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Published On: November 26, 2023
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Flames and Silver – D&D Collaboration Event Guide


Dragonheir: Silent Gods is holding a time-limited collaboration event with Dungeons & Dragons starting on November 17th. Join Drizzt to embark on an adventure and complete the Demon Hunt. The Travelers will earn the limited collaboration dice skin, Argent Emeraldice, exclusive tokens which can be exchanged for the collaboration hero Twinblade Ranger – Drizzt Do’Urden, Hunter’s Blades, and more rewards.

Collaboration Event Battle Rules

  1. In all battles related to this collaboration event, Travelers can use their unlocked heroes.
  2. All active heroes are always at level 100.
  3. The active heroes will automatically gain the predetermined attributes even without equipment.
  4. The heroes get to keep their skills and inspiration levels.

Collaboration Adventure (Step-by-Step Guide)

Forest Shade

Once the collaboration event begins, a Messenger will show up in the Traveler’s Camp and invite them to Arbortea.

The Traveler will go to Roost, ask the contact of Crimson Crow, and learn about the collection stolen from a noble, who has put out a hefty bounty on that stolen collection.

The Traveler then enters the castle and ask the commissioner Horatio about more information. The stolen item is a ring, and the gem inlaid on the ring contains powerful magic. According to clues, the thief escaped into the Windsper Forest.

In the depths of Windsper Forest, the Traveler must eliminate 3 elite monsters and check their bodies. After an examination, the Traveler believes these monsters are not local creatures.

(This is the 1st battle. Difficulty: ★)

Then, a Glabrezu uses illusions to disguise as a female villager and asks for the Traveler’s help. As the Traveler approaches, Drizzt shows up and warns the Traveler of this trap.

But it is too late. The Traveler comes under attack by 5 elite monsters.

(This is the 2nd battle where Drizzt is part of the team. Difficulty: ★)

After taking out the monsters, Drizzt introduces himself and his pets to the Traveler, saying that the monsters are demonic minions from the Abyss plane.

The Traveler and Drizzt see a pool of blood. Here, the Traveler can do an Intelligence Check to discover clues to Horatio the Noble.

The Traveler learns that the monsters were summoned into this plane by someone who is pulling the strings. Their leader is called Errtu, the mortal enemy of Drizzt, who came here to drive those monsters back into the Abyss once again.

The Traveler and Drizzt join together in search of more clues. Along their journey, they discover someone is using the ring and blood to summon Demons.

After defeating the followers, the Traveler and Drizzt find a dull ring and a follower’s token. Before these pieces of evidence are collected, the Traveler can do a Wisdom Check to try and find the weaknesses of those followers or do a Charisma Check to make the followers speak the truth.

The Traveler prepares to go back to Arbortea and return the stolen ring. The two of them promise each other to meet again sometime soon.

Seeing the ring has lost its shine, Horatio is no longer interested in it…

This is the end of Forest Shade. The rewards include Hunter’s Blade ×2, Wyrmarrow ×20, Gold ×50,000, and Starlight Stone Dice ×1.

A Mind Game

The Traveler heads to the Aquitaine Port and boards a ship to meet Drizzt. Upon arriving at the location mentioned in the letter, Fniss the Ratfolk takes the Traveler to a warehouse where they see Drizzt and Sly.

The Traveler notices Drizzt seems to have joined the Order of Inferno but quickly realizes this is but a temporary plan. Together, they put up a show in the hopes of getting to Errtu via Sly.

At night, Drizzt wakes up the Traveler. They realize they have been deceived as the Ratfolk has run away with the treasures.

Upon catching up the Sly and asking him, they find out he actually isn’t a follower of Errtu. His minion, Fniss, thinks Sly is a traitor. Devoured by wrath, Fniss summons a Demon.

(This is the 4th battle where Sly joins the team. The enemies include 5 elite monsters and Fniss who can use the skill of the hero Zadie. Difficulty: ★)

After defeating the Demon, they learn from Sly that Errtu was somehow summoned into this plan and started ruling the Order of Inferno.

Grateful, Sly tells the Traveler how to get into the Temple of Errtu.

This is the end of A Mind Game. The rewards include Hunter’s Blade ×3, Wyrmarrow ×20, Gold ×50,000, and Starlight Stone Dice ×1.

Underground Fire

The Traveler boards a ship and sets sail to the underground world of Teneebria to meet Drizzt.

Drizzt tells his origin story to the Traveler.

Further working with Drizzt to investigate the surroundings, the Traveler notices traces of a battle and follows them all the way to a village.

The Traveler meets Selxi, who says the village was pillaged by the Order of Inferno, and the villagers were taken to build a temple. Later, she brings the Traveler to find a teleporter.

They use the follower’s token to activate the teleporter and arrive at the hideout of Errtu.

Upon arriving at the temple, they see Selxi’s father being lashed by the Inferno followers. They rush over to stop those monsters.

This is the end of Underground Fire. The rewards include Hunter’s Blade ×5, Wyrmarrow ×20, Gold ×50,000, and Starlight Stone Dice ×1.

Day of Vengeance

After sending Selxi and her father away, the Traveler and Drizzt have a conversation and conclude that this is but a trap Errtu set up for Drizzt, but Drizzt decides to fight for justice and takes the bait all the same.

After entering the temple and confronting Errtu, the final battle begins.

