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Published On: February 23, 2024
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Dungeons & Dragons Event: Echoes of the Sleepless

Today marks the beginning of the second Dungeons & Dragons integration event within Dragonheir: Silent Gods. Previously, we had an event where players could earn the infamous D&D Hero, Drizzt Do’Urden, this time around we will meet Elminster Aumar.

This Event works just the same as the event for Drizzt previously, where it is broken into several parts; a campaign, a brand new daily boss, and a summoning event – in this article, we will break them down for you.

This event will feature a whole host of rewards which we will detail below, you can find these in-game in the events token shop.

Token Shop

Throughout the Elminster events, you will earn a currency; Sage’s Chess Piece; by completing various tasks such as the daily boss fight against Sammaster, the daily Magic Trials, and the Adventure Storyline – top of this, these can be acquired by summoning your Heliolite Dice.

These Sage’s Chess Pieces can then be used to exchange for various items in the shop, along with also being used to summon and inspire Elminster Aumar.

The shop contains:

  • Two cosmetic items, a D4 and a D20 that will change the appearance of your dice rolls throughout the game.
  • 1 Heliolite Dice
  • 1 Scholar Scroll
  • 3 Starlight Stone Dice
  • 100 Essence of Creation (No purchase cap)
  • 1,000 Gold (No purchase cap)
  • Legendary Artifact – A Guide to Magic by Elminster

Magic Trials

Throughout these events, each day there will be a new Magic Trial available to you, each featuring rewards upon completion, they are fairly straightforward.

There are a total of 7 Trials, where you’ll collect a total of the following rewards:

  • 350 Wyrmarrow
  • 56 Sage’s Chess Piece
  • 2x Starlight Stone Dice
  • 90,000 Gold
  • 2x Apprentice Scrolls
  • 1x Scholar Scroll

Each trial has its own buff, to change the way you need to approach them, for example on day 1 – all of your heroes are inflicted with Shield Prohibition, so you will be unable to rely on Shield buffs to keep your team alive.

Planar Summoning

The main way to collect enough resources to get your copy of Elminster, and any other rewards you may be seeking, such as the Legendary Artifact, is summoning your Heliolite Dice – in fact, you cannot get Elminster unless you do open some.

Elminster is rewarded for a cost of 240 Sage’s Chess Piece, and through all of the other events, you can collect a maximum of 140 IF you complete everything, including doing the daily boss at the highest level every single day (8,000,000 damage).

This means you will still need 100 Sage’s Chess Pieces to get your hands on Elmisnter by the end of the event, and even more, if you plan on getting your hands on the other available rewards.

The summoning pool for this event only contains Elmisnter Aumar, and a select amount of Epic Heroes, including some very strong heroes such as:

The chances from your dice are as follows:

  • Legendary (Elminster Aumar, outright, or 240 Sage’s Chess Piece if already owned) – 0.5%
  • Epic – 14%
  • Rare – 57%
  • Common – 0%
  • Sage’s Chess Piece – 28.5%

Pity System:

Sage’s Chess Piece: You’ll be guaranteed Sage’s Chess Piece x30 or a Legendary Hero on your 5th attempt after continuously failing to summon Sage’s Chess
Piece x30.
Epic Hero: You’ll be guaranteed an Epic or higher-rarity hero on your 7th attempt after continuously failing to summon an Epic Hero

The guaranteed number of summons in each summoning event is calculated independently.

Campaign and Daily Boss – Sammaster

When you first log in to the game after this event has gone live, you will be prompted to seek out Elminster Aumar, to do this you need to open the Echoes of the Sleepless tab on your screen (top right) and click on the button labelled something along the lines of Commence Adventure.

Once you have clicked this, you will gain access to a short campaign storyline that will last around 30 minutes give or take. The final part of this storyline will see you have a showdown with Elminster’s Arch nemesis, Sammaster, another powerful wizard who is riding a Dragon!

Upon completion of this boss, you will gain access to a brand new daily boss that features 5 tiers of damage rewards:

  • Personal Damage reaches 10,000
  • Personal Damage reaches 500,000
  • Personal Damage reaches 1,500,000
  • Personal Damage reaches 4,000,000
  • Personal Damage reaches 8,000,000

To get the top rewards each day, as you can see you will need 8 million damage, which isn’t as hard as you may think, there are so many teams that are capable of completing this, we will endeavour to write an article guiding you the best approaches for this in the next few days, however, in the mean time – Neva has released a relatively Free to Play team options for this fight as a video.

The daily boss will see two different phases, each lasting a week of the event, and currently, we have no information on what the second phase will consist of – all we know is that the Dragon will fly away, leaving just Sammaster to face.

The rewards will likely remain the same, however again, this is completely speculative and nothing is known currently.

Let us know what you think of the Dungeons & Dragons events in the comments below

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