Starlight Stone Dice
Published On: April 25, 2024
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Starlight Stone Dice: Legendary Heroes!

The developers at Dragonheir: Silent Gods have released information about the upcoming change to Starlight Stone Dice containing Legendaries, including what the chances of acquiring a Legendary will be, information on the Mercy System and most importantly, what Legendaries will be available from the Starlight Stone Dice.

Let’s jump into it!

What we know so far:

On the 30th of April, there will be some significant changes to Legendary acquisition within Dragonheir: Silent Gods, with a small chance to acquire them being added to the Epic, Starlight Stone Dice – a currency that is acquired very frequently from various in-game events.

These dice will go from a 0% chance, up to a 0.2% chance to grant Legendary Heroes, while this may seem low, these dice are free, and frequently acquired, so could see you get an extra 1-2 Legendary Heroes per season if the luck is on your side.

However, there is NO MERCY system on this, meaning you will truly have to hit the 0.2% chance, there will be no build-up in rates ending in a guaranteed pull!

This is a fantastic change that will see Free-to-Play players gain access to legendaries more freely, and potentially more importantly; access to Legendary Artifacts more frequently, which is massively beneficial because the likes of Witches Remains, Gatekeepers Staff, and many more are so vital to account progression.

Free Gift:

Additionally, every player will receive Starlight Stone Dice x100! Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to pick up a Legendary to celebrate this change going live!

Acquiring the Starlight Stone Dice is nice and simple:

  • Newly created characters must reach level >= 3 when in Season 1; For S2 and S3 players, no level conditions
  • It will be distributed on April 30th.
  • From April 30th to May 10th, as long as the new character created reaches level >= 3, players can also receive it.
  • Mails will be kept in the mailbox for 30 days

Included Legendaries:

The Legendary pool for these summons will be consistent with that from the Otherworld Horn.

Yes, that means the pool of Legendaries is incredibly limited, but some of these are very impactful and will help you a lot, whilst others, unfortunately, will not – but, as mentioned above, this becomes an even greater chance of picking up duplicates for buying yourself some Legendary Artifacts!

Felicity is a very strong single-target damage dealer from the Wild Damage Type, who boosts her own Ultimate Meter frequently from Critical Hits allowing her to take lots of turns with her Ultimate Skill.

Ripekas is a Debuff-Machine who excels in annoying your enemies (or you, if you are facing a Ripekas in places like Fey Meander) he can be a real menace!

Talwer unfortunately is an underwhelming Poison Tank mostly due to the fact that there are much better Non-Legendary options, such as Frurbath.

Hochadir is a Frost-based damage dealer, who is incredibly strong at empowering other Frost allies, not only by providing frequent Frost Debuffs to enhance their damage but also providing an ATK Up Buff for Frost Allies.

Sutha is a very valuable legendary to pick up for Dauntless Teams, because of a 5-hit Ultimate Sutha is a great option for placing Defense Penalty with Witches Remains artifact, but can also be build for damage!

Sagomir is a very strong Radiance Tank who provides frequent Ultimate Meter boosting for his allies, as well as valuable debuffs in ATK Penalty II and ACC Penalty II!

Let us know what you think of these Starlight Stone Dice changes in the comments!

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