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Published On: October 6, 2023
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Dragonheir: Silent Gods – Frost Legendaries Reviewed


Today we’re going to be reviewing all of the Dragonheir Frost Legendaries, the game has now been out for over 2 weeks and many players have been fortunate to pick up a legendary or two by this point.

By breaking down all of the Legendaries in the Frost Element, we will be able to see who is the best to invest in if you’ve been lucky enough to pull one or two of them!

This article is special thanks to Skratch and Arselan, who have done an incredible video series breaking down their thoughts on every single Legendary in the game, sharing their knowledge from the Beta, and so far on live servers with the community – be sure to check them out and subscribe to their channels – the video attached at the bottom is their Frost Legendary breakdown.



This massive Defence champion uses his shield to protect your team! Then the axe in his other hand comes out swinging to fend the enemies off. His Passive is good as it stops Eurion from dying once he gets hit with a Fatal attack, this only happens the first time it happens so no he isn’t unkillable but he will put up a fight!

His Passive also has Recovery over time buffs which helps him regain any lost HP.  This Passive makes Eurion good in PvP because he can withstand an attack for your team. He also applies an Attack penalty 2 which is incredibly valuable in all content.

Finally, his Ultimate has Ally Protection to reduce the incoming damage that your team is taking, regardless of where they stand in the fight, as it covers the full area.


Hvitar truly is the Queen of Ice! Her Aura is good for the arena as she increases your allies’ attack by 45%. Her Passive executes low-health enemies which is great when you just need that extra bit of damage to finish the enemies off.

She is the Queen of PvP DPS, if you manage to get 2 copies of her you can get her exclusive artifact which makes her Passive even better and so she smacks harder! Even if you build her with HP and Defence the Passive will still deal lethal damage, so you can bring another DPS and do extremely well.


Vinyara has the face of death, maybe she lost all her flesh due to frostbite but she is an AMAZING support champion. She nullifies Crowd Control abilities on herself and inflicts Frozen on the caster.

Her Battle skill grants a shield and Defence up 2 to the ally with the lowest HP, and herself – If it was AOE then she would be nuts but unfortunately, they had to tune her down.

Vinyara’s Ultimate Skill is where she excels however, with the ability to Reduce a target’s Ultimate Energy by 100% (Yes, this works on bosses, however, will knock them down to their previous skill, rather than fully depleting), placing Attack Penalty 2 as well as dispelling all of their buffs and placing a Frozen Debuff.


Lossenia is the Lady of the Stars and she looks amazing! An alive version of Vinyara some would say…

She has a nice Aura that increases all allies’ attack by 30% in all battles which is incredibly strong!

Her Passive skill inflicts Frost and targets enemies without it but it also bounces between enemies causing a nice amount of damage, and high uptime of Frost Debuffs on all enemies. She is a very good Support unit for DPS Heroes that benefit from Frozen Debuffs, such as Auster.

Her Battle Skill is good because it puts a mark on an ally and that ally does damage to enemies surrounding it and this inflicts Frost as well. Unfortunately, it is random targeting otherwise this skill would be even better as you could get maximum coverage.


Look at this majestic horse and rider!

Lucien has an aura that increases allies HP by 45% in the Arena.

He gives a shield before battle starts to all allies which is pretty good as everyone gets that extra buff of HP. On top of this, any champion with a shield has control immunity, which counters specific enemies in the arena!

That Passive alone is strong but then the rest of his kit certainly has its uses, his battle skill has good damage if you have good HP because it scales with his MAX HP. Like his battle skill, his Ultimate does also scale from his MAX HP.

He will be generally used in PvP, however, you could make a case for using Lucien in PVE Content if you are looking for a Tank from the Frost Element.


Auster the Frozen Archer is an absolute beast when it comes to damage output, whether that be in a Frost team – where he excels the most, or even standalone in another Elements team, without the bonus – he will still put out crazy amounts of damage.

Auster brings a passive which increases your allies Defense stat in City of Trials battles, which is relatively good, but not a standout in his kit.

Auster’s kit solely revolves around his ability to deal devastating damage, with a passive that shoots arrows at up to 2 enemies inflicted with frost, dealing damage equal to 40% of his attack, which adds up to a considerable amount of damage throughout a fight.

His Battle skill is a triple-hitting ability with a 50% chance of ignoring 100% of the target’s Defense, paired with his Ultimate which deals AOE Damage whilst inflicting Frost Debuffs, which then fires additional arrows from his passive skill.


Felosia is a great support who has a lot of shields in her kit. Her Passive converts damage taken by allies into a shield which by itself is amazing.

Her Battle skill you guessed it contains a shield and it also grants Defence Up 2 which is really good for all allies within range. Then to top it all of her Ultimate grants a Massive shield, Damage Reduction and Control Immunity.

She is a great support champion all round who will help you tackle any content.


Trolgar, The Frost Fang, I would not want to get hit by that axe!

His Passive works well with other heroes that place Frost debuffs because he does more damage with basic attacks. It works like a snap freeze so it will get rid of the Debuff but deals a nice amount of damage.

You should make the most out of this passive as it is very good! His Battle Skill places Frost which pairs perfectly with his Passive Skill.

His Ultimate Skill works very similarly to his passive, but AOE and hits much harder, you will want to be sure to have Frost debuffs up on all enemies before he uses his Ultimate for maximum potential.


Hochadir, The Dark Knight with his mighty joust extends the duration of Frost and when an enemy dies with Frost it explodes on the spot so if there is a big wave of enemies, then it will do a lot of damage!
He has an Attack Up on his Ultimate, for his fellow Frost Allies, which can make him a great supporting damage dealer, but it is quite a slow recharge, so it doesn’t get off that frequently, and doesn’t always line up with your other Frost nukes.


Elecebre is one of the most toxic champions to face in the arena and here is why:

Her Aura increases all allies HP by 30%, this is good because your teams get that extra tankiness. Her Passive allows her to gain a lot of resistance when you build her with full accuracy because her resistance matches her accuracy. Her Battle Skill gives an ally 30% of her resistance, and a shield – the Resistance will persist as long as the shield is active, so make sure you power her with accuracy in your build.

Her Ultimate skill is godly – granting Recovery Over Time and Defense Up II on ALL allies, whilst also inflicting Charmed (Forces the target to attack their allies) on all enemies for 5 seconds, and reducing their Ultimate Energy by 50% – What a Champion!!!


Be sure to check out the video below, where Arselan and Skratch talk about all of the Dragonheir Frost Legendaries!

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