Season 2 Server Changes in Dragonheir
Published On: December 15, 2023
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Season 2 Server Changes in Dragonheir


Season 2 Server Changes in Dragonheir has some alliance and server adjustments for us to go through and make sense of.

“Your Alliance members and friends on the same server have walked through a journey in season 1. In this upcoming season, we’ll optimize and adjust some content. Let’s dive right into it.

Alliance Disbandment

First, please note that the existing Alliances will be disbanded in the new season, and adventurers must create a new Alliance and start from scratch in the new season. This is good to get rid of any AFK’s or riffraff that you may have picked up along the way. But make sure the players you want to have an alliance with are in your friends otherwise you’ll struggle to find them in season 2!

Alliance Feature Optimizations

We understand it can be hard to say goodbye to the progress you made alongside your allies in season 1, but this reorganization also presents a chance for you to meet new friends! Let’s take a look at the adjustments this time:

  • Leader Impeachment

Once the Leader has been offline for 7 days, the Vice Leader can start an impeachment. This will help ensure the benefits and rights of all the Alliance members. This is good so you don’t need to create a new alliance for the leader to be active.

  • Alliance Chat

The new chat system will retain chat messages from other Alliance members while you are offline, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on important topics and discussions.

Server Merge

Along the adventure in Adenthia, some travelers left us earlier, but fret not because you won’t be left alone. We will merge servers of similar strength in this new season. Also, you can invite friends to join your server.

In season 1, this feature was only available to Alliances, but now that we have made it easier for new players to catch up on the in-game progress, this feature is now available to individual players as well.

However, please note that new players cannot directly access season 2 because they are too far behind on in-game progress than the veteran players. They must at least run through some in-game content before they can join in on the latest fun.

By taking a look at the table below, you can see players of which servers will you be playing alongside in season 2:


That’s about it, you will get to know even more friends than ever before in the new season or challenge more worthy opponents. I assure you this adjustment will bring you more fun than you can imagine.”

Ok so as you can see with the new season they are disbanding alliances so you’ll need to get in touch with your allies and partner up again in the new season and if you are separated when server merges go down then you can invite your pals to your server or all pick one you can agree on.

Having the leader get Impeached is a great feature as we have all played too many games where the leader stops playing the game and all your alliance or clan progression gets thrown away because the leader isn’t playing the game and you all leave and create a new alliance or clan. Make sure you make the right choice when you impeach them and make sure they haven’t gone on holiday for a week or are just taking a break as you don’t want to wrongfully impeach someone!

For more information check out Neva’s Youtube channel here

Enjoy Season 2 and let us know in the comment what you think of these changes.

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