Published On: October 10, 2023

Dragonheir: Silent Gods – Necrosis Legendaries Reviewed


Today we’re going to be reviewing all of the Dragonheir Necrosis Legendaries, the game has now been out for over 2 weeks and many players have been fortunate to pick up a legendary or two by this point.

By breaking down all of the Legendaries in the Necrosis Element, we will be able to see who is the best to invest in if you’ve been lucky enough to pull one or two of them!

This article is special thanks to Skratch and Arselan, who have done an incredible video series breaking down their thoughts on every single Legendary in the game, sharing their knowledge from the Beta, and so far on live servers with the community – be sure to check them out and subscribe to their channels – the video attached at the bottom is their Necrosis Legendary breakdown.



Scharlach, The Scarlet Unstill is a Summon Hero with a massive aura that increases allies’ Max HP by 30% in all battles, however, it doesn’t make much sense for it to be on HP, we would rather it be attack so it has more use, but we must play with what we got.

His Passive stacks and can give summoned units a +125% damage bonus. Then his Ultimate makes him come alive as he summons the Fear Bearer which deals AOE damage and is the strongest summoned unit in the game.


Gaiolere, The Soul Tormentor, looks absolutely badass and collects the souls of his fallen victims.

He is one of the Highest DPS heroes in PvE in the game right now! Gaiolere when paired with Scharlach is unstoppable as you can duplicate his Fear Bearer and your enemies will have two to deal with. His passive allows allies to summon an undead creature that attacks nearby enemies. He also summons a Skeleton with his battle skill but is nothing compared to Scharlach’s Fear Bearer!


Utior, The Empire’s Shadow, this guy looks like he is made for the Necro’s. He looks like he controls the whole underworld of wizards! Awesome looking skin.

He has an Increase in all allies’ Defence by 30% in all Battles aura.

His Passive relies on your team dying so he can get more ultimate energy, this pairs well with summon units like the 2 above! He has Attack Penalty 2 and Healing Prohibition in his battle skill, so he is great for Grave of Rot Dungeon. His Ultimate places a Defence up 2 and a Resurrection at Death for all allies so this is good with his passive and summoned units that are dying around him, Utior is also set to be part of an event in several weeks ingame allowing all players to earn him.


Torrin, The Lightless Cleric, has the Pope gone evil? That’s what Torrin looks like!

He is a very powerful support that is great for your accounts. He increases allies’ Resistance by 50 in all battles as his aura. His Passive grants Invisibility for 10 seconds to the hero in front of him, plus 25% Max HP and Defence. This works well if you put a tank in front of him.

His Battle skill is a single target heal to the lowest health ally. This doesn’t work well with summons teams because it is wasted. His Ultimate grants Invisibility for all allies and Heals all allies over time. If you were to add Torrin into your team, you can almost guarantee that he will enhance your survival, as he is an absolute beast at sustaining your team.


Ripekas, The Spectral Troll, carries a mighty Scythe and slashes and slays enemies with it.

He’s a Defence hero who is helpful in a Frost team. His Passive gives himself 50% of a heal from a target when they are healed. He has a strong Battle Skill that knocks enemies up and deals damage with a 3-second stun. This is a great Crowd control to lock an enemy out.

His Ultimate is very RNG heavy as it is a triple hit at random and it reduces their Ultimate energy followed by a random Debuff! If you could pick, he would be BROKEN but he gets let off with the RNG value.


Lelwanis, The Lady of Dark Ruins, is another scythe-wielding hero and uses it to summon allies. She has a 45% Crit. Damage Aura in the arena which is interesting!

Her Passive reduces the AOE damage this hero receives by 30%, and grants her stacking ATK and Critical Damage, for dead targets on the field – Once she is at full stacks she ignores 35% of the enemy’s defence which is crazy good!

Her Battle Skill deals damage in an area around the enemy with the lowest HP, and summons 2 corpses around them – If she is at maximum stacks of her passive, this will then hit again with a follow-up attack.

Her Ultimate sacrifices all undead creatures and deals an additional 7% Damage for each stack on her passive, which hits the ENTIRE map, This skill is a truly huge AOE nuke.


Irzillas, The King of Desolation and looking at his skin he fits the part! The developers hit it out of the park with this hero! His double-headed axe is used to summon allies to aid him in combat!

His aura increases all allies’ attack by 30% in all battles. His Passive summons a Skeleton after an ally’s summoned undead unit dies. Therefore, the Summons teams are strong with this Hero, however, he truly does require a Summon team to be valuable!

His Battle Skill is close range and deals more damage for more allied summoned units on the board. His Ultimate deals a large amount of damage and summons more even Skeletons!


Berengar, the Treader of the Dead! He looks like something out of nightmares, and we are totally here for it!

He is an incredibly strong Tank option. He has a HP Aura by 45% in City of Trials battles.

His Passive is strong as he creates an evil aura around himself and heals over time, enemies also deal reduced damage in the aura.

His Battle Skill deals a nice amount of damage and inflicts Fear to enemies within range. He then fully cleanses himself of debuffs.

His Ultimate deals high damage to enemies within range and inflicts a Recharging Speed Penalty and Healing Reversal.

This is amazing at countering healing teams in Arena.


Premtsa is known as the Bearer of Death, and boy does she suit that title – What a hero this is!

Her Aura increases allies’ attack in dungeons by 45%.

Her Passive Skill inflicts derivative damage onto nearby enemies whenever an ally undead summons dies. This skill will ramp up a lot of damage paired with Lelwanis or other Summoners!

Her battle skill is RNG as it attacks at random, but then continues to deal damage over a 10-second period.

Her Ultimate unleashes a torrent of souls dealing large damage to all enemies and all allies’ undead-summoned units trigger Tireless Devotion (Her Passive skill) without sacrificing themselves.

Premtsa is a core part of any successful summoner team, and a truly incredible Hero.


Ghul’ende, The Silent Echo, uses the eye in the middle of his chest to see, he glides swiftly so as to not be heard by enemies.

His Aura increases Accuracy in the arena is solid. His Passive inflicts Charm, Healing reduction and Accuracy Penalty 2. All of these debuffs are pretty solid!

His Battle Skill inflicts Stun which is massive because enemies can’t recharge their ultimate, plus he steals Ultimate energy and heals himself in the action.

His Ultimate deals very high damage and inflicts Attack Penalty 2 plus it cleanses all allies of their debuffs with a little heal to top them up and send them back on their way into battle! He is a good hero to have!


Be sure to check out the video below, where Arselan and Skratch talk about all of the Dragonheir Necrosis Legendaries!

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