Otherworld Exploration S3
Published On: May 26, 2024
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Otherworld Exploration Season 3 – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Servers have begun reaching the final month of Season 3, and as such have reached the Otherworld Exploration phase of the season, As a server we must come together to obtain buffs that will help us take down the end-game boss.

In this article, we will break down the Otherworld Exploration phase of the season and explore each of the different content areas you will be facing.

Server Progression:

As a server we will be collectively working together to tackle all of the different types of content mentioned below, doing so will provide us with additional stat boosts for when we take on the final boss of the season.

Each of the 3 content areas has a counter, reaching 100% that will trigger the buff when facing Abyssolossus.

Adventure Preparation: +15% Attack

Elemental Domains: +15% DEF

Chaos Shadows: +15% HP


As you progress through Otherworld Exploration in all seasons, you will earn yourself Exploration Progress, and specific and frequent milestones you will be collecting some massive rewards which can include things such as:

  • XP Potions
  • Essence of Creation (Levelling Artifacts)
  • Mythical Gear
  • Wyrmarrow
  • Legendary Scrolls
  • Heliolite Dice
  • Energy Refills

Alongside the above rewards, you will begin collecting HUGE Chunks of Echo of Clepsydra which will massively enhance your seasonal rewards and ability to purchase items from the following season’s shop when the season changes over.

Once you complete the original milestone rewards (150,000 Exploration Progress) you will begin to earn the Exploration Progress Cycling Rewards, which have no limit, meaning you can keep pushing and earning these rewards every single day!


Much like the rewards mentioned above, players who are part of an alliance can earn an additional boost from the Otherworld Exploration based on the entire alliance’s activity.

By completing Exploration Milestones as a group, you can pick up some massive stat boosts which will make all Otherworld content significantly easier.

125,000 Exploration: +15% HP

250,000 Exploration: 15% ATK

500,000 Exploration: 15% DEF

875,000 Exploration: +40 ACC

1,250,000 Exploration: +40 Resistance

1,750,000 Exploration: +15% ATK Speed

2,250,000 Exploration: +30 Enlightenment

2,750,000 Exploration: +20% C.DMG

3,250,000 Exploration: +15 Skill Haste

3,750,000 Exploration: +10% Damage Dealt

Otherworld Quests:

There are 3 types of quests that can earn you a large amount of Exploration Progress within Otherworld Exploration, the three categories are as follows:

Daily Exploration Each of these quests grants you 1,200 Exploration Progress and is simply for doing each of the Otherworld Activities per day, 1x Adventure Preparation, 1x Elemental Domain, 1x Chaos Shadow.

In-depth Exploration – These quests reward you with 3,000 Exploration Progress each, but do not reset at all during the event, they are one-time rewards. This includes things such as Completing 5 Chaos Shadows, Completing stage 5 on each of the Elemental Domains, and completing daily exploration 10 times.

Alliance Exploration – These quests reward between 2000-3000 Exploration Progress each, and as the name suggests, are based on the activity of your alliance, these are all based on the total amount of times your alliance clears each of the content areas, maximum rewards here requires your alliance to clear 1000 Adventure Preparation Quests, 2000 Elemental Domains and 1000 Chaos Shadows.

Adventure Preparation:

Adventure Preparation Quests can be picked up from the Adventure Preparation Office, located at Tidewatch Camp in the new area, Sea of the Dead.

Each of these quests will cost 10 Moonlight Crayfish, which are the energy currency available in the Otherworld Exploration phase, with a total of 150 available each day you could complete 15 of these quests each day.

Each quest rewards you with 100 Exploration Progress, which is by far the least rewarding of the three types of content, however, the first one will net you an extra 1,200 for completing the daily quest.

Every 4 quests you complete will reward you with 40 Wyrmarrow, 2x Large XP Potions and 50,000 Gold.

Elemental Domains:

There are three brand new dungeons available in the Otherworld Exploration phase of the season, similar to how the Elemental Domains work where you acquire the crystals to upgrade your heroes, these consist of two waves, and then a boss wave where you will face an existing hero in the game, these change each season.

Each of the domains has 5 stages, getting progressively harder, each taking 50% extra damage from an opposing set of elements, for example the Lightning Domain takes additional damage from Poison and Cold Damage types.

The exploration progress earned from these domains starts at 100 at level 1, progressing up to 500 at level 5, and each run requires 10 of your Moonlight Crayfish energy.

This season we will be fighting the following bosses in the Elemental Domains:

Chaos Shadows:

Chaos Shadows are mirror versions of the bosses we got used to fighting during month 2 of the Season as part of the Aladiah Events, Awakening of the Spring Iskalland.

Each boss takes 100% more damage from a specific Element, meaning that you will want to build a team of the specified element to achieve a large amount of damage.

The rewards from these bosses scale from hitting different milestones:

200K Damage: 50 Exploration Progress

3Mil Damage: 400 Exploration Progress

7Mil Damage: 800 Exploration Progress

11Mil Damage: 1200 Exploration Progress

22Mil Damage: 2500 Exploration Progress

Once again, each of these bosses requires 10 Moonlight Crayfish Energy, meaning you can fight a total of 15 of these bosses every single day, meaning if you are able to hit 22mil 15 times every single day you can obtain a massive amount of Exploration Progress each day – this is by far the most effective way to farm progress!

Endgame Boss:

Lastly, when the first phase of the Otherworld Exploration ends (either indicated through the countdown timer at the top of the Exploration Screen or by reaching 100% on all of the content progress counters) the final phase begins.

In this season this final phase will be “Rematch with the Abyssolossus”.

We don’t currently have a mass amount of information about this boss, only some very early footage from the Season 3 Teasers, but by the looks of it Abyssolossus will be a single-target encounter that will be dealing with nasty debuffs such as Defense Penalty, Buff Prohibition, Heal Reduction and a new unique debuff (We don’t know what it does yet!)

Each day you can face this boss 6 times, and the bosses HP bar is tackled by the entire server, so we are working together to take this boss down, earning milestones at certain HP Percentages along the way.

When the boss reaches 50% it will get stronger, but we do not know what those changes are until they happen!

Good luck in this seasons Otherworld Exploration – Let us know how you get on in the comments!

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