Published On: April 15, 2024
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Lightning Chaos Shadow Guide – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

The Lightning Chaos Shadow Boss becomes active during Month 2 of Dragonheir: Silent Gods Season 3 as part of the month-long event to acquire the legendary Hero, Aladiah.

The Boss will receive 100% more damage from Radiance sources, so utilizing a team based on this is going to be key to achieving the maximum damage thresholds.

Ability Breakdown:


Berserker’s Wrath:

Shield Form: Deals Lightning Damage to the farthest enemy and inflicts Stunned for 5.0s. If this debuff fails to be inflicted or is dispelled within its duration, the monster will then take Lightning Damage and enter Backfire for 10.0s. (Reduces Damage dealt by 20% and Increases damage taken by 20%).

Sword Form: Deals Lightning Damage to the enemy with the highest attack, ignoring 30% of the target’s Defense and their shield effect.


Devouring Shadows:

Shield Form: Switches to the Sword form and gains 30% Attack Up for 10.0s. Meanwhile, all debuffs on the hero are dispelled.

Sword Form: Deals Lightning Damage to all enemies and dispels all buffs from them. Gains 1 stack(s) of Total Damage Bonus permanently upon every dispelled buff.

Switches to Shield Form and gains Defense Up II for 10.0s.


The Monster can switch between Shield Form and Sword Form to gain different skill effects.

Shield Form: Basic Attacks deal Lightning Damage to all enemies.

Sword Form: Basic Attacks deal Lightning Damage to the current target.


Immune to all Control Effects


The hero gains stackable Total Damage Bonus permanently each time they release their ultimate skill. (Increases damage dealt by 200% for every stack. This effect is unstoppable, undispellable and permanent).

How to Beat the Boss:

You may recognise this boss, it is in fact the boss we fight to get our Negative Runes in Ancient Battlefield, and the approach to this boss as a Chaos Shadow is just the same.

The only difference here is we do not have to deal with the incredibly frustrating Damage Reduction buffs on the boss when breaking certain damage milestones, so it’s the same boss but easier! (well, it does gain extra damage modifiers from the Chaos Shadow passive).

So, to tackle this Lightning Chaos Shadow we need several things, plenty of support, a way of managing the boss buffs (The ATK Up can be quite painful!), damage and last but not least, a stun target/way of blocking the stuns!

Thankfully, Fire and Radiance are absolutely riddled with options for all of the supporting roles, including buff management, while Radiance can hold its own when it comes to damage options too with both Rally and Aura being viable for this fight, the only thing that is worth noting with Rally however; is when the boss removes buffs from you it WILL remove Rally buffs.

Positioning-wise, nothing is important other than ONE Hero, your furthest away hero will be the target of the Stun from the boss, so make sure they are built with high resistance to block the stun, or that you have other forms of dealing with the stun if not.


  • ATK Penalty
  • Plenty of Support and Healing
  • Stun-Target at the back of your team
  • Not too many buffs!

Recommended Teams:

Picking and choosing your team is subjective to every account, however, we’re going to cover a range of different options you could consider bringing into this fight, as well as highlighting in our opinion; the best options.

When it comes to picking who you are going to use, you are really spoilt for choice with supports from Radiance and Fire Elements, but the most important thing firstly is who you are going to have to handle the stun and ideally the buffs on the boss too, and you’ve got plenty to pick from there too:

  • Elminster Aumar – Control Immunity can be used from Elminsters shields, however, this isn’t the most practical due to it being a battle skill and hard to time perfectly.
  • Fihrah – As an Epic option, Fihrah is a great option to place at the back with both an ACC and Resist build to handle the stun and the buffs the boss gains!
  • Liko – Arguably the best option for these two roles due to the fact that she is very easy to build, and free, Liko was available from Pillar of Trials in Season 1.
  • Dane – Dane is a great option because of the fact he also brings ATK Penalty to your team, which you’re otherwise lacking if you use heroes like Garius and/or Ardreth as your support.

In terms of Damage options, Rally and Aura are both viable, but bear in mind that the boss will remove your Rally Buffs periodically, and increase his damage done by doing so, I have not tested Rally on the boss myself, but I have seen it deal very viable damage numbers, but I am massively in favour of using Aura; although, I’ve not done so without the Exclusive Legendary Aemonleyda. 

At the end of the day, the answer here is going to be to use your BEST Damage Dealers from this element, they will see you through!

Damage Dealers (Aura)

Damage Dealers (Rally)

Who are you using for this Lightning Chaos Shadow? Let us know in the comments!

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