Eventually, they work together to defeat Errtu. The Traveler says goodbye to Drizzt for now and returns to Nytheria.

This is the end of the collaboration storyline. The rewards include Hunter’s Blade ×5, Wyrmarrow ×40, Gold ×100,000, and Starlight Stone Dice ×1.

Errtu the Balor – Boss Info

Name Effects
Control Immunity Immune to all Control effects.
Favoured Enemy Errtu takes 100% more damage from Drizzt and Guenhwyvar.
Demon Summoning Summons Demons or heals existing Demons and grants Attack Up to them.
Chain Lightning Conjures a bouncing chain of lightning that deals damage to enemies and inflicts Defense Penalty on them.
Fire Storm Deals Fire Damage to all enemies and triggers all their Burn damage ticks.
Infinite Abyss After each Fire Storm, the damage dealt is increased by 20%. This effect cannot be blocked or dispelled. It lasts until the battle is over.
Burning Body Every 5 seconds, Errtu deals Fire Damage to nearby enemies and inflicts Burn on them.
Two-Weapon Fighting Sword: Deals Lightning Damage to the highest HP enemy within melee range.

Whip: Deals Fire Damage to enemies within a small range.

Final Battle Tips:

Tips: Drizzt can deal extra damage to Errtu. Take him as the main damage dealer while other teammates support and protect him.


As the main tank, Horrus tanks most of the incoming damage for Drizzt.


As a versatile support, Sigrid can reduce the boss’s Attack.


Heksandra provides AoE healing.


Enna dispels debuffs for allies and heals them.

Note: With Drizzt on the team, the battles will be easier, and you can win even without powerful heroes. You can try putting a Frost hero on the team to help Drizzt inflict Frost.

Daily Challenge: Errtu the Balor

During the collaboration event, after completing the adventure storyline, the Travelers can head to the Temple of Errtu and unlock boss challenges every day (this challenge is added to the Alliance Rally game mode for a limited time). The Travelers will receive personal rewards of different tiers based on the damage they deal. Also, that damage dealt will be converted to Alliance Challenge Points, and when enough points have been earned, some Alliance universal rewards will be unlocked.

Battle Tips

In this mode, rewards are determined by the amount of damage dealt, which depends on the heroes, their skills, and their inspiration levels. Here are some tips and tricks you can follow:

  1. Drizzt deals extra damage to Errtu. If you have unlocked this character, make sure to include him in the team.
  2. Deploy heroes with great AoE healing abilities to ensure the team’s survivability.
  3. Errtu inflicts Defense Penalty and Burn, so you will need heroes who can dispel debuffs for allies to make things easier.
  4. Deploy heroes who can inflict Attack Penalty to reduce Errtu’s damage output and make things easier.
  5. While in combat, Errtu deals increasingly more damage. While ensuring survivability earlier on, you should also try and increase the team’s damage output the best you can. If you have unlocked enough heroes, build a team that focuses on dealing damage.
  6. Damage dealt to the Demons summoned by Errtu also counts toward the statistics. You will want to deploy heroes who can deal AoE damage.
  7. Before Errtu uses Demon Summoning, focus on one of the Demons and kill it quickly (we recommend killing the Glabrezu on the left lest it finishes recharging and threatens the back-row allies). This way, we can prevent the healing and Attack Up from the two Demons.

Personal Rewards Overview

Alliance Rewards Overview

Demon Hunt

Once the collaboration event begins, a new challenge will become available every day (there will be 7 days in total). Each battle has its own rules. Facing different enemies, you’ll have to build different teams according to the combat mechanics. By completing all the challenges, you’ll get the collaboration limited dice skin, Argent Emeraldice – D20.

Planeswalker Summoning

Once the collaboration event begins, you can use Heliolite Dice to take part in Planeswalker Summoning for a chance to obtain the collaboration hero, Twinblade Ranger – Drizzt Do’Urden.

In Planeswalker Summoning, each summon has a chance to give you 2/4/6/12/18/30 Hunter’s Blades.

Collect 240 Hunter’s Blades, and you are guaranteed to get the collaboration hero.

Once you’ve unlocked Drizzt, you can spend 240 Hunter’s Blades to raise his inspiration level.

Event Rewards

About Token – Hunter’s Blade

  1. You can exchange Hunter’s Blades for the collaboration hero, use them to raise the inspiration level of this collaboration hero, or spend them on items in the Token Shop.
  2. Once the collaboration event is over, unused Hunter’s Blades will be converted to Essence.

Collaboration Event Rewards Overview

Collaboration Adventure:
Hunter’s Blade ×15, Wyrmarrow ×100, Gold ×250,000, and Starlight Stone Dice ×4

Demon Hunt:
Hunter’s Blade ×35, Wyrmarrow ×350, and Gold ×120,000

Daily Challenge (Personal):
Hunter’s Blade ×14 to ×70, Wyrmarrow ×70 to ×350, and Gold ×210,000 to ×770,000

Essence of Creation ×1400 to ×4200 and Starlight Stone Dice ×14 to ×28

Daily Challenge (Alliance):
Wyrmarrow ×560 and Gold ×1,680,000


Hunter’s Blade ×64 to ×120, Wyrmarrow ×1080 to ×1360, and Gold ×2,260,000 to ×2,820,000

Essence of Creation ×1400 to ×4200 and Starlight Stone Dice ×18 to ×32

Token Shop

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