Published On: February 21, 2024
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6 Game-Changing Rare Heroes – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

In this article we are going to showcase 6 Game-Changing Rare Heroes that will take your account to the next level in Dragonheir: Silent Gods, whether that be using them in general day-to-day content or using them for the end-game content to form Chaos Shadow Teams – you can find teams using these rares specifically in Chaos Shadows on Neva’s YouTube Channel.

While many legendaries can do a better job, getting the perfect legendary combinations can be incredibly difficult, and expensive to upgrade their skills, so these rares work as a perfect substitute to help you progress or to fill a void in one of your teams.


First up from our Game-Changing Rare Heroes, we have Sigrid, a Poison Support Hero, who really is not a support, she only has that label because of the debuffs she can bring to your teams, which yes, you can lean into and build her as a debuffer, but she also deals an enormous amount of damage on AOE fights, even more so when you are frequently killing enemies like in Goblin Lair.

All you need to enable Sigrid, is a reliable debuffer, ideally full-board coverage for maximum benefit, however, a large aoe area also works incredibly well.

Sigrid as I mentioned above, can be built in several ways:

  • A pure debuffer with lots of accuracy, and then defensive stats to ensure she survives (This build can also work very well in a Stun Set for content areas like Fey Meander!)
  • A Hybrid Damage Dealer/Debuffer, ensuring you have enough ACC to place her debuffs for the relevant area of content, and then pushing into damage.
  • Maximum Damage – This is my personal favourite way of building Sigrid, as more often than not, the debuffers you are bringing to enable Sigrid will be providing ATK Penalty, leaving only her Heal Prohibition debuff, which in most areas isn’t really necessary.

Example of a Full-Damage Build

Chaos Shadows – Hybrid Build (Not affected by Elemental Damage Bonus)

Goblin Lair – Stage 3:3

Grave of Venom – Stage 9


Next, we’ve got Vani, who is a Dauntless rare, she is a ranged damage dealer which makes her incredibly popular as an additional pick to many Chaos Shadow Teams, because the boss you face for Lightning teams is very unkind to melee (Talwer is the boss).

Not only does she fill a spot, but she provides a huge ATK Speed boost to your highest ATK Damage Dealer, which will help you massively to get more damage out, but she also brings a large amount of damage herself in this area which can be seen from Neva’s Dauntless team:

Building Vani is straightforward, you just want her to deal a large amount of damage, skill haste is never going to hurt either, to maintain a higher uptime on her ATK Speed buff that her Ultimate Brings, but essentially, ATK, Crit Rate and Crit Damage are your friends!

Example Vani Build (I know… 99% Crit Rate – but my runes for her on the test server unfortunately didn’t want to play ball!)

While Vani is amazing for the Chaos Shadows, she can also do a job in just about any Dauntless team, from the Dungeons as a filler DPS or even Vortex if you’re short on options, here’s an example of her running in a Dauntless Vortex Team (Only on level 3 due to not having the rest unlocked on test server)


Wellby is the next of the Game-Changing Rare Heroes we would like to call-out, and he is in my opinion the best Non-Legendary Rally DPS (Outside of maybe the Epic, Hegio – I don’t have him) but the fact that Wellby is ranged gives him a huge boost in popularity.

He does a huge amount of damage to a large area with his ultimate, and with a good Rally enabler (Alvis, Lorentheel, even Tathlyn) he has a good uptime on Rally, which causes his Ultimate skill to refund 50% of his Ultimate Meter, so he can effectively spam his huge damage.

Rally in general is more suited to AOE content, so things like Goblin are their playground, although in the end-game if you have some of the huge damage dealers like Philto you can obliterate bosses, it’s quite hard to pull off without Philto.

Building Wellby is all about the damage, go full ATK, C.Rate and C.DMG in his build.

Example Wellby Build

Goblin Lair – Stage 3:3

Heretical Ruins – Stage 9

Grave of Venom – Stage 9


Adrie is a Necrosis rare, and the best way to explain her would be… maybe akin to Alure in Raid, she is a queen of single target turn meter control, but also due to her hitting multiple times and already being built with accuracy, she is a PERFECT candidate for using the Defense Penalty Artifacts (Witches Remains // Crown). But alongside all that control and debuff usage, she actually does a fairly large amount of single-target damage.

Don’t get me wrong, any outright damage dealer will put her in her place, but she stands her ground and brings a HUGE amount of utility at the same time.

There’s no REAL key place for Necrosis teams in Dragonheir at the moment, they just don’t thrive, but when it comes to building a team for the Continental Bosses in Month 2, or the Chaos Shadows in Month 3 – Bringing Adrie in is a no-brainer.

Building Adrie

When building Adrie, your number 1 priority is having enough ACC to do her core job, debuffs, but outside of that, you can begin to ramp up her C.Rate, C.DMG and ATK to deal some decent secondary damage with her.

The example build below features the Cyril set because every time she places a debuff, she grants the whole team +15% ATK.

Chaos Shadows – Shai’nachtan


While Usha hasn’t exactly been at the forefront of many teams in Season 2, mostly due to the introduction of Ice Blast overshadowing Frost teams, her damage simply can’t be ignored.

Unless you are fortunate to have some of the top-tier Legendary Frost Heroes (Hvitar, Auster as examples) then Usha is likely to be your best option for a Frost team, all you need alongside her is an enabler, someone who can bring a consistent Freeze debuff, as that will quite literally double her damage.

Her Ultimate skill hits for 800% ATK baseline, 1600% when damaging enemies under Frost, and that’s not just a single target, it’s a small area around her, which can be insane for areas like Goblin, where you can use Usha as your tank, meaning the goblins will all be swarmed around her when she uses this skill.

Usha also has some self-preservation in her kit with a decent shield on her battle skill that scales from her attack, so make sure you ramp up her attack if you are planning on using her to tank goblins!

Building Usha

Building Usha with ACC isn’t necessary, as if you want to get full benefit from her you cannot rely on her placing her own Freeze debuffs, so you will need another Hero to do that, meaning you can lean fully into a damage build on Usha.

As I said, Frost is slightly out of favour this season compared to some of the ‘new shiny options’ but it can still do a great job, My Psychicore isn’t maxed on the test server currently so testing is slightly limited as the 15% Damage Reduction you gain can be pretty helpful for some of the later stages, but I will show you how Usha can compete in a couple of areas.

Chaos Shadows – Alton

Goblin Lair – Stage 3:3

Grave of Venom – Stage 9


Finally the last of our Game-Changing Rare Heroes, Nedda is another Hero who’s really risen to the spotlight in the latter stages of the season where we’ve had to get more creative and expansive with the teams we’re using, mostly due to the fact that Fire has been a bit awkward to use this season due to lack of real support when paired with Necrosis, but, that aside, Nedda has been amazing for the Continental Bosses and Chaos Shadows, dealing a huge amount of damage and giving some incredibly strong legendaries a run for their money.

Wild is really strong to use on Irzillas as Melee heroes take an absolute beating, and there are a ton of Wild Ranged options which will take ZERO damage during the fight, allowing them to just be glass canons in the back, dealing damage for you.

That’s where Nedda comes in, built all out for damage, just firing away from a distance – It’s nice and simple to build Nedda, just focus all out on the damage for her, ATK, C.Rate and C.DMG.

Vortex – Stage 3 (Unfortunately Stage 4 wasn’t unlocked yet on my Test Server Account)

Chaos Shadows – Irzillas

Are there any Game-Changing Rare Heroes you use? Let us know in the comments!

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