Published On: March 15, 2024
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Season 3 Artifacts – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

With each new season of Dragonheir: Silent Gods, a bunch of artifacts are added to the game to offer a variety of new ways to enable our heroes for certain content, of these Season 3 artifacts, 2 of them are acquired via in-game activities, one from Fey Meander, and the other from Pillar of Trials.

There are also new Exclusive Artifacts added for the new ‘Exclusive Heroes’ which are added at the start of the season, this means only they can benefit from these artifacts, and purchasing them requires 1 normal duplicate and a duplicate of the exclusive hero themselves.

Let’s check out the new Season 3 Artifacts!

Rat Tamer – Rook Exclusive

Exclusive Artifacts are rightfully incredibly valuable, which makes sense because the cost of acquiring them is incredibly high, this Artifact when used on Rook will take his damage output to its maximum potential, and will be the outright number 1 pick for him this season, and in future seasons!

Nightmare Orb – Ozul Exclusive

With this being an exclusive artifact, much like the other two released this season, they are bound to be incredibly strong if you are able to acquire them, and of course, their respective Heroes – however, this one is incredibly cool as not only does it give Ozul a huge amount of damage boost when in his Shadow form, he gains the Crit Resist permanently which will make him a lot tankier and probably quite annoying in arena!

Silver Pearl Casket – Aemonleyda Exclusive

Aemonleyda is the only hero in the game who can gain benefit from this artifact, but she will put it to great use, giving her a 50% Damage Boost when in a Blaze State, as well as a huge amount of attack and Crit Damage when fully upgraded, no artifact will even come close in comparison for her other than this one!

Swamp Toadstool

The Swamp Toadstool is the new Artifact for Corrosion Heroes, and on paper looks relatively strong, further testing will be needed to know its full impact, but at first glance if you are running a Corrosion based team, having this on one of your damage dealers is probably going to be very beneficial, although – more likely than not, there will be more important artifacts for you to pick up unless you are already inundated with legendary artifacts.

Envoy’s Wing

Just like the previous artifact, this is the specialized Aura artifact that will see a huge boost for Aura Heroes, and a ton of attack too! I’ve not had the chance to fully test Aura heroes yet, however, these artifacts are typically relatively strong options for your damage dealers when it comes to building a specialized team such as Aura.

Shadow Spawn

The final specialized Damage type artifact comes for the Shadow Heroes, and by the looks of it, will give you an absurd amount of attack, whilst I’ve not yet had the opportunity to test Shadow Heroes out to know exactly how much ‘Shadow Energy’ you gain, getting a large amount of Attack is always very handy ontop of the Crit Rate provided with this artifact it will make building your heroes (especially in the early parts of the season) much easier!

Dreamland Globe (Fey Meander)

This is a very cool artifact for Tanks, and also for supports if you don’t need to rely on other stats like Enlightenment for them to amplify their healing output, this can provide you a huge boost to your defensive capabilities, with the constant Recovery over time whenever your health drops low, but also reducing incoming AOE Damage by 20% is going to be very valuable against certain content areas.

This artifact is earned by completing 180 stages of Fey Meander in Season 3.

Elite’s Key

This artifact is going to be the perfect choice for a back-up damage dealer, or even one of your supports in areas where high burst damage is valuable, such as Fey Meander waves, Pillar of Trial or even the Arena – it will however lose its value in longer fights such as Vortex, or Boss Fights due to the damage boost only lasting for 20 seconds! Heroes like Philto will LOVE this Artifact if somebody in their team is using it!

This artifact is earned by clearing stage 60 on all 3 Elemental Pairings in Pillar of Trials Season 3.

Golden Antler

This is a more niche Legendary artifact, and as such, less of a priority for you to use your duplicate heroes on, however, in certain situations it can be very strong, for example a high resistance based tank in arena will be triggering this heal effect very frequently due to the dominance of  control effects in arena, it will also help to deal with the annoying waves of Fey Meander where you are bombarded by heroes such as Ripekas constantly controlling you.

Ghost Captain’s Hook

I really like the idea of this artifact, however, the practicality might not quite be there, due to the fact you have to be under 100% HP to gain the extra damage boost, unless you are taking constant ticking damage, or very frequent AOE Damage, it’s unlikely that you will be able to ensure that you are going to gain maximum benefit of this artifact at all times, unless you want to play it risky and not use a healer! Either way, this could be very strong for certain areas of the game, and in general as it gives a huge amount of stats, with the extra 15% Crit Rate on top of the base stats it provides.

Holy Acorn

The Holy Acorn looks to me to be quite a strong artifact on paper, whilst the healing boost it provides is less than some others, it brings Enlightenment which will benefit any Enlightenment based healer, as well as a boost to Skill Haste when your allies are low HP which will allow you to cycle through your ultimates faster and keep them alive!

Gory Injector

Finally, the Gory Injector, is one of the most interesting of the season 3 artifacts. This pairs incredibly well with the 1-piece equipment set that provides you some-form of Lifesteal, returning healing to you whenever dealing damage, this artifact could see you gain a huge amount of extra health by just passively dealing damage throughout a fight, however, with it  being ATK% on the primary stats, it is clearly aimed to be used by a damage based hero rather than a tank, or a tank that is built for damage who scales from attack? Nonetheless, this will be a fun artifact to play around with!

Rascal’s Slingshot

This is the first of two Epic Artifacts coming into the game for Season 3; and it appears to be a very strong option for a blend of damage dealers/debuffers, or even heroes that require a large amount of Accuracy to land debuffs, such as Poison.

For an average end-game build, if you are building 250 Accuracy on your heroes, it would translate to 2,000 attack which is VERY strong!

Craven’s Eyepatch

This is the second and final Epic Artifact added with Season 3 of Dragonheir, and it looks to be an incredibly strong tank artifact option, which will be very valuable against fights where you are taking strong single-target damage.

An example of a good place to use this artifact will be against the Vortex Boss, where your tank takes a massive single target hit from Call of Lightning.

What do you think of the Season 3 Artifacts? Let us know in the comments!

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