Lunar Halo Radiance
Published On: January 2, 2024
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Lunar Halo Radiance – Dragonheir Silent Gods


In Dragonheir: Silent Gods Season 2, we will have the opportunity to pick up an incredibly strong Legendary Hero; Adreth, throughout the second month of the season from the Lunar Halo Radiance Events.

These Events will feature 3 key areas: Dungeons, Summoning and World Bosses – You could consider this the Dragonheir equivalent of Fusions in many other gacha games.

Collecting Ardreth will require gathering 200 Lunar Halo Shards from competing in the various events throughout the month:

Moonlight Dungeon Events: 90 Lunar Halo Shards
Summoning: 60 Lunar Halo Shards
Continental Challenge: 90 Lunar Halo Shards

Lunar Halo Radiance Event

Lunar Halo Radiance Event Rules

  • When the Event starts, you can participate in various challenges to gather the light of the Lunar Halo for different amounts of Lunar Halo Shards.
  • You can use Lunar Halo Shards to redeem a variety of rewards in the Lunar Halo Shop, including the legendary Hero, Ardreth.

Moonlight Dungeon:

  • When the event starts, you can challenge different dungeons to get poitns and obtain Lunar Halo Shards upon reaching specific points.
  • You will get bonus points based on the time of clearance and the difficulty of the dungeon. Please refer to the event details in-game.
  • During the event, the Moonlight Dungeon will be available for 6 rounds, with each round lasting for 4-5 days.

Summon to get Shards:

  • Extra rewards can be claimed upon reaching certain amounts of Heliolite Summons as the event starts, up to 60 Lunar Halo Shards can be claimed in total.

Continental Challenge:

  • During the event, you can find various bosses across Adenthia and challenge them to get corresponding rewards based on the damage dealt.
  • Whilst extra points will also be granted based on the damage dealt, higher damage will grant more points.
  • The leaderboard is settled once a week according to the points obtained, extra Lunar Halo Shards will be granted based on your ranking.
  • During the event, 4 rounds of boss challenges will be available, each lasting for 7 days.

Lunar Halo Shop:

  • Lunar Halo Shop will open at the start of the season. You can use Lunar Halo Shards to exchange for rewards.
  • Lunar Halo Shop will be closed after the end of the season. Please consume your Lunar Halo Shards in time.

Continental Bosses:

Once the event begins, 6 bosses will appear across the map; each featuring an existing hero from the game, and each of them will take 100% increased damage from a specific Element.

In the first week of the event, you can hit THREE of these bosses, with each week adding an extra attempt – you may only hit each boss once, and cannot use a hero more than once, so by week 4, you will need 6 teams capable of tackling these bosses, each with a different element focus for damage to make the most of the bonuses.

Talwer – 100% Lightning Damage

Irzillas – 100% Fire Damage

Alton – 100% Cold Damage

Lossenia – 100% Poison Damage

Shai’nachtan – 100% Necrotic Damage

Journ – 100% Radiant Damage

Good luck to everyone participating in the Lunar Halo Events!

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