gains Enlightenment Up for 5.0s.

Ultimate Skill

Deals Poison Damage to enemies within range. If enemies are under Poisoned, it additionally deals Derivative Poison Damage based on the stacks of Poisoned and dispels all Poisoned. Enemies killed by this skill cannot be resurrected.